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Productive Bedroom Office: 10 Tips for Setting up a Home Office in Your Bedroom

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productive bedroom office

People generally reserve their bedrooms for resting and sleeping only. But because of the transition to working from home setup, some families have opted to create a functional office space in their bedrooms. Creating a productive working den in your bedroom is a good option with limited space or no spare room. Actually, it’s best to find a functional space inside your restful area instead of converting your kitchen or dining place into a working environment.

Even so, some remote workers are not comfortable with the idea of transforming their relaxation space into an office. They fail to understand that if the room is efficiently set up, it can become both a restful space and a productive bedroom office. Indeed the internet has great ideas on how you can create a working area without compromising your relaxation.

This article provides 10 tips for setting up a home office in your bedroom.

Invest in Extra Storage

Combining a relaxing and office space can be messy. Imagine a room cluttered with stationeries, project files, paperwork, and more. However, you can create clever storage by purchasing a Divan bed or Ottoman bed, which is not only elegant but provides versatile storage. Investing in such furniture can help you create a clutter-free environment.

Additionally, you can keep your belongings in your bedroom properly organized and away from your workstation. Working in a well-arranged room can help you to stay productive. It can also keep your work essentials around you, including your pens, paper, and other stationeries.

Maximize Your Space

There are many creative ways of utilizing the available space in your house. Some ways to maximize the sleeping area you want to convert into an office include purchasing multi-purpose furniture. For instance, you can switch to a Divan or Ottoman bed, use the space around your closet, or place furniture against the walls to save space.

Declutter Your Workspace

Decluttering your bedroom can help create new space for your office desk and chair. This involves going through your belongings, identifying what you can dispose of or give out as well as what you can put away in storage boxes. Decluttering your relaxation area creates more space, offers multiple health benefits, and improves productivity. Indeed a clean room is crucial for increased energy and reduced anxiety.

Utilize Natural Light Source

The eyes benefit more when you work under natural light than artificial light. The sun also provides vitamin D that bolsters your overall health, improves sleep at night, and boosts focus and productivity. Because of that, you can set up your home office by the window if you have that option and take advantage of the natural light.

On the other hand, you can use lamplight to complement the natural light if your bedroom doesn’t have a big window. This is much better than working in a dark corner because good lighting improves mood and increases productivity.

Make the Working Space Comfortable

Working from a home office can be boring if it’s significantly different from your office building. However, you have the privilege of designing your own home workspace and adding furniture that can make the room more comfortable.

An office chair is one of the important items that can make or break your home office. Remember you will spend several hours sitting and a good chair is essential for your success. So choose an ergonomic and comfortable chair if you want to be productive or set up a productive bedroom office.

Keep the Two Zones Separate

Although you’re setting up an office in your bedroom, keeping the sleeping and working zones separate is essential. You can section off the two spaces through clever use of color, such as brighter or muted colors, while still retaining a harmonious atmosphere.

The second trick is not cluttering your bed with papers or files, especially when it’s the same height as the desk. An excellent way to naturally segregate the two zones is by switching to a low bed or investing in a bed settee or day bed to free up space while still using the room as a bedroom.

Add Live Plants

Adding a little greenery to your bedroom home workspace can keep you happy and healthy. You can do that by bringing potted plants into the room. The plants and flowers have the potential to boost creativity, lower your stress levels, and enhance your feelings of well-being.

Minimize Distractions

Decluttering your space is a great way to minimize or remove any distractions in the environment where you will be working from. For instance, you can remove technology or entertainment such as a TV in your bedroom, or you may also face your workspace away from your sight.

The second way of eliminating distractions is facing away from your comfortable bed. Spending an entire day facing a bed with soft pillows and furnishings can make you less productive. Therefore have your back face your bed or your desk facing outward for more inspiration. In fact, you can fit blinds to reduce distractions or regulate the natural light.

Use the Wall Space

Setting up your workspace near the wall is a great idea, too, because it declutters your resting space. While some people prefer to reserve their walls for prints and bookshelves, one can add floating shelves, whiteboards, calendars, or vertical storage units.

You can choose any location in your bedroom; however, you must provide extra storage for your work materials. Some creative storage ideas include the switch to a Divan bed that is versatile in storage and caters to different types of solutions. Alternatively, you can purchase an Ottoman bed that stores items underneath. The two beds will save space and improve the décor in your bedroom and office.

Make Your Bed in the Morning

Working from home, particularly in your bedroom, doesn’t give you a reason not to make your bed. You should make your bed every morning because it’s a healthy habit and a small sense of achievement that can inspire you to achieve your other goals throughout the day.

Next, remove your washing on the floor and avoid creating a “chairdrobe”. Remember cluttering your office, and relaxation space can overload your mind or make you feel guilty.


Working from home doesn’t mean working on the couch, dining room table, or kitchen. You can create a productive bedroom office in your bedroom using the 10 tips mentioned above. Indeed an esthetically pleasing workspace is a dream office for every remote worker.

Investing in great storage solution such as switching to a Divan or Ottoman bed can help declutter the space and keep it clean and organized. Try using these tricks to creatively transform your place of relaxation into a functional office and enjoy working from home.

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