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130 Unsuspected Startup Ecosystem Connectors from 50 Countries

It’s the dream of every entrepreneur to start a successful business. You may think that having a top-quality product or service and a brand name is all that your business need. Indeed the two aspects are essential; however, they won’t give you a steady growth in revenue in the long run.

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This article has compiled a list of companies or organizations who can connect your startup to their country’s ecosystem easily. These resources will provide you with effective ideas and recommendations for your business as well as partners and investors that may be interested in partnering with you. her companies.

Ecosystem connectors


BrandLabs is a self-serve platform that boosts marketing campaigns of startups to increase traffic, paramount exposure, and performance. The platform ensures that your customers receive push notifications that guarantee maximum exposure and boosts visibility.  


Navig8Biz is a platform that elevates entrepreneurs and business owners to new heights through education and connection. The company was born with the desire to give the startup a better life and to lift them; thus, they can register here and enjoy its support.


Wixly is a Belgium and Luxembourg-based platform that connects entrepreneurs with investors, partners, and mentors. The company has been matchmaking businesses at the creation, launch, and growth phase with partners that respond the best to their needs.


ABStartups provides an ideal environment for startups. The platform connects, empower, inspires, and advocates for startups, for it believes innovation is the engine for transforming the country positively.

Connection Bureau is an environment where startups from Brazil and Canada meet. It is a matchmaking platform for startups, service providers, investors, and technology companies that were designed by the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce.


Accelerator Centre is a platform that supports startups. The startup accelerator is dedicated to strengthening and scaling up businesses to become competitive across the globe through one-to-one mentorship, marketing, and networking.


Tieba is a popular forum under Baidu where users vote for content hence increase their visibility just like Reddit. You can build the reputation of your startup based on the positive posts and the threads you create, thus improving its ranking in the search results.

Xnode is a global platform that supports innovation. The platform empowers entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate innovators to build scalable ventures through collaboration with corporates, government, and academia.


Connect Innovation is a platform that connects businesses with millions of people and organizations. The site provides webinars, web meetings, and training, thus helping startups and other companies to enjoy an exceptional experience.  


Egypreneur is a platform that supports startups by providing them with a business opportunity to connect with investors and other like-minded people. The site gathers entrepreneurs scattered across Egypt into one platform.


La French Tech is a unique movement that brings together startups, policymakers, investors, and community builders under one roof. The goal of this platform is to make France a great place to launch and grow companies that can change the world in the future.


Bavaria is a publicly-funded organization that was established in 1999 and allows growing and existing businesses to register their profiles here. This business promotion agency has been assisting companies located in Germany and abroad to develop and expand their businesses locally and abroad. Their services are free of charge, have a friendly international team and global network as well as customized all-round service. is an international website for online marketing, advertising, business listings, and buy-sell ads. This classified website is free for businesses in Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, UK, and the USA.  


The Spirited Hub (TSH) is a platform that supports and brings together African tech pioneers. The company launched “Nyota,” an augmented reality art experience that exhibits Africa’s technology pioneers. 


Orange Groove is a platform that supports young entrepreneurs and SMEs. The company provides startups and established businesses with networking opportunities, training workshops, best practices, international know-how, mentors, as well as access to the global markets. 


Mantra is dedicated to small businesses and helps them to get their name out. The platform is one of the most comprehensive databases with millions of visitors every month. It offers listing based on business type, geography, and industry segments.

Microsoft India provides a podium for empowering startups, which are vital for building the future of this country. The company supports early-stage startups through its flagship initiative called the BizSpark platform that gives them free access to Microsoft services, consulting services, and partnership opportunities with investors and clients.


Global Israel Initiative (GII) is a platform that is designed to offer collaboration and integration of businesses between Israel and international companies, governments, investors, education structures, and innovative companies. Its mission is to bridge the tech ecosystem in Israel with CIS countries by linking them. 


200Crowd is a platform that facilitates the meeting between startups and investors. The company has an experienced team in the field of technology and finance that help these new ventures to succeed in marketing themselves in the country.


FundSME Jamaica is a platform designed to promote startups by matching them with best-fit funders, promote business expansion, and improved funding options. It also prepares these businesses to meet potential customers. 


J-Startup is a startup support program that is geared towards promoting overseas development and the creation of unicorns. The platform selects startup companies, allows them to use the J-Startup logo and other beneficial supports such as the invitation to exhibition and visit tours to global events.


Maktoob is an Amman-based international platform that offers startups access to practical tools and solutions to make their business more profitable. Young entrepreneurs can share with their peers ideas and feedback to help them with design, marketing, and usability. 


BFA Global offers catalyst fund for starts and venture building support from emerging markets and fintech experts. The platform connects startups in Kenya, India, Mexico, South Africa, France, the US, Spain, and Nigeria with corporate partners, investors, and market facilitators.

Disrupt Africa is a media that roam around the continent, interviewing disruptive and innovative tech startups. The platform’s mission is to provide advice and practical information about different vibrant markets in Africa and promote thought-provoking discussions on how to create an exciting ecosystem.

GrowthAfrica is a Nairobi-based platform that accelerates ventures across the continent.  The company’s mission is to support startups and established businesses to seize business opportunities in Africa.

VC4A connects startup entrepreneurs from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, Somalia, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Zambia. The platform provides these new businesses with support programs, knowledge, investors, and mentors they require for them to be successful. Thus VC4A has a pool of experts that offer free services such as tracking a company’s fundraising progress and then connect these businesses with over 1000 investors that focuses on companies at the early stage.  


Nexta is a platform that was created by Axian Group to support entrepreneurial adventure. It aims to connect the country’s innovation ecosystem to strengthen the Malagasy entrepreneurial fabric.


Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub is an ecosystem that brings together startups, tech experts, financial service providers, investors, entrepreneurs, government, and corporations. The platform has paved the way for fintech companies and commercial service providers across the world to access the African market as well as help young entrepreneurs to do business across borders. 


Latam is a platform that grows startups by helping them learn from the best all in one place. It provides a 16-week seed program for all Spanish speaking companies in Mexico City.


MonacoTech is a platform that brings together people and companies with high growth potential business projects to take advantage of the Monegasque ecosystem and get established in the principality. The company supports the creation and development of new businesses by giving them access to the required skills, environment, and resources.  


SoGal is a global platform that empowers startups and investors by closing the gap in venture capital and entrepreneurship. The site’s mission is to disrupt norms and to encourage diversity across the globe.

Westerwelle Foundation is a platform that offers a program for outstanding startups from developing and emerging countries. The site connects the young founders with their peers across the world and helps them to create an international network and entrepreneurial skills. 


Techleap is a publicly funded non-profit organization helping to accelerate and quantify the tech ecosystem. The firm empowers entrepreneurs and companies to access market, capital, and talent in the Netherlands.  

New Zealand

Nzentrepreneur is an online magazine based in New Zealand for promoting startups, entrepreneurs, and SME business builders. Companies can read articles from this site, take an online course as well as connect with mentors and investors ready to assist in the startup journey.


Co-Creation Hub is a startup platform that has been supporting businesses that are interested in applying technology to solve the community’s problems in Nigeria. The company unearths such companies and individuals as well as help them to bring their products and ideas to life. 

Norway is a platform that offers SEO services to online shops, corporate websites, personal sites, and blogs. The Norwegian company understands that SEO services are the most effective means of promoting startups and other businesses.


JumpStart Pakistan is a movement created by entrepreneurs to create a national robust, sustainable ecosystem for new businesses. The platform holds growing companies intending to establish an entrepreneurial ecosystem that can bring economic prosperity to Pakistan. 


Tap2Pay is a polish platform for startups that links entrepreneurs with partners, investors, mentors, and clients. Further, this company shares the industry experts’ comments and experiences about the Polish startup ecosystem.


REDangels is a platform for startups that support entrepreneurs that finds a problem in the market and establishes a business to build the solution. The company offers its know-how, experiences, and contacts to accelerate these startups.


QSTP is a platform that guides new ventures from all over the world to start their business in Qatar successfully. The company provides startups with a mentorship program and connects them with partners, investors, and customers. 


Startupblink is a comprehensive startup research centre and ecosystem map in the world. It aims to create value for its business community by linking them with resources from different partners across the globe. The platform connects entrepreneurs from 100 different countries like Russia, Israel, and Canada, among others.

Saudi Arabia

Flat6Labs Jeddah is a startup accelerator that provides an environment that fosters, supports, and invests in passionate and bright entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The platform supports these new ventures and strives to create employment in the Saudi market. 


GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator is a platform that builds synergies between mobile operators and startups. The aim of this site is to scale up sustainable and innovative mobile services in emerging markets. 


Startup SG is a platform that was established in 2017 to showcase the vibrant startup ecosystem in the local and international markets. The network supports collaborative and innovative partnerships, thus enabling the tech startups to display themselves in the domestic and foreign ecosystem and increase their opportunities for growth.

South Korea

Punch Digital Marketing is an online advertising agency based in Korea. It helps startups to amplify their story by scaling up their marketing strategies to tap into the Korean market through internet ads.


Startups Real is the second magazine that is published by El Referente, an online journal and specializes in entrepreneurs, startups, and innovation in Spain. The media covers emerging and innovative projects in Spain support internationalization and expansion of these startups and backs major players in the ecosystems such as accelerators, venture capital funds, investors, and incubators.  


Id8 is a virtual space for innovators in Tanzania. The evolving and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem supports startups giving them expertise, education, and an environment that can accelerate their success. 


HUBBA Thailand is a platform for startups. The firm helps young entrepreneurs to prioritize their goals, provide them with like-minded individuals, answers to their tough questions as well as a fun environment. 


StartupIstanbul is a platform that organizes events that links more than 100 startups with world-class investors, mentors, media, and companies in 3 days.  Istanbul has been a magical seal since ancient times, for it brings together West and East. Thus tech companies, startups, executives and investors from more than 65 countries meet in this lovely city every year 


HUBB is an intelligent commerce platform that connects businesses and users across the globe. The podium is a meeting point for service offerings, needs, buying, and selling of different companies across the Middle East, UAE, and internationally. It helps freelancers and companies to stand out and reach potential customers for free.


The Youth Café is a platform that empowers startups from youth. The company offers training, seed funding, online marketing, and advertisement to help these startups reach a wider audience. 


Business Magnet is a UK-based ultimate online business to business digital media publisher. The platform offers free listing for various trade associations and their members, as well as providing them with immediate benefits of advertising. 

SparkSpace is the home for startups. The Spark Business Incubation Hub supports startups by raising the technology profile in areas such as creative media, engineering, and ICT. 

Startups is a leading independent online advice platform that any startups and growing business since 2000. The platform covers everything a new business will need to know, run, buy, or sell a business. 


SocialBoost is a platform that creates collaboration between the startup community and the government with a view of creating a breakthrough and solving national challenges. It trains startups and develops recommendations from international organizations that strengthen businesses.


AngelList is a platform that matches startups with investors. The site has a tech database and allows companies to create a profile and connects with other entrepreneurs.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an old business review platform that connects businesses with customers in the US, Mexico, and Canada. 

Bing Places for Business is the second largest search engine that offers free business advertising opportunity by Microsoft. The platform allows businesses to add multiple features such as business locations, photos, and videos as well as enable them to optimize their ads through Bing Places for Business. 

CrunchBase is an international platform that is accessible by entrepreneurs from different countries across the world. The site host thousands of profiles of companies and people offering various products and services. 

Facebook is one of the best places to start when a startup is promoting its business or website. In the “About” section, the company can provide all vital information about the business as well as choose the right category.

Fokcus is an online ready-to-use mentor matching platform for startups and existing organizations. It has a research-based matching process and is designed for accuracy. The site has created more than 21,000 matches and donated over $1.6 million in services. 

Google My Business is the first place to list a startup since the site offers free advertisement. However, the business has to make an effort to ensure that its website of search engine optimized. The company has the potential of appearing in more than 8 billion searches that are done every day on this site.

LinkedIn is a highly respectable business platform, with more than 450 million users spread across the world. The social network site is business-oriented and provides information about people, where they work, vendors, and partners. 

Quora is a platform that provides answers and information to several reputable leaders and entrepreneurs in the tech industry. Young entrepreneurs can use this forum style platform to draw attention to their business.

Reddit is a platform that offers you the latest news in the digital world, as well as a list of hundreds of awesome startups. You can discuss with other users your business venture, promote your website as well as get good ideas on ways you can improve your startup.

SaaStr is a company that supports web startups interested in making passive income online. The curiously famous platform has a large community of entrepreneurs, funders, and executives, and companies across the world who can access the platform.

TripAdvisor is a platform that information about hotels, apartments, and other tourist attractions in different countries. A startup offering services related to tourism can utilize the platform to advertise to domestic and foreign customers.

Twitter is highly recommended for startups in the tech sector. The platform allows companies to post news about their activities and articles, as well as connect with industry-relevant influencers.

WhitePages is a platform similar to Yellow Pages and avails vital information about businesses spread across the world. Some of the information provided here is identity verification and fraud screening; thus, it’s a crucial site for securing a startup’s reputation as well as promoting its products and services.

Yahoo Local is a search engine that is ranked third after Google and Bing. The site offers businesses a platform of the free basic listing to expand their reach.

Yellow Page is a well-organized online version that has been in existence for decades. The platform offers free listing, and when the startup grows and ready to expand, it can opt for a premium option. 

Yelp is a popular platform for restaurant owners; however, businesses in other industries can use it to do business. A startup can register on this site to create brand awareness and increase visibility. Yet, companies have to monitor customers review regularly.

YouTube is a platform with a phenomenal impact that can help startups to market their business worldwide. The site is accessed by more than 1.3 billion people every day; thus, a free business-building tool. 

I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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