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12 Smart Ways To Leverage Technology For Business Success

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Smart Ways To Leverage Technology For Business Success

Which factors are essential for a company’s growth and success? Two-thirds of business managers agree that leveraging technology in your favor improves your chances of survival. The world has become more tech-reliant than it ever was. Analytics is now the most astounding profession of the century.

For instance, programming skills make you a lucrative employee for nearly all organizations. Computers have found their place in most of our industries. Businesses can’t endure without depending on the technology or using its many marvels for their commercial development. But what are these different marvels – these multiple methods – of leveraging technology for your company’s success? Here are a dozen examples:

Means of using technology for business success and growth

  1. Automation:-

Human workers tend to make mistakes. Companies can reduce human error by automating certain functions. Automation enhances your company’s overall productivity and contributes to employees becoming more efficient than before. Investing in this popular technology improves various operational activities and tasks. You can relax and concentrate on more pressing issues while the machines/systems handle the daily operations in your organization.

  1. Project management:-

Mismanaged projects diminish your organization’s efficiency. So, companies can utilize online tools to track the progress of different projects. You can now collaborate with your team via Podio or Manymoon, while Keynote lets you prepare and arrange your presentations. Similarly, Roambi collects your data, assesses it, and turns it into comprehensible graphs. These apps enable team members to coordinate with each other by sharing data and monitoring individual performances.

  1. Data analytics:-

All companies collect data from the customers in the form of “cookies.” But many of them struggle when it comes to using this information effectively. Fortunately, data analytics helps you leverage this data the right way. Therefore, you should hire experts who have pursued an online analytics degree from a reputable institution. The presence of such professionals in your company is essential for success in this tech-dependant age. They’ll show you how to use this data to develop better marketing strategies.

  1. Backup programs:-

The surge in hacking instances accompanies the wonders of the internet. There’s no shortage of cybercriminals out there who are obsessed with stealing your customers’ data and their crucial information. So, it’s imperative to invest in backup options to protect your precious data and save your online reputation. Since a data loss/breach can cost you handsomely nowadays, staying vigilant is a crucial demand for success in the 21st-century business world.

  1. Performance analysis:-

Technology allows you to monitor your workers’ performance and ensure nobody’s slacking off. We now have business tools called “productivity apps” to analyze how productive your staff has been. Some of these smartphone applications can be synchronized with their desktop versions for better handling. You can download Trello, Asana, or Basecamp to evaluate your employees’ progress and manage the company’s annual objectives, all with the touch of your fingertips.

  1. Chatbots:-

Hiring human workers to provide 24/7 customer support becomes expensive and even ineffective sometimes. You can choose AI-powered conversational “bots” to communicate with your customers and respond to their queries. Consumers will mostly ask the same questions that are repetitive and may exhaust a human employee. But chatbots come equipped with machine-learning capabilities to tackle these queries and satisfy customers’ curiosity.

  1. Social media:-

Social media lets you engage with your followers to communicate your message to your target audience. Companies should create avatars on all popular social media platforms to enhance their customers’ engagement. Additionally, you should regularly upload interactive and conversational content on your profiles. Try using tools such as Hootsuite to schedule posts across different websites. Video content has also become famous. Uploading one-minute long clips helps you acquire traffic organically.

  1. Online payments:-

Businesses can send/receive money through the internet. The popularity of PayPal has turned many customers into habitual users of online transaction methods. You can facilitate them by permitting web-based payment. Companies only utilizing old payment gateways will fall behind since the world is adopting FinTech and internet banking. Suppose you haven’t offered this opportunity to your customers. In that case, you may lose many of your valued customers and observe a decline in your reputation.

  1. Mobile marketing:-

Most of your organic traffic comes from smartphone users. So, companies should create websites designed to operate efficiently on mobile screens. Search engines have become conscious about the role this gadget plays in internet searching. Companies can now send promotional content via text messages, including ads, coupons, and sales alerts. It explains why Google released a mobile-first indexing algorithm that focused on prioritizing websites that function correctly on mobile screens.

  1. Voice search:-

The digital world is evolving toward voice queries. Statistics show that 72% of Americans used voice search over the traditional typing method via a digital assistant. Websites must integrate this new technology for maintaining their positions on SERPs since voice queries differ from normal ones for being more conversational. These vocal searches don’t involve long-tail keywords as well. You shouldn’t neglect to adopt this innovation if you wish to survive among your niche.

  1. Personalized marketing:-

Marketing endeavors become more effective when you target each customer with a personalized advertisement. Multinational corporations can’t perform personalized marketing without relying on AI, Big data, and IoT. These tech solutions collect every customer’s details such as age group, lifestyle, and search history to determine the products he/she’s likely to purchase. Then these products appear to that person as ads, increasing the chances of him/her buying that exact product.

  1. Tracking KPIs:-

Last, a company judges the result of its marketing endeavors by KPIs or key performance indicators. These indicators show whether you’ve achieved your objectives or your advertising strategies still require improvement. Many organizations rely on Google Analytics to track KPIs and determine how well they’ve succeeded, although an alternative might be to use a sample KPI library to help your business achieve strategic performance Cloud dashboards integrate with your company’s financial systems so you may track/improve these indicators that affect the firm’s success.


The business realm has now realized the potential technology has for the commercial sector. In 2016, a minor 45% of organizations agreed that IT was a “strategic enabler” for their business. But this number exceeded 80% in 2018. Technology lets your company develop, live up to people’s expectations, and maintain a competitive edge. Policies aren’t made on mere intuition in the business sector anymore. They rely on DDDM (data-driven decision-making) through analytics and programming.

Moreover, this technology enhances your company’s security meanwhile improving your staff’s productivity. All these factors contribute to your organization becoming more profitable hence more accomplished. Thus, relying on modern science has become the new normal among business companies. The organizations that insist on operating traditionally stand on the verge of becoming obsolete. That’s why it’s become imperative for the survival of your business to leverage technology in your favor.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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