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10 Fun Things to Do on Your Anniversary

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Fun Things to Do on Your Anniversary

Anniversaries are huge milestones in your relationship, they say we’ve made it so far, and I’m proud of us. It signifies an important time in your relationship that deserves to be celebrated. It’s once a year, so why not go all out for them to show them that you care.

Celebrating your anniversary is a fantastic chance to connect and reflect on your relationship. Without these dates set in the calendar, it is easy to forget to connect, as life can often get in the way. But here are 10 fun things to do for your anniversary and top tips for enjoying and celebrating a very exciting milestone. Now understandably you don’t want to break the bank each year to celebrate, so here are a things to do for anniversary

Picnic date

Picnics can be extremely romantic, and as they focus on conversation and having fun. They are the perfect way to show someone you care. Through listening to your partner, you will know their favourite foods, snacks and drinks. Your picnic basket can consist of just those things, and your partner will be impressed in how much you listen and remember the things they love. All you need, other than food, is a blanket and some good weather.

Plan a games night

Are you and your partner quite adventurous and competitive? Then a game’s evening is the perfect chance to put your skills to the test. This can be done at home via board games or on a games console. Or you can even an arcade near to you and pretend your teenagers again.

Go back to where it all began.

By going down memory lane, you can really see how far the two of you have come. You could take them back to the first place you met, or relive your first date. This a cost effective option of showing them you love them. Want to go that step further, check if your wedding venue will allow you to come back and relive the day again.

Take a hike

Some couples are extremely active and enjoy the great outdoors. Your anniversary can be the perfect time to explore. Whether you love a hike or a long bike ride, you can enjoy this time together and reconnect. Bonus points if you can also go camping near you and watch the beautiful starry night sky or a wonderful sunset.


A dinner date to a lovely 5 star restaurant is another fun anniversary idea. If you and your partner love food and fine dining, you should splurge on your cuisine and have your tastebuds transported to the island of your choice.

Spa day

If you have more disposable income, it could be a lovely day to go to the spa. You can both relax and unwind, and spend that very important quality time together. Couple massages relieve stress and get you closer together. If going to the spa is too pricey, why not make a spa day at home, run a bath, get the face masks and candles and relax.

Live entertainment

Another great thing to do for your anniversary is going to a show. Whether you and your partner love a musical Broadway show or a smaller production, going to the theatre can be great fun. If theatre isn’t for you, then go to see some live music could also be great. Even better if it is your favourite artist, maybe you’ll hear the first dance song if you’re lucky!

Hands on fun

Do you and your partner love to get stuck in with new activities. Why not take a class? This could be a fun, sexy dance class like salsa allowing you to physically connect. Or you could take an art class, think live drawing or pottery? Plus, this also allows you both to learn a new skill, what could be more fun!

Party time

If you and your partner are party animals, why not get all your loved ones together to celebrate with you? This could be a small intimate dinner party with a few friends and family. Or you could go all out and have a huge bash with lots of food and drink.

Book a holiday

Are you big fans of travelling, then going away for a well-deserved break is one way of showing your partner you appreciate them. You could take a small weekend away or have a lovely two-week holiday where you had your honeymoon. Which ever you choose your partner will thank you for the time away, allowing you to both revitalise and connect.


Anniversaries are such a great way of spending quality time together. These options are all at different price points but will allow you to have fun on your anniversary. They are the perfect time to remind your partner how much you love and care for them. Lastly, Happy Anniversary!


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