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10 Interactive Web Design Ideas You Can Apply to Your Website Now

Web design trends are always about capturing the attention of visitors and customers.
The more trendy your design, the better. Here are 10 Must-Try Web Designs that will surely be the trend in 2021.

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Interactive Web Design Ideas

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Despite your purpose as a website, the elements of design are to be maintained. Make it aesthetic, keep it simple, easy to use, and fully optimized. Your website should have all the information your visitors need. The best way to go about this is to observe the trends and see which one works for your website.

Trends are those that bring people in for their popularity. 2020 has offered us a lot of opportunities, especially in eCommerce that we can carry on to 2021. Using the trends in web design will surely guarantee your business a place among the best.

So, here are must-try web design ideas in 2020

1. Parallax Scroll Effects

A Stunning Website Design Sample: FPP

10 Interactive Web Design Ideas You Can Apply to Your Website Now 15

The parallax scroll effect has got to be one of the most beautiful ways you can present your website and its content. Depending on what their end goal is, the animated images lift up in dramatic fashion and you’re shown the content or the menus.

It’s very slick, always beautiful, and has a bit of elegant flair to it. They look very easy to do but not only will you need your coding skills (if you’re the developer), you may also have to use a bit of Photoshop or a background remover to create transparent background images and learn to make illustrations to flaunt the images you’ll use for this. This is a neat trick you can use to give your website some movements, and whatever image you use will pretty much set the tone for it.

2. Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal Scrolling

A Stunning Website Design Sample:

Horizontal scrolling wasn’t much of a design choice when the internet was first blowing up with personal websites. Most people prefer the vertical way of checking out information because we’re so used to seeing things go in that way. Like for example, when we read books we go from left to right, up and down. It’s only right what we prefer of browsing experience to be the same.

However, it’s possible that the influences of social media sites like Facebook or Instagram may have a say in the comeback of this trend. Like in Instagram, although you scroll vertically to move from one post after the other if you’re checking out a series of images in a post, you have to scroll horizontally.

It’s really important for people to know how well people should present their ideas when using the UX design. Use obvious and well placed visual cues to make sure the user who is going through the site has an idea that the site is horizontally inclined. This effect is so much better when you’re showing off images however it’s not to say that text may not lend itself well to a horizontal format, you may just need to know how to space the paragraphs better.

Like for example, when we read books we go from left to right, up and down. It’s only right what we prefer of browsing experience to be the same. For this kind of experience, you should always choose the best web design firms.

3. Multimedia Effects

Multimedia Effects

A Stunning Website Design Sample:

In the early 2010s, most websites do their best to show you all the bells and whistles. Back then, the use of so many effects wasn’t so effective and kept people from clicking away. Web designers then preferred simple designs and focused more on how to get the message across easily for users.

However nowadays, multimedia effects are now making a comeback but only better. Now, most web designers prefer to keep their work lowkey and basic. If they do go for multimedia effects, it’s more on sounds and subtle animation cues.

4. Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

A Stunning Website Design Sample:

10 Interactive Web Design Ideas You Can Apply to Your Website Now 16

The Augmented Reality (AR) experience is very popular among fans who follow ARG (Augmented Reality Games). AR then has been applied to mobile applications like Pokemon Go, where users turn on their cameras and scan their surroundings for Pokemon. They would swipe on the screen, an act that means throwing a Pokeball on the creature to capture it.

AR can be applied to your website to make it more lively and interactive.

5. Scrollytelling

Scrolly telling

A Stunning Website Design Sample:

As its name suggests, Scrollytelling is telling a story whilst scrolling through a website. The idea of telling a visual story is becoming a trend with many web designers. This way, you can keep your visitors captivated with the interesting narrative that you have crafted. However, as with most design, the aesthetics needs to be at a minimum. Function is the main purpose of UX design, and scrollytelling, it is easy to get carried away. Make sure that your narrative is there to work around the important content, and not to distract.

6. Custom Cursors

Custom Cursors

A Stunning Website Design Sample:

Cursors are often the most neglected aspect of using a computer. That constantly shifting arrow can be designed to be even more unique and eye-catching. The use of custom cursors will definitely attract the attention of your visitors and the addition of extra effects that you may choose to apply will captivate your audience even more! Even a simple change of color from the mundane white icon to a vibrant purple is a huge difference.

Popular in the early ’90s and 2000s, people often would replace the boring old pointer with colorful and striking icons.

7. Scrolling Cards

Scrolling Cards

A Stunning Website Design Sample:

Scrolling is one of the most basic elements in a website that’s often taken for granted but is as important as the website itself. Without it, users will be stuck on the same page. Scrolling offers the chance to fill a page with as much information and content possible without making the page look crowded.

By adding scrolling cards, you can make scrolling through interesting and more informative. You can fill each card with as much or with little information, depending on your design. You can use a lot of effects and colors with each scroll.

Word of advice though, when using this type of design, avoid diverse colors or clashing colors as it may affect those who are visually or sensory impaired.

8. Audio

A Stunning Website Design Sample:

10 Interactive Web Design Ideas You Can Apply to Your Website Now 17

This design is most beneficial to those who are visually impaired who visit your website, as well as those who prefer to listen to information rather than reading through them. With the awareness of multiple intelligences, designers will be able to cater to the many ways that people take in information. Audio design can simply be purely vocal instructions or paired with the effects of your choice, provided that it does not distract from the main purpose of the design which is to convey information.

Audio also provides experiences to users who want to feel something whenever they visit your website. This is why people hire musical professionals to write scores for online games. Others apply music or sound effects when their website has a theme. That way people can just chill while they scroll through the page.

9. No code

No code

A Stunning Website Design Sample: Tran Mau Tri Tam

Don’t let the name confuse you for the absence of coding. There is coding involved, just not what you’re familiar with. This curious type of software translates coding into the simple “drag-and-drop” method and instead of typing in a complex series of codes so as to assign a function to a particular element, designers simply have to click on that element (images, videos, etc.), drag them to where they want to put them, and then drop them there when they’re satisfied.

This type of design allows anyone with a creative mind to get into web design without having to go through the rules and methods of coding. Any entrepreneur can start their own eCommerce with No-Code design.

10. Neumorphism


A Stunning Website Design Sample: Samson Vowles

Neumorphism is the rising trend that opposes the early trend in 3D web design where everything protrudes unnaturally like a cartoon button. This design uses a flatter image, giving interactive designs a more realistic approach and a sleeker image. This style birthed by the flat design era is perfect for that minimalist approach, making your design reminiscent of embossing, giving it a natural look that plays on shadows. Neumorphism is looking to become the new trend in 2021 a lot of websites now use this design.

Your Turn

Times are changing, it is simply human nature to want to further advance and habituate with the constancy which is imminent. With the biggest catalyst for change happening at the beginning of 2020, new challenges have arisen for us to tackle. We now spend 80% – 90% on the internet as we avoid endangering ourselves by leaving the safety of our homes.

UX design has become more important and needs to be catchy as well as perform its intended tasks. With the list of ideas we have provided, we are positive that you can tackle the challenges of the digital world and arise a champion in your field.

Short Author Bio

Jenn Pereira is a UX/UI, technology and digital marketing writer. She loves UX/UI design, web and mobile app development – you can see her works at Dribbble.

She works as a Marketing Head of Removal.AI, an online photo editing platform that offers an AI technology used to remove image background automatically. It also provides professional photo editing solutions for various industries especially for eCommerce.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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