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Startups: looking for small ways to save



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Often, we think that the startup world is glamorous. That as soon as we have a good idea, the financiers immediately knock on our door to invest. However, before you get there, you often have to make sacrifices, and above all make smart decisions. Because not only will they allow you to save on the budget, but they will be recognized by future investors who will take them into account in their decision to invest.

There is no too small savings

If you think you only need to save large amounts of money, think again. A good manager looks for savings wherever they can be found. For example, a leader who continues to buy disposable batteries today is certainly not doing his job well and is setting a bad example for his employees. Since we know that using rechargeable batteries can save the cost of 30 disposable battery replacements, annually, such a decision should be obvious to the managers in place. Even more in a startup, where each euro saved can help to move forward more quickly.

Electricity costs

No matter how many times parents notify their children, they always have lights on for no reason in rooms of the house that no one else is occupying. Unfortunately, this way of acting is frequently transposed among young people, during their first jobs. As startups are often run by young adults, special attention should therefore be paid to this subject. In winter, it is also important not to overheat the rooms. In addition to saving money, the heat is also very bad for the energy of the group, as it tends to make people look limp. Likewise, in summer, make sure that the temperature difference between outside and inside does not exceed four degrees.

Travel expenses

We are no longer in 2019! Although this year does not go back that far, working habits have changed a lot since then. The reason is simple: the coronavirus has turned our lives upside down and has forced us to take the electronic turn with full force. While just over a year ago, doing business by teleconferencing was not yet fully accepted, today this method has become the most popular method among the majority of business people. It is, therefore, crucial to ask yourself, before each trip, if the planned meeting cannot be made by Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, instead of spending on gas and other charges that happen on the road.

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