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10 (quick & easy) Work Makeup Tips for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, you can find yourself swamped with meeting deadlines, attending meetings or chasing down clients. This can get overwhelming and before long, doing your makeup can become like a burden which you may be more than happy to set aside so as to focus on the “more important” stuff.

A well applied makeup can make you the model professional that you aim to come off as whereas bad makeup can leave you looking like a complete and utter mess.

Here are 10 makeup tips that you as an entrepreneur should apply as you deal with the running of your company;

1 – Don’t Overdo

Whenever applying makeup, what should be in your mind is to make it seem like you aren’t wearing any at all. That’s ‘Makeup 101’. I know that that may seem like a herculean task but that’s what you should aim to achieve. You are a professional and an entrepreneur so your look should represent that.

2 – Go with Nude Color for Your Lips

I know you are a power lady running a business and you may want to go with something bold and powerful like red lipstick but you could end up in an embarrassing situation where your, at the time, perfectly applied red lipstick starts running down your face. Better to play it safe and go with soft nude or peach colors, or as a last resort, lip balm can do the trick.

3 – Don’t Forget the Brows

After applying a full face of makeup, a lot of women forget to fill in their brows or probably do not bother, giving what I’ll call an “unfinished look.” Look, I’m not suggesting that you draw on every single fibre, but if you lightly apply a bit of pencil or shadow, you’re certain to showcase your confidence and professionalism.

Remember to set all of your makeup in place before you head out for the day. To achieve this there are a number of products you can use such as a finishing powder or a setting spray. Some brands of the latter can set your makeup in place for up to 24 hours.

4 – Falsies are a No No

Going for a huge party or maybe an informal event? Slap on your false lashes and everything’s good. Going to work though, where you’re more than likely going to spend all day jumping from one meeting to another, meeting all kinds of people? It’s probably a terrible idea to put on those falsies. It could leave you in an awkward situation if in the middle of your meeting with one of your most important clients, your false lashes were to fall off. Major oops!

5 – Don’t Use Glitter

It probably goes without saying, but in case you don’t know, glitters are not for work environments. It doesn’t matter if it’s a highlighter or a glitter eyeshadow. Your time is better spent in the running of your business than applying a frosty lip.

6 – Ditch the fake Bake

From time to time we love to try out some fake tan and there’s absolutely no problem there, but it’s best to push your fake tan experiments to weekends. As an entrepreneur you should not show up to work on different days with different shades of dark. Your clients are probably going to think that you’re not one to make up your mind on something quickly.

7 – A Blotting Paper is Handy

You’re likely to experience varying temperatures in an average day. Having blotting papers in your bag at all times means that you can easily reach for one and quickly apply, and just like that it would appear like you just had a full makeup session. Blotting papers do this by getting rid of the oil or shine.

8 – A Lip Balm is Essential

Having different seasons means that it gets to the time of the year when it gets cold and your lips tend to get dry after taking the time to get your makeup going. At those times, you can easily use your lip balm and you’re good again. Another hack is to use it refresh your lipstick after a meal at the office.

9 – Take Your Body Spray or Perfume With You

Your deodorant or perfume should absolutely be part of the essentials in your handbag. It is hygienic. The office environment could drastically change and your body may have a less than ideal reaction to it. Your perfume got you covered in such a situation.

10 – Do Your Touch Up Away From Your Desk

You’re an entrepreneur. How would you feel if you’re walking through the halls of your company and you happened upon one of your employees focused on getting her makeup right, right at her desk? Not a good look right? Well, it would not be a good look as well if you as the boss were to take on that habit. It’s company time and that time is better spent on productive things.

Makeups may not be absolutely essential, but you never know where or when they’ll become handy and tip the scales in your favour.

Remember that it’s better not to wear any makeup than to wear it wrong!

Jean-Pierre is a polyglot communication specialist, freelance journalist, and writer for with over two decades of experience in media and public relations. He creates engaging content, manages communication campaigns, and attends conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. He brings his wealth of experience and expertise to provide insightful analysis and engaging content for's audience.

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