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10 Creative Website Design Ideas to Make People Click

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As a website owner or even an online marketer, you should understand the fact that if your website does not attract and engage its visitors, it will never be able to generate any revenue.

Of course, there are many other factors associated with this aspect but we will keep them out of the discussion for now. What’s important here is to make your website stand out from all the others in order to catch more eyeballs and drive business performance. If you are wondering what measures you can take in this regard, check out these 10 critical tips:

  1. Use Text to Speech Feature on Your Website

Text To Speech feature is one of the most underrated yet effective website design ideas that can help increase conversions. Yes, I’m talking about read-aloud on websites including. Text to speech is an easy way for website visitors to listen rather than read. Text-to-Speech embedded tool are available in many languages and you can choose the one that is most appropriate for your audience.

Utilize text-to-speech technology for better engagement. Text to speech offers yet another unique web design idea that you can put into practice by adding an option of automatic voice playback with any text appearing on your website including subheadings, navigation menu bars, product descriptions etc.

Text to speech technology has been attracting website visitors throughout the world and hence it’s time you used this web design idea on your site too to stand apart from rest of the competition.

Here is a quick way to understand how Text-to-speech works. It refers to the process of converting any written text into spoken words. Text-to-speech is an important web design idea that can be applied on your website too in order to engage website visitors better. Text-to-speech is also referred as automatic speech recognition or computer speech output. It basically requires software that automatically converts any written text into spoken words by using recorded human voice or digital synthesis technique.

  1. Use a White Background

White background of your website remains a debatable issue. While some people argue that it is most suitable for efficient web design, others believe that they can grab more eyeballs by using dark backgrounds. Let me tell you, both these claims are right to a certain extent.

Yes, I agree that white background offers non-distracting look and feel which ultimately aid in better user experience on your website but at the same time it also fails to make a real impact on visitors as well as search engines. And this is where dark color backgrounds come into play by offering striking appearance and high returns among other benefits. So instead of sticking with a single website design idea or color tone, think about incorporating both of them as per the requirements of specific pages on your website.

  1. Try Textured Backgrounds

Textured backgrounds have been in use since long and there is a reason why they are so popular. Textured backgrounds do well in drawing the attention of website visitors towards important content including videos, images and promotional offers by creating an eye-catching focal point for your page. Besides, these types of websites tend to engage search engines better which can be extremely beneficial for the overall ranking factor.

  1. Embed Video Clips on Your Website

Visual media has always had significant impact on website visitors and that’s one of the key reasons why companies prefer to add video clips to their websites including YouTube etc. Videos not only let businesses share their ideas with others but also allow them to grab more eyeballs from all across the globe. And if you think that videos can help you establish an influential online presence with increased conversions, why not embed them directly on your website?

  1. Utilize Overlays Effectively

Overlays are another great way to make your website more engaging and persuasive. Now the question is how to use this technique for making a website that attracts and converts better. Just like Text-to-speech tools, Text overlay offer another interesting web design idea that you can put into practice by adding catchy words or phrases in white background over any video clips or images on the page including header image etc. This way you can add value to your visitors while grabbing more eyeballs for your website.

  1. Add Rollover Text to Other Parts of Your Website

Text rollovers are not just about images and navigation menu bars. You can use this web design idea on other parts of your website as well to catch the attention of visitors and turn them into potential customers. Text rollover is a great way to add value to certain elements including buttons, form fields and links through which you can provide more information or similar options to website visitors without creating any disturbance in their browsing experience.

  1. Use Animated Text Transitions

Text Animation has been one of the best web design ideas that helped companies add interactive features to their websites without spending much time and money on the same. Text transition is all about providing ease-of-use for website visitors by adding text that appears only when someone hovers over certain images or objects including products, images etc.

Text animation can aid in improving website usability as well as search engine ranking factors that eventually contribute towards making the website more engaging. Text animations are interesting web design ideas that actually work!

  1. Try Playing with Text Size

Text size is yet another web design idea that you can put into practice for making your website more productive and effective in the long run. Text size does not refer to changing font styles or colors but it’s about adjusting the pitch, volume and tone of website visitors while reading text appearing on your website. Text size can be helpful in converting more visitors into potential customers by grabbing their attention easily and persuading them to take right action for achieving defined business objectives.

  1. Add Product Photos

In order to engage your users with the content and product, try to utilize product visuals in your website design and especially in blogs. This gives website visitors an idea of what the product is about, what they will get when they subscribe or buy your product.

This in turn will help create better engagement and users will be more like to buy from you making your business grow.

  1. Add Text Captions

Text captions are useful web design ideas that actually work unless something goes wrong! Text captions provide informative guidance while website visitors read text or look at collateral materials on your website thereby making things easier for them by converting webpage visits into actual sales in most cases. Text captions act like “subtitles” that appear on top of anything you post online.


To get things done to create an interactive and engaging website design or development, you will need to try different techniques. The above mentioned techniques will help you to create interesting websites that will help convert web traffic into valuable sales lead.

You will need to have website design creative ideas and tools to make sure your online business succeed and get the most out of it. Let us know how these ideas have helped you.

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