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10 Most Promising Startups in 2022

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The AI-first world is edging closer each passing day as the tech startups pioneer new technologies to transform the future. Also, the tech investors and venture capital firms are watching the business world in order for them to pick novel ideas and turn them into reality.

Thus, hundreds of startups are being launched every passing day, and you have a dream of starting one, then act now. The post will review the startup ecosystem and bring out the most promising ones in 2021 based on criteria such as their success stories and venture-backed funding they have received this far.

1.   Observe.AI

This platform can help you with call center needs such as training and coaching your support and sales team. The AI-powered voice assistant uses multiple technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, and error checks to make your contact center a profit-generation machine.

Aside from ensuring your voice calls takes similar procedures, Observe.AI tacks, monitors, and coaches your call agents to convert every caller to a buyer of your products and services. That means that the startup helps the support team reduce the number of uninterested callers, generate leads, and increase profitability.

Some of the firms and investors behind Observe.AI are Nexus Venture Partners, Scale Venture Partners, Emergent Ventures, and Y Combinator. Other companies that have grown to trust Observe.AI are Microsoft, TripAdvisor, Talkdesk, ERCBPO, and many other VC firms. Scale ventures is one of its investors.

2.   SurveyAuto

Dr. Umer Saif is a Pakistani-based entrepreneur who founded an AI-backed startup to make collecting precise survey results easier. The firm collects data from hyperspectral imagery, geolocation, open street maps, and call records.

It applies the crowdsourcing model and machine learning when determining factors such as who reports data, when and how often the data is reported, as well as where it will be collected.

SurveyAuto has minimized human errors and reduced the cost of surveying people. It was recently funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with an undisclosed amount.

3.   Eatigo

Eatigo is an ecommerce startup that is backed by Trip Advisor. The number one Asian restaurant reservation platform offers restaurant reservations and dining deals in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

This is a startup to watch in 2021 because of the quality of services it has been offering. For instance, you can search for a restaurant, make reservations online, and get a special discount in few minutes.

To make your work easy, the Thailand-based platform gives you real-time information such as restaurant locations, reviews, pictures, and menus which you can review to find a good fit in minutes.

4.   Cazoo

Many people are skeptical about buying a car online, but with Cazoo, you can get your favorite car easily. The inspection-cum car selling store takes each vehicle through a comprehensive 150 plus point checklist to ensure they meet the ecommerce startup’s requirements.

A buyer receives their car 72 hours after placing an order and is free to return the vehicle if they don’t like it. Returning your car to Cazoo is free of charge. DMG Ventures is one of its investors.

5.   Labster

Have you ever heard of virtual experiments? Labster offers high school students an online space where they can conduct their experiments in a risk-free environment. This is a perfect solution for students in a world where there is limited access to modern labs for their chemistry, physics, and science experiments.

Labster has the latest technologies and new experimental methods that help students have practical learning at the comfort of their homes.

The primary objective of this Edtech startup is to build easily scalable online solutions to significantly improve learning using standard methods at reduced costs. Owl Ventures is its primary investor.

6.   Radpay

The fintech startup wants to significantly reduce cart abandonment by offering online payment solutions. Radpay connects blockchain with banking infrastructure and PCI-compliant card payment. To ensure security, the blockchain startup secures transactions through a combination of browser plug-ins, mobile apps, application programming interfaces (APIs), credit card terminal apps, and pre-configured ecommerce cart plug-ins. This is a perfect alternative to merchants who want to avoid the high fee and below-average services being offered by some payment solutions.

Therefore, Radpay can help merchants improve their margins by as high as 200%. Stripes is one of its financiers.

7.   Meatable

Meatable was founded to supplement the current meat production because it’s below the expected demand and because killing animals for food is a cruel act. Therefore the food and beverages startup produces and sells meat grown in the lab.

The organic meat production company picks one cell from the body of an animal and then grows the entire organ in the lab. While the whole process is supposed to take place in three years, Meatable replicates it within three weeks.

Therefore, Meatable is helping to find solutions to the increased answers to food security. The company has so far received funding amounting to $1.6m, presumably from Golden Angel Investors.

8.   iRise Mechanics

This healthcare startup is working on next-generation technologies like AI systems and intelligent bots for health improvement and safety. As a result, iRise has developed robotic mobility devices to support people with limb disabilities.

With these robotic hands, users can perform their day-to-day tasks effortlessly, thus improving the quality of a disabled person’s life.

Deutsche Bank has invested in iRise Mechanics to make the life of a disabled person healthy and safe.

9.   Zenyum

This is also a health care startup established by local orthodontists and experienced entrepreneurs to help bring back people’s confident smiles. Zenyum customizes the 3D-printed invisible braces based on your face orientation and can send them straight to your home.

Further, the firm has raised significant funding in recent days from companies and investors in the healthcare and tech space. One of its investors is RTP Global.

10.  Dapper Labs

Cryptokitties was a popular game that Dapper Labs developed. The startup has continued to design cryptocurrency-based games and to make blockchain a reality.

Blockchain-related game is a field that is mainly known by few people, such as early adopters, innovators, and gamers, but common people must take a keen interest in it to make it a success. Andreessen Horowitz is one of its sources of funding.

I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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