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12 Great SaaS Tools Every Brand Marketer Should Try

Building and finding ways to establish your brand or business is a great start. Here are 12 SaaS tools to automate your brand marketing tasks and boost productivity.

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The best thing about humans is that we get to create!

And think!

And have great ideas.

As we put these ideas into action, we contribute changes (revolutionary changes, mind you) to society and help elevate different aspects of our lives on a day-to-day basis. We have to thank technology for that– but with a human partnership and brilliant mind, these technological advancements and revolutionary innovations have come to life.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking, what has this got to do with my business? With my digital marketing? Everything. Do you want to build your brand? Do you want to see your business thrive in the ever-changing and ever-evolving digital space? Do you want to strengthen your marketing initiatives? Yep. Keep reading.

Building and finding ways to establish your brand or business is a great start. Marketing it and putting it out there is another. In the here and now, the digital arena has opened doors for many business owners alike to ride the wave of digital evolution. The business has indeed looked so much different in the past decades.

And if you want to keep up, you have to bring it forward digitally.

Software as a Service or SaaS has proven to be one of the best innovations there is in terms of cloud-based software and applications. SaaS basically delivers cloud-based applications over the web, with a subscription in place. And because it’s cloud-based, you can access it anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

And it’s no denying that SaaS is growing in such a quick space and has lived up to its name as a “service”. It has undeniably brought about convenience and efficiency in the hands of every end-user.

Some Statistics You Need to Know

Yes, Software as a Service is evolving and growing in various ways and on different platforms in the digital world, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

According to Gartner, by 2023 at least 40% of organizations will transition to do operations “anywhere” in order to deliver and optimize both virtual and physical end user and employee experience.

On top of that, it’s estimated that by the year 2026, there will be about 50% of organizations that will use multiple SaaS applications centralizing management and use of metrics via these apps using a SaaS management tool.

So, this leads us to say that if you’ve begun marketing online, or you’ve been doing business online, you need to understand your business model and how it needs to integrate digitally. Your marketing strategies need to work around being effective in online marketing, consider channel optimization, and brand amplification via social media platforms.

Needless to say, the digital market has created huge waves in terms of how it’s done online, using different platforms and utilizing tools to optimize work better.

Why We Need Tools for SaaS Marketing

With the mention of tools, maybe you’re unaware but you’re already using one. Yet our goal here is to create awareness and bridge the gap between your marketing challenges, suggesting solutions to affirm your business to thrive forward.

So why do you need tools to market your brand?

It helps you save and manage your time, it keeps workflow more efficient allowing you to be productive and focus on what you need to elevate better, and of course, you’ll save everyone’s energy. There are now apps that can automate tasks for you, so that’s something you’d want to explore. This is all about boosting productivity.

And while you’re at it, here is a list of tools we think every marketer should try:


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First off, Drawtify is easy to use. It should be on your graphic design platform list. It’s a great solution to help you create projects with sure-fire visuals. This is such a treasure cove for graphic tools that you can utilize to help you with your branding and marketing needs. From image editing to video editing, Drawtify has loads of editable templates, accessible plugins, logos, animated icons, and more.

It’s actually a great optimization tool that can strengthen your designing requirements. You don’t have to be a professional to be able to use it-it’s a tool that’s already professional to assist you in creating professional-grade outputs.



There’s so much marketing happening over social media nowadays, and for branding amplification, you need to keep up with the digital marketing game. If it means creating posts and campaigns daily, there must be an easy way to automate it, right?

Yes. Here’s where Pixelixe comes in. They have a wide range of designs, visuals and templates that you can choose from which are basically ready to be automated. You can also automate generating your designs by creating different versions of your preferred visual elements with their easy-to-use API.

With Pixelixe, you can also add texts, captions, logos to your images. Filters and effects are up to date with this tool. It’s a user-friendly graphic designing tool that can help you do your design quickly and more efficiently. It’s not only made for visual artists but marketing organizations, vloggers and influencers alike.


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If your business is online, you’re surely looking for multiple ways to ensure that you’re on the right track with your digital marketing strategies and branding guidelines.

Baseline is a tool that helps with your content creation and brand presence. They have a one-click branded design feature that allows you to create brand designs with easy-to-use navigations and solid options.

With Branded assets, stock photos, background removal features in place, Baseline can literally help you build a baseline for your branding strategy.



Need to revamp your content? And even if you’re not one with graphic designing skills, Mega Creator’s instruments and features that are drag-and-drop are so savvy that you’ll want to keep exploring what they’ve got to offer.

Searchable and editable templates and graphics that can easily be uploaded in multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. Vectors, illustrations, backgrounds, eye-catching designs, etc. that you can use for free for all your marketing.



​E-commerce brands have been thriving and competition has been really tight. At the end of the day, what works for your end-users it’s what’s important. Putting out creative content is a must and you need that traffic to come in. Having great visuals, purposeful campaigns, solid graphics on your site or social media platforms is what drives digital marketing. Pixelied is here to help.

User friendly and a treasure-cove of images, this is your go-to shop for templates, editing tools, icons, web mockups, illustrations.

If you need quick designs for your daily postings, or even as simple as an email header, go and explore Pixelied. It’s as dynamic as it could be with all their branding features.



When we talk about marketing optimization, Filecamp is one of the most sought-after tools in this area. With Filecamp, you can set up your own digital library that you can centralize and share with your collaborators.

As a cloud-based software solution that focuses on digital asset management, it’s been set up to help end-users optimize the custom branding features available. You can have seamless integration with your collaborators and partners, online proofing, keyword management, controlled log-ins, and many more.



What’s great about Text Blaze is that it sets you up for easy pull-up snippets of texts that you can add to your notes, emails, and responses to different people on various platforms.

You can also save text templates that help eliminate typing mistakes in the future. You also get to customize whenever you want and automate it when you want. Text Blaze can be used with your Gmail, LinkedIn, Google Docs and other apps. Saves you all the time, for sure.



For sure, if you’re one to go after amazing website content, you need to get those design themes in. Or are you in a place where you’ve been looking for ways to automate your background editing? With the use of artificial intelligence, does more than just creating transparent backgrounds in an instant but you can also transform your visuals into stunning designs and creatively themed presentations.

Technically, with one click, you get to automate your background removal. is not just for marketers out there but for photographers and designers too that need a quick but professional tool to remove the backgrounds they want so they can have the output they’ve been aiming for.



Talking about team collaboration, Slack is such an amazing tool to use for big groups and organizations. Whether you’re a start-up business or an already huge corporation, you can definitely try Slack for easier communication and collaboration with your team and colleagues.

It’s like this centralized digital space for messaging, exchange of files, tools and other add-ins. What’s great about Slack is that it has dealt with the challenges of communication in huge organizations and has delivered well. It’s easy to use, reliable, and the design themes stand out. We’re all for Slack!



So what makes Trello stand out? It’s actually one of the best out there in terms of project management. If you want to optimize your project management efforts with the right system and visibility with everything you’ve been working on-get Trello.

We all know that staying on top of all your projects at hand is such a challenge, the simplicity in the features and work tools Trello has can keep you in your element while managing it all. With all that you have on your plate-files, notes, unfinished projects,

Trello can help you streamline your work for you. Boosting your productivity has never been this simple.



You’re probably living in a cave if you haven’t heard of Google Drive. But if you’re in the digital space, this is one of the most used tools there is for online storage and sharing. Google Drive has transformed data saving and sharing in an online workspace.

Actually, if you have a Google account or email, you’re already given 15Gb of free storage on your Google Drive. You can now begin uploading and accessing your files on all your devices and update your photos as you wish.

That’s why for collaboration and team purposes, Google Drive has made it seamless and easier for partners to manage, store and edit documents real-time. It has definitely elevated workflow efficiency for everyone.

12. Wave.Video


WaveVideo is a cloud-based video platform designed and set up to be effective for collaborations, whether it be for storage or for work. You can edit your video footage and upload it easily. They have layouts ready, video editing tools and built-in stock content that you can easily navigate and work around with.

You don’t have to be a pro to create amazing videos. With WaveVideo, you can start editing and uploading professional-like video outputs that can stand out on social media platforms. So start improving and enhancing your video posts using WaveVideo!


In the ever-evolving digital market, you need a sustainable strategy-strategies, rather. True, there are various factors to consider to ensure you’re on track in keeping up with your branding efforts, but what’s most important is if you’ve served your customers well in a digital space. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting 5-star reviews, and consistent client subscriptions.

On the other hand, sustaining your efforts to keep your branding alive and your marketing thriving is an ongoing journey and process. Innovation is necessary while making sure your productivity isn’t compromised. It’s all about finding the right balance in this growing digital arena and utilizing tools that can help you optimize your business potentials.

Author’s Bio


Shelly is one of the women behind, a SaaS marketing agency that specializes in blog outreach services and SaaS SEO.

A writer by day and reader by night, she loves exploring new stuff. Catch her thoughts on digital marketing at the blog!

In today’s world, everything is going online. With that in mind, you need the best tools and workflow in the trade. Discussed here are the tools to aid you in just that.


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