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11 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Followers (Cheap and Real)

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Looking to get more followers and plays on your Spotify?

Good news! We audited the top providers where you can

Buy Spotify plays and followers.


Spotify is a huge music streaming platform and building a place here is hard for budding music artists. It is one of the best music sites to promote your music if you want your music to reach your audience faster so it can get the recognition it deserves.

It’s not easy to stand out on this platform with its 433 million monthly active listeners.  Wherein unfolds the role of having a good number of Spotify plays and followers, which can also be purchased in case you struggle to get followers and engagement on this famous music platform.


Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Followers:

Considering how invaluable is the quality and authenticity of Spotify plays and followers, we have come up with the 11 Best Sites to buy Spotify plays and followers.

You don’t have to stress about being trapped by a scammer social media service company, as the list given here consists of the top sites to get Spotify plays and followers.


1. UseViral

Buy Spotify Plays

Rated: 9.7/10

UseViral is the best place to buy Spotify followers and plays. They offer the most affordable price and highest quality service when we talk about social media. It has an incredible service for every social media handle including Spotify.

Buying Spotify plays and followers service is the most trusted service by users. The price of Spotify plays and followers from them start from USD 15 and USD 12, which is the best price you can get to experience the level of service that they offer.

UseViral also offers Facebook likes, Instagram Followers, YouTube views and subscribers, Twitter followers and many more services.

Endorsed by DallasNews, JeffBullas, Business-Review, and even Forbes!

Shop UseViral now


2. Sidesmedia

Rated: 9.2/10

Sidesmedia is another best site to buy Spotify plays and followers. They offer impeccable social media growth services to its customers. Its cost for buying Spotify followers starts from USD 17 for 1000 and they have a lot of deals conforming to the followers’ requirements of the customer.

Also, you can buy Spotify plays at affordable price. Plays and followers are delivered within a short time once you made the purchase.

Shop Sidesmedia now


3. Growthoid

Rated: 9.2/10

Growthoid is a reliable site to buy Spotify plays and followers.

It is fully dedicated to providing Spotify growth services and is certainly amongst the best website to buy Spotify followers and plays. They give priority to user engagement on your Spotify account as they understand the importance of Spotify as a promising platform for independent artists.

Facebook likes, Instagram Followers, YouTube views etc.


4. GetViral

Rated: 7.7/10

As its name suggests, this is a legitimate website to go for if getting viral on Spotify is one of your aims. It is a pioneer site selling its excellent social media service for ages, and they offer their customer to buy Spotify followers and plays services as well.

For buying Spotify plays from their site, the price starts from USD 6.99 for 1000 plays and goes further depending on the number of plays a customer requires. The deals for buying Spotify followers are also very affordable.


5. SocialRush

Rated: 6.3/10

SocialRush is another social media growth service website in the list of the best sites to buy Spotify followers and plays. They offer genuine Spotify plays and followers coming from real profiles, and thus, is one of the best choices if the quality and authenticity of the followers are a major concern for you.

On their site, the deal to buy Spotify followers starts from USD 9.99 for 100 Spotify followers and you can get up to 5000 followers.


6. ViewsExpert

Rated: 6.1/10

ViewsExpert is probably a name you have across when searching for the best place to buy Spotify plays and other services. This site is a well-known growth service agency and owns a reputation for providing high-quality and real Spotify plays to its customers.

For purchasing 100 Spotify followers from them, you have to spend USD 9, and the list goes on as one can choose from the extensive range of packages it offers.


7. Fastlikes

Rated: 6.0/10

Fastlikes is another known site trusted for providing various social media growth services. To buy Spotify plays and followers from them, you have to follow a simple process for making the purchase, and experience an initial boost in your Spotify account. They provide extensive customer support.


8. SidesMedia

Rated: 9.3/10

SidesMedia is a well-known site selling the best-quality of Spotify plays and followers to its customers. Their team of experts not only provide you with real Spotify plays and followers but also advise on ways you can impress the algorithm in order to grow on the platform of Spotify and SoundCloud as well.

They use the most advanced techniques to bring traffic to your Spotify account through their Spotify plays and followers.


9. FollowersUp

Rated: 5.3/10

FollowersUp is a well-known brand in the world of social media as many reputed brands use its service and have reached the social media popularity they always wished for. The site offers high-quality and cheap Spotify plays and followers as you can get Spotify plays and followers from them at reasonable rates.


10. Viralyft

Rated: 5.5/10

Viralyft is a major social media growth services provider and offering high-quality services at affordable prices. The site offers the best price range for buying Spotify plays and followers and provides 24*7 customer supports in case you face any difficulty using their service.

The followers they offer are legit as they have real profiles. You can also buy SoundCloud followers and plays from them.


11. SocialPackages

Rated: 5.1/10

SocialPakcages is offering Spotify growth services that bring results. Their services are quite reasonable and are of the greatest quality since they have trained social media experts who know how to drive traffic and real-time results.

For buying 100 Spotify followers, you have to spend only USD 9.50, and the price range for Spotify plays starts from USD 3 for 500 plays, which is the lowest price to pay to experience quality service.


Is it good to buy Spotify followers and plays, to buy Twitter followers and to buy Instagram followers and to buy TikTok followers?

For your audience to get access to your music, you have to adopt a certain approach so the algorithm considers your profile to make your music land in the feed of the listeners. However, you have to have a pre-existing audience base for the algorithm to recognize your music and for you to reach a wider audience base. Followers, plays, and streams are crucial for the engagement and success of your Spotify profile and of your Twitter profile. This is why many people want to know where to buy Twitter followers and what is the best site to buy instagram followers and where to buy TikTok followers.

You sure are producing quality music but without an already good engagement rate, you won’t be able to reach your target audience which could be the catalyst of your growth as a musician on the Spotify platform. So in this scenario, purchasing Spotify followers and plays seem to be the only viable option, one should not shy away from it.

It is a good decision to buy Spotify plays and followers, given that you are purchasing from a verified source that does provide quality and genuine followers that could aid your Spotify success.

Already having a good number of followers and plays is great for your popularity metrics and could help you in the greater scheme of things where the growth of your Spotify profile is concerned. If you aim for success on Spotify, then buying Spotify followers and Plays is certainly a good choice.


Why do you need more Spotify followers and plays?

Independent artists have to go through many obstacles before they could finally get their music out there. Besides the task of creating the best music, they have to ensure that their music reaches the right audience that is actually interested in such music and thus, can assist in their popularity.

However, with Spotify and the music industry itself being a competitive space, it’s hard to outshine others and expand your reach as a music artist. Therefore, you need some sort of assistance beforehand, and there you have the help to buy Spotify followers and plays.


The need for Spotify followers and plays-

  • To get your music to reach a wider audience through selected playlists
  • To have the initial boost that you need in the budding phase of your music journey
  • To get more opportunists as a music artist through your Spotify playlist plays and followers
  • To build credible social proof as a music artist with the plays and followers on your Spotify
  • To influence the audience into listening to your music seeing your huge following on Spotify

There are many ways in which Spotify followers and plays can help you grow as an artist and in terms of popularity on this competitive platform. Resort to the use of purchase followers and plays, and see your music get popular in a short time.


How to buy Spotify Plays and Followers from a reputable site?

To buy Spotify followers and plays from a trustworthy site, a simple procedure needs to be followed that requires a few steps. Reputable sites, like the one listed below, provide the most seamless experience and service when it comes to the process of buying Spotify followers. Here is what a typical procedure for buying Spotify plays looks like.

  • Go to the website of company, and there you will come across various social media growth services for different social media channels.
  • Select the ‘Spotify’ option in order to explore various Spotify growth services such as buying Spotify followers, plays, and streams.
  • Then, pick the package according to your followers or play requirements, and proceed.
  • Make the payment after choosing from the various payment modes available on the website.
  • You also have to provide your Spotify profile URL where the service is to be delivered.
  • Depending on the site, it may ask for your email id, and contact, or ask you to fill out a form.

Most reliable and credible websites have a quick process and the followers and plays get delivered within a short time. Also, the delivery of Spotify plays and followers could be gradual depending on the number of followers or plays purchased from the respective site.


Does buying Spotify plays and followers work?

Purchasing Spotify plays only works when you purchase high-quality and real Spotify followers or plays from a legitimate site. There may be many reviews suggesting that it is not a good idea to purchase cheap Spotify plays or followers.

But that is applicable only in the scenario where you get fake followers or plays coming from bots that ruin the reputation of your Spotify profile. So it all comes down to purchasing Spotify followers and plays that offer the best quality of the same. Otherwise, the purchased followers or plays won’t work for you, and you may even have to deal with the consequences of buying fake followers or plays.

Don’t worry about being scammed by fake sites, as here we have curated the list of the best reputable sites where you can purchase the best-quality of Spotify plays and followers.


Why do real Spotify plays and followers make a difference?

It’s not just the purchase of Spotify followers and plays that will help in growing on the Spotify platform but the quality of the followers is what makes a difference.

  • If you buy from any site or company without checking their reviews or verifying if it’s a secure site, then you are likely to end up with fake followers or plays that will harm your social media reputation.
  • So yes, buying real followers and plays can make a lot of difference when it comes to the credibility of your social profile and the engagement that you have on your Spotify account.
  • Even the algorithm does not support fake followers, and can quickly tell whether the followers you have on your Spotify account are real or fake.
  • Real followers assist with your overall SEO ranking and contrary to that, the fake followers or plays coming from fake profiles can damage your reputation as an artist.
  • You are putting a lot at stake when you are caring about the quality of your followers and plays. Make sure you only buy real and high-quality followers that will help elevate your Spotify account and not otherwise.



This is the list of the best places to buy Spotify plays and followers. The sites listed here are safe and their services for cheap Spotify followers and plays are genuine. So give priority to the quality of your Spotify plays and followers, and purchase from the sites listed here.

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