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What you need to know about professional retraining



professional retraining

Looking for new opportunities? In pursuit of a childhood dream? It’s important to realize that changing jobs during your career will not be obvious and should not be taken lightly! Thus, the post will help you by providing answers to some questions that you must be asking yourself.

Where can I start my professional retraining?

It is important to go through several stages in order for you to have successful retraining, In the first place, it will be necessary to draw up a skills assessment. This will help you to know the industry/field you’re qualified to work in order to facilitate your orientation.

Second, it is important to think about a sector that recruits. From then on, you will take a test to orient yourself towards what you like. This will complement the results obtained through the skills assessment.

Skills assessment

The process is geared towards bringing together all your skills and abilities in specified areas. Retraining in IT, for example, does not require the same skillsets for a reorientation in the education field. The skills assessment will focus on what you already know, the experiences, the basic education, and passion.

The orientation test

Sometimes you may decide to reorient yourself about another profession, especially when you don’t know what you want to do or are uncomfortable with what you’re doing now. The orientation test follows the skills assessment because it gives you ideas for a future profession that you can switch to based on your passion and what you already know or have adequate experience.

The best way to find your future job

The orientation test will give you a list of professions that you can choose. Therefore, you have to make a choice! To help you see more clearly, place the skills assessment results in front of you and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your passion?
  • Are you good at manual work?
  • Could you consider joining the public service?

Instead of basing your choice on what you know how to do, base it on what you like. Indeed, a retraining course must lead to a job that you like and that you will enjoy doing.

Also, think about the jobs on-demand at the moment. They might be jobs developed by social networks such as caregiving or whose demand has risen due to this pandemic, such as nurses, doctors, teachers, tutors, writers etc. Then shift your focus to them. You might be shocked to find a job in such fields and that you will love doing.

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