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10 Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram

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increase sales on instagram

Do you use Instagram as a marketing channel but do not get enough conversions? Social media is rising so is Instagram with each passing day. Instagram has more than a billion users that actively use it daily. As a small business, you have many opportunities to market your brand on Instagram and increase your sales rapidly.

Despite millions of active users on Instagram, getting their attention can be challenging. However, there are some tactics you can use to increase sales. You can purchase Instagram followers and also use various strategies that definitely work. Dive into the article to know some secret tricks that can generously increase your sales percentage. Let’s begin!


10 Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram

Are you new to Instagram marketing? The ten tips discussed below will undoubtedly help small businesses make big money. Here you go:


1. Be Creative

Aesthetic images and videos are an instant attention grabber and make people hit the like button. When designing posts or content for your feed, think from an Instagram user’s perspective. Staying true to your business is essential to grab a user’s attention.

If you design posts for your business yourself, make sure it’s colorful and attractive. Add a hook line in the caption or on the image to make users stare at it 2 seconds longer. You can also use free graphic designing apps to enhance an ordinary image to make it more attractive.


2. Be Real and Authentic

The audience nowadays is smarter than you think. You cannot make your audience fool for more than two seconds. It is crucial to engage with the audience and remain true to them. Deliver something new with every post and ensure it is attractive for them.

Plan the content, post at an optimal time, and engage with them in comments. Make sure the product you are selling provides value to the customers. Always ask for their feedback and post positive ones on your feed for potential customers to see.


3. Send PRs

As an emerging business on Instagram, you may need the help of people with ample audience already. Influencers and Instagram bloggers are open to helping small businesses get the attention they deserve. You can contact bloggers with sufficient audiences to promote your product.

If you don’t have the marketing budget to pay bloggers, offer them a barter deal. However, it would be best if you did not continue the barter deal practice for longer. It is great to kickstart but slowly keep aside a budget to pay bloggers for marketing.

Small bloggers with 20K to 40K following agree to barter deals; you can target them and still gain a spike in sales. You can also ask your friends and family to try and promote your product on their Instagram through posts and stories.


4. Run Promotional Deals

People love a good sale and a great value for their money. It will help if you run a sales offer every few months to entice people to get your products. Do not miss out on festive occasions and create an urgency in people. Creating a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) in people is a great trick to get them to buy your products.

You can also issue promo codes that people can use to get freebies or a certain percentage off. Promo codes are a great deal that people love. You can also give promo codes for the audience to bloggers promoting your products. Promo codes are a great way to get people excited to purchase a product.


5. Run Ads

If you are a fairly new business, you can use Instagram ads to reach your target audience. Instagram ads are a great investment one can make for their business. According to users, they make unplanned purchases at least twice a month seeing Instagram Ads.

Instagram Ads hold power over people and make them make blind purchases. Once you start making money from your business, keep a small percentage aside for paid promotions. Use targeted ads and use a banging call-to-action statement.

Businesses get a great chunk of their sales through Instagram ads. You can either post ads yourself or hire a marketing business to post targeted ads. If Instagram ads are done right, you will see an immediate spike in your sales.


6. Make Video Content

Understanding the algorithm is key if you want to go viral on Instagram and gain more traction towards your profile. Videos are Instagram’s best friend and gain two times more engagement than videos. Instagram reels are new-age tools that help businesses reach their sales goals.

Your feed should not only have the best images of your products but great videos as well. Make sure to make small snippets of your product in action. Keep the videos short, mobile-friendly, high-quality, and raw. The behind the scene videos also do great as potential customers get to connect with you on a deeper level.


7. Don’t Go Overboard with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the new-age strategy that most businesses swear by. It is one of the best ways to generate more sales and get high user attention. However, too much of it can be off-putting for the audience, and your product might lose its credibility.

Some brands contact more than 15 famous influencers simultaneously to promote their product. Seeing the same product promoted by multiple bloggers at the same time can irritate the audience. They might think your product is not that great, requiring excessive marketing.

Here are some ways to be subtle with influencer marketing:

  • Ask influencers to be natural and provide unique video or image scripts.
  • Do not only contact high-level influencers, work with small ones as well.
  • Work to develop organic engagement more than using paid methods.
  • Post authentic reviews on your page as opposed to paid ones.


8. Direct the Traffic to your Website

As a brand, having your website is essential, especially if you are an online brand only. One of the best ways to direct traffic to your website is using stories and adding links to your bio. You can also ask influencers to add a link to your website in their stories.

Also, the paid ads should have a ‘Shop Now’ call to action button that directs the potential customer to the website. Direct website visits can also bring attention to other products you have to offer.


9. Buy Instagram Followers

As a new brand, it can be fairly hard to emerge on a highly competitive platform. Initially, you can buy Instagram followers to increase your engagement and bring more user attention. Real and authentic followers can help you gain the exposure you have been meaning to get after you buy fake Instagram followers.

The Instagram algorithm works in a way that it shows people what they want to see. More traction on your profile can help bring organic followers and increase profile visits. The bought Instagram followers are best for temporary support.


10. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Using the right hashtags can do the trick if you want more exposure on Instagram. People don’t understand the importance of hashtags as often. However, hashtags can make your page appear to the users scrolling mindlessly and spark their interest in your page.

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags under every post. You can go all out with the hashtags and use as many as you see fit. It is best to use popular hashtags with thousands and millions of followers. You can easily grab your potential customer’s attention by doing that.


Final Verdict

Instagram is a versatile platform for marketing and provides the best sales results. However, your sales target can be unapproachable sometimes if you don’t use the right strategies. The best way can be to buy Instagram followers and create attractive content. It can take you some time to navigate the strategy that works best for your business.

However, you also have to invest some money if you want faster results. Make sure you have a budget for influencer marketing and paid ads. Using the strategies we discussed above, you will sooner or later reach your marketing goal sooner or later. Best of luck with your sales!


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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