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20+ PowerPoint Design Ideas From SlideTeam to Make Beautiful Presentations

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powerpoint design ideas slide team

There are three responses to a PowerPoint design – yes, no, and WOW! From sales executives to CEOs, the aim is clear as everyone wants to prepare a design that encourages repeatability, efficiency, and creates a WOW experience for the audience.

An actionable PowerPoint idea must represent minimal animations & transitions, have a cohesive color pattern, and contextualized visuals. But how can an individual create a combination of these features and put across a succinct presentation template?

In today’s hustling work environment, this process can become intimidating. But fret not! SlideTeam is here, with the world’s largest collection of 2 million+ best PowerPoint templates.

powerpoint design ideas slideteam

 Presentation design inspiration from SlideTeam

SlideTeam has held a significant section of the presentation design and research industry for 11 years. It is trusted by 83% of the Fortune 500 companies for their presentation needs due to the presence of 100,000 exclusive research topics.

This online platform makes PowerPoint presentations easier to access without any professional design knowledge. SlideTeam creates 1000+ attractive and dynamic presentation decks regularly with the help of skilled graphic designers. They apply their expertise on each slide adaptive to every printing, publishing, and digital framework. Additionally, their pre-designed presentation templates can be easily edited with the required text, font size, format, visuals, information, and color scheme.

So without further ado, let’s dive into 20+ most popular PowerPoint design ideas from SlideTeam to nail your presentations. You can pick from them based on the content of your presentation.

 Design 1

This puzzle PowerPoint presentation example unfolds brilliant and colorful graphics that can be used to feature multiple business icons. So you can download it right away to depict your brand’s market share, strategy, USP, and more. Click on the image to get started!


Design 2

This stunning presentation template is designed to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. You can select this design to put your change management strategy or plan in place. Furthermore, it illustrates a perfect color palette presenting a combination of blue, white, green, and orange. The best part is you can customize it multiple times as per your information. Therefore, download this interesting deck immediately!


Design 3

Balancing visual content with text is not easy, but SlideTeam is ready for all the challenges. Here’s a well-structured business process template that creates a camaraderie of text and the background. You can pick it to represent your process approach, practice, key indicators, and partnership. So download this PPT design and captivate your audience.


Design 4

When a new business is asked to present all the critical information concisely, things can turn messy. But with SlideTeam’s startup business plan template, you can conveniently share your idea and story with the investors, managers, and stakeholders. This powerful presentation template includes 80 well-researched slides. So you can select it and represent your startup presentation idea!


Design 5

This is another crisp, clear, and convincing startup pitch deck including 60 invigorating slides. You can use this out-of-the-box design to attract funding for your unique idea or product. So download it without any hassle by purchasing SlideTeam’s unlimited subscription and encourage yourself on the path to success. Good luck!


Design 6

If you wish to provide a broad overview of a sequence of events in time our strategic roadmap template is the correct design. It includes a timeline diagram depicting the sequence of events. You can download it to convey your information in a simple, systematic, and clean manner. Rest assured as the PPT template does not include any frills or unnecessary additions. Therefore, download it instantly!


Design 7

This professional PowerPoint template will help you turn your strategies and plans into actions, thereby accomplishing your objectives and goals. The implementation process given in the presentation will serve as an exciting way to maintain continuity. This PPT design is a more inviting approach for visual learners than a text-heavy slide riddled with bullet points. Therefore, grab it and get going!

g 1

Design 8

SlideTeam presents this template design to depict powerful diagrams and modern typography. You can select it and showcase your strategic vision for groups, including businesses and teams. Additionally, this is one of SlideTeam’s most downloaded templates. Therefore, incorporate this simplistic presentation to call out the McKinsey 7s strategic management concept. This will surely help you deliver on all expectations.


Design 9

You can use this job interview presentation example for focusing on your achievements and incorporating a visual element. This presentation by SlideTeam features all the colors, graphs, information, and charts in the right place. So download and use it to your advantage.


Design 10

If you want your audience to identify each character without any miss, pick this invigorating presentation idea template. You can use it to motivate and lead your team to achieve all the project goals within the given constraints. The design includes well-thought-out graphs, tables, charts, timelines, plans, and more. So grab it!


Design 11

You can track and measure your KPIs with this attractive dashboard presentation design. This design includes a table, graph, and pie-chart, uploaded after thorough research. So pick it and manage your organizational risks smoothly. Download it right now!


Design 12

This is another most downloaded template used by business professionals to illustrate a transition process. This colorful and eye-catching design covers the five critical stages of a transition process. You can easily edit it by replacing the text given in the boxes.


Design 13

You can use this template to illustrate the project management timeline with a Gantt chart. The design is specially curated to help you manage your work effectively and accomplish the deadline regularly. You can also duplicate the number of years, so download and ace your presentation.


Design 14

You can use this balanced PowerPoint graphic with great background images, perfect font size, and appropriate contrast. Download it and highlight key metrics for a process, plan, strategy, or event. The color of the background gives the text just enough contrast to stand out.


Design 15

You can use this PowerPoint design to depict your business traffic, user type, number of visits, bounce rate, and more. The presentation format of this slide makes it look less buttoned up.


Design 16

You can incorporate this PowerPoint design to help your managers and team leaders understand the importance of leadership. You can further utilize it and share a few tips with them to influence and guide their subordinates or other members of the organization. Therefore, download it right away!


Design 17

You can pick this excellent presentation to put across your ideas and facilities. This innovative complete deck will help you break the monotony and make your presentation easy to grasp. Therefore, download it and create an actionable digital transformation plan.


Design 18

With this template design, you can administer your business activities to create the highest level of efficiency. Its clever combination of fonts, colors, and information will help you accomplish your business goals. So grab once and use it multiple times!


Design 19

You can use this uncluttered PowerPoint template to represent a meticulous business plan executive summary. The design is simple, attractive, and detailed; so download it without any second thoughts.


Design 20

You can select this template to help your audience get insights into the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. The design has a creative look and is devised after a thorough study. Therefore, download it and emphasize the specific applications of AI, including expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision.


Design 21

You can illustrate the various business process management tools with this presentation template. This PowerPoint presentation example includes the four critical steps – plan, do, check, and act. So download it and aim for continuous improvement in your organization.


Design 22

You can employ this template to put across the features of your product crucial to meet the stakeholder’s needs. So rather than using the same old stock of photos, implement this unique and refreshing presentation. Download now and boost your project’s value.


Design 23

This is the best timeline PowerPoint presentation example that illustrates a five-year timeline. You can easily download it and adjust the font, text, formatting, colors, and more. You can also put your company logo in the design. Therefore, grab it and compare your previous year’s results.


Design 24

This template will help your investors, job interviewers, or superiors understand your personal goals and vision. So download it and replace the text with your information. Get set, go!

Design 25

You can use this popular digital transformation template to use technology for creating new or modifying existing business processes, culture, and customer experience. Therefore, grab it instantly and meet the changing business and market requirements.


P.S: You can master your PowerPoint presentations by contacting SlideTeam’s design services wing here.


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