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Why is it important to study English?



etudier anglais emploi

Being fluent in English can help you find a job in most companies. English has been, is and will continue to be the international language and this is precisely why it’s essential to study English.

Most countries use English and being fluent in it can help you get a job abroad. So most companies search for candidates proficient in English. Well, it’s easy to study this language and in fact, you can learn English through Netflix, however, it is important to have a good command of this language.

Reasons why you should study English

Studying English is an essential and useful tool to have when searching for a good job. But why learn English? Is it really that important in finding a job? Let’s find out the main reasons why it is important to study English:

Better chances of success

Professionals who know English are more likely to be successful, regardless of field and industry. Learning English can open many more doors for you than for professionals who do not know the language. This will allow you to be much more competitive in your job search.

International language

As it is a language used all over the world, English will not only allow you to get better jobs but also cope with many other situations, such as being able to travel without difficulties in countries where they speak English, communicate in all kinds of situations, carry out meetings at the international level or help family and friends with complete their assignments or projects they have at hands, among other things.

Access to better education

Anyone who decides to study English has the opportunity to access a better education, which gives them more chances of finding a better job. It opens up a wide range of employment opportunities, which increases after mastering the language.

Motivation and personal improvement

Despite the fear that many people may have of learning English, it must be said that it is a very simple language to study. You just need to motivate yourself to study it and in the end, you will feel proud and excited that you have mastered this new language.

It will help you learn other languages

Many studies have shown that it’s easier to learn another language when you already know at least two (or more) languages. So, learning English can trigger or motivate you to learn other languages thus increasing your chances of getting more open job vacancies. In other words, bilingual people are more willing and able to learn a third language.

Improve the health of your brain

Maintaining an active brain while learning English (or any other language) will reduce the chances of getting some conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Learning English will help to keep the brain much more active and improve your memory.

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