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10+ Useful Resources & Tools for Designers Worth Checking Out



10 useful resources tools for designers worth checking out

Being faced with too many good things can become a problem, especially when the magnitude becomes overwhelming. We sometimes have to deal with too many things at once in our daily lives. Web designers and developers can have the same problem when looking for a tool or resource they need.

This list was created to help you avoid the problem of hearing similar things about a variety of products or resources over and over again. And instead turn your attention to focus on 15 excellent free and premium web design resources and tools you seldom hear about.

They are divided into 5 popular categories:

  1. Highly regarded website and page building tools including several free and premium WordPress themes together with a highly promising free AI website builder.
  2. If WooCommerce is your thing the listing includes several top-selling WordPress themes that have been developed specifically for building high converting WooCommerce stores including a top-rated Shopify theme.
  3. You will find tools that add animations & special effects without impacting a site’s overall performance. And by doing so will help your websites to charm their visitors into opening their purses and wallets.
  4. The ability to add popular functionality to a website can be a genuine game changer. Booking is one popular functionality, and another is the ability to easily manage complex data situations. We’ve covered both.
  5. We have also included unique illustrations and icons and a font identifier in this listing as a means to help you visually improve your websites’ content.

At least 50% of these web design tools and resources are free for you to try or use:

Important characteristics these Web Design Tools & Resources have in common. 

  • Many are free, have a free version, or a free trial version you can start with.
  • All are aesthetically and functionally top tier web design tools and resources.
  • These tools and resources are designed to help you turn a bland website or page into one that is appealing and engaging.


1.Trafft – Popular Booking Platform with a White Label Option

The product in one sentence: The Trafft White Label option is the perfect solution when a client needs a powerful booking system.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of Trafft’s most popular usage.

The Trafft plugin enables your business website or those of your clients to offer and efficiently manage online appointment bookings. If you are a developer, Trafft’s White Label Option gives you the opportunity to rebrand Trafft and sell the booking solution as your own.

Whether you take advantage of the White Label option or are simply a Trafft user, there is a great deal to like about this booking platform including:

  • the innovativeness of its overall design, the user-friendliness of the interfaces, and the ease of navigation.
  • the extent of customization you will be able to achieve.
  • a library of customizable prebuilt websites.

The pre-built websites can be time-savers. While the Career Mastery example illustrates how to manage bookings for a range of different services, it can easily be customized to fit any type and range of services.

Product rating: 5 stars out of 5 stars on Capterra, 4.7 (Excellent) on Trustpilot.

User testimonial: “Here are the things I love. First time anyone has complimented me on the booking process! Multiple clients (both old and new) have remarked how seamless and impressive the experience was. Allows for hyper targeted/customizable notifications and follow-up emails.”

Prompt support capabilities: Support manual, YouTube videos and social networks.

Check Out Trafft

2. wpDataTables –  Table and Chart Builder and Data Management Plugin

The product in one sentence: wpDataTables simplifies table/chart building and data management tasks when multiple data sources are involved.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of wpDataTables most popular usage.

wpDataTables is well known for enabling its users to create tables/charts with ease, even when tasked with managing data from diverse sources. This plugin’s top feature, its Multiple Database Connections, adds a significant amount of data management power to an already power-packed plugin. With the Multiple Database Connections feature at your disposal, tables you create will establish independent connections to  MySQL, MS SQL, or PostgreSQL databases. This makes each of your tables a virtual data hub that allows you to seamlessly integrate data from dissimilar sources.

Once you begin working with wpDataTables you’ll notice how exceptionally user friendly it is and how it noticeably streamlines your workflow.

You can easily put wpDataTables’ time-saving templates to effective use. The rather succinct WordPress Pricing Table could be applied to any number of uses.

Product rating: 4.5 out of 5 on

User testimonial: I don’t do many reviews, but my experience with wpDataTables has been awesome; from using the plugin to interacting with customer service and their support team. I was pretty amazed that even through the holiday season the support team replied quickly to my request.”

Prompt support capabilities: the support manual, YouTube videos, and the Facebook community.

Check Out wpDataTables

3. Amelia – Booking Plugin for Managing Appointments and Events

The product in one sentence: Amelia is an easy-to-use plugin that helps you effectively manage bookings and events.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of Amelia’s most popular usage.

The Automated Multilingual Notifications System keeps you informed about the status of appointments or events, fosters efficient communication between your customers and employees, and offers custom notifications, allowing you to tailor alerts for specific services or events. Unsurprisingly, it is Amelia’s most notable feature.

When triggered by specific actions or scheduled alerts, Amelia gives you timely and hassle-free management of appointments and events.

You can use a template to help you customize your website to make booking easier for both you and your clients and to attract future clients as well. Dietician is a straightforward example you might find useful.

You will quickly come to appreciate Amelia’s ease of navigation and depth of customization options, particularly those that enable you to tailor Amelia to needs you might not have anticipated initially.

Product rating: 4.8 out of 5 on Capterra.

User testimonial: This is a wonderful and easy booking plugin. It supports multi language and has a lot of integrations, Google, Zoom, and Office to connect with their agenda. The customer front-end is handy if the customer needs to adjust their info. There’s also the employee front end which is very useful.”  

Prompt support capabilities: Support Manual, YouTube Videos, Discord Group, and detailed plugin functionalities documentation.

Check Out Amelia

4. Uncode – Creative & Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

The product in one sentence: Uncode offers web designers and developers a quick go-to solution to most website-building challenges.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of Uncode’s most popular template.

Uncode users invariably point to the WooCommerce demo library when asked what they consider to be the theme’s most important feature. They might tell you about the strict attention to detail evident in the demos’ designs or the inspiration they found when searching among them.

The demo you settle on will naturally depend on your needs and desires. The Classic (Photography) Workshop demo is one of the five most widely used. If it appears it would suit your needs, you will find it easy to customize. Within its layout you will find some surprising special effects.

Once you become an Uncode user, you’ll discover the extensive amount of customization that is open to you, the value of the wireframes and demos, and the exceptional level of customer support. There is a wealth of advanced WooCommerce features open to you if you are a shop creator. If you are freelancer, you’ll find plenty of company in Uncode’s worldwide user base.

Product rating: 4.89 out of 5

User testimonial: Their customer service is exceptional! Super speedy response times compared to other themes I have worked with.”

Prompt support capabilities:  the support manual, the Facebook Group, and YouTube videos.

Check Out Uncode

5. Mobirise AI Website Builder

The product in one sentence: Mobirise AI is a free, easyto-use AI-powered website builder for building pages, small websites, or blogs.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of Mobirise AI’s awesome usage.

Anytime you come across a system that enables you to accomplish a lot by doing very little, it leaves you with a good feeling. The Mobirise AI Website Builder’s top feature does exactly that with its ability to create a page or a small website through use of a single prompt.

You cannot simply prompt Mobirise AI and expect exciting things to happen. You first have to explain what you are looking for in the way of a website.

You can do so in any language. Feed Mobirise AI with your description and a prompt and let the AI engine do its thing, which will be to produce a content-rich website.

The result will probably not be exactly what you want; but it will be a good start, and maybe even close, but you should plan on having to make some additions or adjustments and you can do so with the Mobirise AI website builder.

AI will definitely save you time, it will produce engaging content tailored to address your site’s overall message and is optimized for SEO.

Prompt support capabilities: Support manual, YouTube Videos, and the User Forum.

Check Out Mobirise AI

6. LayerSlider- Versatile WordPress Slider Plugin

The product in one sentence: LayerSlider is your tool of choice for making beautifully designed and animated web content.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of LayerSlider’s most popular usage.

There is no shortage of things to like about LayerSlider. You can use it to create a richly animated slider, slideshow, or popup, or to spice up other content on any website you choose.

LayerSlider’s top feature is actually a process. It’s the way in which it empowers you to seamlessly integrate its stunning animations, effects, and graphics into a website to create a strong bond with its visitors.

You can take advantage of LayerSlider’s downloadable and visually stunning professional hero or whole web page templates for an added website-building capability since it is easy to customize them with your own content. The Sweet Christmas hero template illustrates how an energy-filled immersive visual can easily capture a website audience’s attention.

You will feel right at home with LayerSlider’s Project Editor. It won’t take long at all before you feel like you’ve worked with it for years, as it makes it easy to design and create as the mood strikes you.

User testimonial:
“With LayerSlider I was able to redesign my website within a day. Great work!”

Prompt support capabilities: a ticket system with direct support, plus built-in help and a walkthrough of the Project Editor.

Check Out LayerSlider

7. Essential Grid – Impressive WordPress Gallery Plugin

The product in one sentence: With Essential Grid it’s no problem at all to create whatever gallery layout you might envision.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of Essential Grid’s most popular usage.

Essential Grid’s top feature is its library of 50+ unique grid skins. That should not come as a major surprise since that is what this gallery layout building plugin is all about.

Work your way through Essential Grid’s gallery skins and you will almost immediately come across one or more grid formats you’ve never seen before.  No worry if you don’t find the precise layout you want. The visual skin editor, adjustable rows, column, spacings, and other customizing options will easily resolve that problem.

Scroll through the Vimeo Playlist Social Grid for WordPress for a different take on what a gallery layout might look like.(Spoiler: Set aside 3 minutes to watch the surfing video!) It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but then again, it might be.

Essential Grid is a real time saver, and you’ll soon discover how effective it is in helping you organize your content streams.

 Product rating: 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot

User testimonial: “I use Essential Grid for two of my online stores and it plays an essential part since that’s how I present all of our products.”

Prompt support capabilities: Support Manual, YouTube Videos

Check Out Essential Grid

8. Blocksy – Premium WordPress Theme  

The product in one sentence: Blocksy’s free WordPress theme is your best bet for a building lightweight website.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of Blocksy’s most popular template.

What is Blocksy’s top feature? When asked, its fans came up with 7. Your pick would naturally depend on what’s most important to you. Then again, you might simply choose them all.

The Custom Blocks Module has its own fan base, and the way in which Blocksy manages Custom Post Types and Dynamic Data also garners its fair share of votes. Are you a  developer? If so, Blocksy’s White Label Module will probably get your vote.

As you can see, there’s much to like about Blocksy. You’ll find Blocksy is fast and easy to work with, its granular controls give you excellent command over all aspects of your design, and it’s free!

Blocksy’s superb demo collection is another user favorite. The  Barber Shop example is filled with goodies. Its Service and Contact pages can easily be customized to advertise almost any business, and the same is true of its Product page.

Product rating: 5 out of 5 on

User testimonial: “There was a lot in the free version. But in the PRO version… I’m excited. Many thanks to the creators. I definitely recommend it. Lightness, fast loading, absolute customization. Amazing product!”

Prompt support capabilities: the Support Manual and the documentation section.

Download Blocksy for Free 

9. Slider Revolution – Versatile WordPress Slider Plugin

The product in one sentence: You can use Slider Revolution to build responsive sliders, hero sections, and even complete websites.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of Slider Revolutions’ most popular usage.

Slider Revolution’s top feature is the capability it gives you to create visual WOW effects for use in stunning website content sections and home pages.

Although you can use Slider revolution to create designs from scratch, you can also borrow content from other sources if you wish. Not all that long ago, the Slider Revolution plugin was primarily used to create simple sliders, and people were happy with that. Times have changed. Today with Slider Revolution in your design toolkit, you can:

  • design jaw-dropping sections anywhere on any website page.
  • create home pages guaranteed to grab and hold a viewer’s attention.
  • create eye-catching portfolios that refuse to be unseen.

Your visitors aren’t likely to encounter websites  that use a cool slider like Beards Full-width Image , a template that can easily be customized to fit your needs.

Product rating: 4.65 out of 5 on Trustpilot

User testimonial: “The program is extremely flexible and able to produce almost any kind of slider you desire…. I can honestly say that Slider Revolution is one of the most comprehensive slider-creating programs on the market today.” 

Prompt support capabilities: Support Manual and YouTube Videos

Check Out Slider Revolution

10. WhatFontis, the fastest and most accurate free font identifier  

The product in one sentence: WhatFontis is the #1 free font identifier you’ll find on the market.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of WhatFontis’ most popular usage.

Any product that will help you find that “must have” font, and do it so quickly and easily, is certainly one you should add to your design toolkit. If you were to ask what WhatFontis’ top feature is, it is simply that it does what it was designed to do and does it to near perfection.

By “near  perfection” we mean 90+% accuracy. It is the only font identification system that can claim that accuracy, and when it does experience a miss, it can usually be attributed to  the uploading of a poor-quality image.

How does it work?

  • Upload a clean image of the text containing the font you need (letters need to be separated for cursive text).
  • This free font identifier has a database of 990K+ free and commercially licensed fonts, an amount that is nearly 5 times greater than that of its nearest competitor.
  • An AI-powered search engine provides a quick answer to your uploaded query.
  • WhatFontis also provides up to 60 close matches.

Note that you can use WhatFontis regardless of the font’s publisher, producer or foundry. You are requested to respect the work of the font makers and use the font according to the terms of its license.

Prompt support capability: Forum.

Start identifying fonts for free

11. WoodMart – Premium WooCommerce Theme

The product in one sentence: WoodMart is a premium WordPress theme you can use to create an exceptionally customer centric WooCommerce store.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one WoodMart’s most popular templates.

A quick peek at WoodMart’s website and its top feature, the custom layouts for shops, will jump right out at you. Dig a little deeper and you will find much to like about this premium WooCommerce theme, including how easy it can be to get an online store up and running.

It takes but a few clicks to prototype a website once you’ve uploaded a demo from the pre-made templates library.  Which demo? There are 80+ of them to select from plus more than 400 templates. WoodMart’s easily customizable Fashion demo is one of the most popular and just might be your cup of tea. There are more than a few nice surprises as you scroll through it. You can even combine different templates to create your own pages.

Other things that will work in your favor when building your store include:

  • popular customer-centric features that include “Frequently Bought Together,” and “Dynamic Discounts”.
  • the social integrations options for marketers.
  • If you are a developer, you will be happy to see that WoodMart features a White Label option.

Product rating: 4.93 out of 5

User testimonial: “Beautiful design, cool features, reactive support, for me this is the best theme to date!” 

Prompt support capabilities: Support Manual &YouTube Videos

Check Out WoodMart

12. Hongo – Multipurpose Conversion Optimized Shopify Theme

The product in one sentence: Hongo is a uniquely optimized Shopify theme with customer-friendly demos.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of Hongo’s most popular template.

Hongo claims its design quality is its most impressive feature. The truth of that claim becomes obvious once you see how it is passed along to and embedded into the Shopify-type websites you can create. You can also save money by using Hongo’s custom eCommerce features instead of Shopify apps, as well as when you take advantage of Hongo’s customization options.

Better yet, Hongo is definitely built for speed and will give you excellent performance on mobile, and even better on desktops.

Hongo’s carefully crafted 19 demo stores (with more to come) cover a nice range of popular eCommerce niches. To assist you in your design efforts these demos stores are supported by 100+ pre-built pages and 150+ pre-built page sections. Hongo’s Shopify Fashion demo could get your project off to a fast start. Note: demos can be mixed and matched.

Product rating: 4.87 out of 5

User testimonial: The customer support I get from ThemeZaa is amazing, they are quick to respond and haven’t failed once to support me and find the solutions I need to achieve what I need. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ThemeZaa to anyone that was looking for a theme which they produce and will continue to use them in the future.”

 Prompt support capabilities:  150+ online articles, & YouTube videos

Check Out Hongo Shopify

13. . Litho – Creative Elementor WordPress Theme

The product in one sentence: Litho gives you a remarkable set of page and website building options.

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one Litho’s most popular template.

Litho’s top feature is its integration with Elementor, a formidable combination that accounts for a remarkable set of page building options and capabilities. Litho serves a variety of user types that range from freelancers and artists to digital agencies and shop owners.

Litho is extraordinarily user friendly. You can customize most page items using Elementor-like header, footer, mini header, archive page / post template, page title and promo popups.

Litho’s 37+ stunning demos can be imported individually or en masse, can be mixed and matched, and address corporate, eCommerce, portfolio, specialized, and other needs. Litho’s Home Agency demo one of the most popular. Its visual search and hover features are impressive, as is the overall layout. Scroll down and you’ll find virtually every customizable page type you are ever likely to need.

Product rating: 4.94 out of 5

Testimonial: A testimonial on the Litho website reads as follows: “Of all the themes I have purchased and customized, this is the 1st one that didn’t require any support.”.

Prompt support capabilities: Support manual, YouTube videos, and the Litho support portal.

Check Out Litho

14. GetIllustrations- Comprehensive Stock Illustrations Library

The product in one sentence: The ideal destination for designers looking for top quality stock and custom illustrations with All ACCESS ACCOUNT

Click on the video for a quick look at one of GetIllustration’s most popular icon packs.

Nearly every one of GetIllustrations stock illustrations packs is a “must have”. At least you would tend to think so after having reviewed a few. There are more than 23,000 creative vector stock illustrations nicely arranged in 43 categories ranging from Animals and Pets to Utilities and Tools and in .Ai .SVG .PNG .Figma formats.

The illustrations styles range from 3D, Abstract, and Colorful, to Flat, Gradient and Isometric. Each vector illustration includes the original vector design files and is fully editable, so you can customize it to fit your brand colors or needs. One of their best illustration packs is Motion illustration for Notion a superior collection made for notion designers and creators offering over 1,200 vector scenes for any website or app.

Once you purchase an illustration it is yours to keep forever. Each purchase includes a standard commercial license.

Prompt support capabilities: Connect with the GetIllustrations team on X (Twitter) by reaching out to @RamyWafaa

Check Out GetIllustrations

15. XStore – Feature Rich WooCommerce WordPress Theme

The product in one sentence: With XStore’s online stores and product booster features you can build a store that absolutely rocks!

Click on the video for a firsthand look of one of XStore’s most popular template.

XStore may be best known for its selection of pre-built online stores, but a relatively new feature, a selection of Sales Booster Features, has taken over as XStore’s top feature.

XStore has the highest number of these Sales Booster features on the WordPress market. Frequently Bought Together, a Free Shipping progress bar, Cross sells after “Add to Cart,” and a sticky ad to cart bar are several of about a dozen.

The Single Product Builder, a Checkout Builder, and a Cart Builder for shop owners are other widely used and highly popular XStore features.

You will find XStore’s Control Panel and Builders Panel easy to work with along with the online stores (demos) that will be a big help in getting your project off to a rapid start. The XStore Car Rental Service demo is widely used, easily customizable,  and can be put to a variety of uses.

Product rating: 4.87 out of 5

User testimonial: “By far this is the best WordPress theme I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve purchased a lot of themes….I will definitely purchase this theme for all my future websites that I build. Thank you again.”

Prompt support capabilities: Support Manual, YouTube Videos

Check Out XStore


We set out to deliver a list of lesser-known web design resources and tools of top quality for your inspection that you could use to deliver websites featuring aesthetically superior designs and visuals that could include:

  • easily navigable Ecommerce store layouts that can effectively convert visitors into customers or clients.
  • high demand, potentially game-changing website functionalities.

We believe we have succeeded. And in doing so we have given you the information you will need in order to make an informed decision to try a tool or resource or to skip it.

You will find:

  • excellent free and premium WordPress themes.
  • dynamic animation tools to help your website charm its visitors into making purchases and are fun to work with.
  • an intriguing free AI page and website builder
  • tools for building eCommerce and Shopify stores. Including a Shopify theme and a selection of WooCommerce-oriented themes.
  • two appointment booking plugins that are easy to use and will do an excellent job.
  • a plugin that makes managing complex data less stressful.

Most are free or have a free version. All are of the best quality. And several can be put to use to spice up a website, home page, or landing page that is lacking in visitor appeal.

Bogdan Sandu, a seasoned designer with 15 years of diverse experience, has been designing websites since 2008. He's currently writing about design topics on really cool blogs like this one.

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