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25 Best Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress

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Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress

Many website owners opt for WordPress lead generation plugins because they help them collect high-quality leads to grow their email list quickly.

In fact, having a high-converting landing page alone is not enough because you need to grow your service subscribers list or potential buyers of your products.

So then here are 25 lead generation plugins for WordPress, reasons why you should consider them and what to look for when choosing them and mobile lead generation.

Why You Need a Lead Generation Plugin

Growing an email list can be challenging and time-consuming. The fact that users are bombarded with several offers, advertisements and squeeze pages makes it a huge challenge for site owners to collect a lot of information from them. So, today’s users have become immune to brands seeking their email addresses or phone number.

However, you can use a lead generation plugin to navigate this challenge.

Helps to Grow Your Email List: You need a tool that will effectively cut through the noise and make you stand out. A good lead generation plugin should quickly get you more leads in less time.

Bring in Better Quality Leads: A lead generation plugin should allow you to use advanced target rules to present your message to the right website’s traffic because it’s more likely to become a paying client.

Drive More Revenue: Running an email marketing campaign using an email list with better leads improves the deliverability rate. That means more people are likely to see your emails, respond to them and make purchases to them.

What to Look for When Choosing a Lead Generation Plugins

Your choice of lead generation plugins can enhance or diminish your efforts. Here are some tips to help you pick the best lead generation plugins for WordPress.

Lead Capture Form Positioning Options: Your lead capture form’s location and position on your website affect the conversion rate. However, choosing a tool that offers the desired positioning options is vital. For instance, you can pick a popup, a two-step opt-in, or in-content form.

Add Integrations: The role of lead generation plugins is to help you not only capture leads but also to add them into your list management tool or CRM. This can be Sales Hub, CRM, or any other management tool. Therefore it’s important to make sure that your plugin is integratable.

Customizable Fields: The number of fields should match the conversion rate for a lead capture form to be effective. It’s important to understand that a shorter form can mean a higher conversion rate or less qualified leads. Each tool that you pick should be able to collect adequate information that you need to qualify a lead. For instance, a simple lead capture form allows you to collect just a name and email, but a customizable one allows you to add more fields as needed. Therefore, keep an eye on these three features while browsing plugins.

The Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO)

This is known as the best search engine optimization (SEO) plugin across the world and so a perfect lead generation tool.

Organic content marketing tops in driving new leads because it helps rank the site on search engines such as Google.

Small businesses and startups lack the budget and time to learn every detail about SEO and their competitors.

However, installing the AIOSEO plugin can help optimize your posts and site’s pages in order for them to rank on Google. This will drive traffic to your website and add more leads to your email list.

To help you get started, the plugin has features such as easy installation and setup, schema markup, SEO audit checklist, TruSEO on-page analysis and more.


Elegant Themes’ email opt-in plugin enables you to capture email leads using forms such as slide-ins, pop-ups, in-content forms, and content lockers. For instance, your lead capture forms can appear when your readers leave a comment.

Although Bloom is a popular plugin, it doesn’t allow site owners to create their own form; instead, it enables them to customize an existing one. It also limits the amount of information you can get from your site visitors.

On the other hand, it gives your team a friendly dashboard where they can track lead growth, view analytics and run A/B tests.


The lead capture plugin was formerly Scroll Triggered Popups. It’s popular for creating simple forms that are displayed as slide-ins or popups on the site.

These forms get triggered when users scroll down or appear based on exit intent or time on site.


The lead capture plugin enables users to collect phone numbers from their site visitors. It does that by displaying a widget prompting potential leads to leave their phone number so that they can be called back immediately or at a future date.

Other additional information you collect using this lead capture plugin are names and email addresses.

Still, you can integrate it with Google Analytics to view call histories as well as evaluate the performance of each call for every traffic source at the website.

Elementor Pro

The page builder plugin for WordPress can help you build lead capture pages and forms. The tool provides a drag and drop builder interface to help you create pages and posts on your website. In fact, you can create standalone landing pages.

Using a Popup Builder implemented through Elementor pro and with the same interface, users can design and display their popups at any location on their site.

Still, with its form widget, users can build custom forms with several fields in order to capture leads. Next, they can connect the forms to Zapier, which transfers the data to their favorite CRM for segmentation and tagging.


The plugin allows you to add and customize the layout of your form using the drag and drop builder. Such a form has many fields, thus interactive and captures a lot of details from potential leads. Aside from boosting engagement Forminator’s lead capture forms generate more conversions.

The plugin enables you to create interactive quizzes, polls, take orders, make calculations, and accept payment, among others. Still, you can integrate it with more than 1,000 apps, several tools and multiple categories, including CRM, email, project managers and storage.

Gravity Forms

This is a general WordPress form plugin, and so you can use it to create different types of lead capture forms.

To help you get started, the plugin provides you with over 30 custom field types that you can use to capture key details from the lead and a drag and drop form builder.

A Partial Entries add-on is an extension that enables you to collect information from your leads without filling the form.

The plugin automatically saves the form submissions in your dashboard on WordPress, and you can integrate it with CRMs, email marketing services and help desks.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin

The tool helps you develop an inbound marketing strategy to generate leads with and grow your email list.

Some of its lead-generating features are chatbots and live chats, popups, forms and email marketing. Chatbots and live chats can help you provide proactive support and automate the process of capturing leads from new website visitors. This happens without your intervention, such as when performing other tasks or sleeping.

The HubSpot WordPress Plugin can help you build signup forms, quizzes, popups, and lead magnet form that captures information required when growing an email list.

Interestingly these forms are customizable, and so you can design them in a manner that captures the exact information you need or match your brand.

Further, the tool’s email marketing automation enables you to engage new subscribers as well as nurture them. In addition, you can use CRM-powered customer information to send personalized emails and auto-responses.

Holler Box

While this simple lead capture plugin can be used in different WordPress sites, it mostly targets Easy Digital Downloads stores and WooCommerce.

Slide-ins and popups are some of the seven different types of lead capture forms that you can create using Holler Box. It also has a unique option faux live chat widget which, although it appears like a live chatbox it is a tool to capture leads. With it, you can capture your site visitor’s email address and message. Next, you can connect these details to your custom HTML form or a popular email marketing service, email yourself, or receive an email notification.


This is a marketing plugin for WordPress featuring customizable popups, embeds, slide-ins and social sharing bars. These have a wide range of display options such as visitors logged-in status, categories or tags, posts or pages, referring website, device, country, specific URLs, whether the visitor commented before, the number of times the visitor has been spotted, and 404 page.

Your opt-ins and in-content ads can appear before your content, after or both. Still, you can use widgets and shortcodes to display them in specific locations.

Hustle is unique because these features and integration are available even in its free version. Also, Zappier is one of its 18+ integrations.

Lead Champion

The plugins target all leads that leave your site after completing and submitting a form or not. Each visitor is assigned a score according to their behavior when navigating your website. These numbers help you to evaluate your campaign effectiveness, prospects and more.

Further, you can use this tool to generate forms aligned to your branding and a website to the configuration panel.

You can integrate this plugin with other tools to enhance its capabilities. These are Zapier, MailChimp, and CRMs.


This is a live chat support software that helps you to engage potential customers and leads. The WordPress generation plugin is helpful when your site has tons of visitors but low conversions. Talking to them in real-time and asking why they’re not subscribing can help identify the problem and correct it early enough.

Additionally, you can integrate LiveChat with other email marketing tools to help you grow the email list. Still, your agents can easily chat with the audience via desktop, mobile or tablet.


The email marketing plugin enables you to send various newsletters from your WordPress dashboard and grow subscriptions.

Linking your order forms and contact forms with your email marketing list helps you capture subscribers using a single form rather than multiple ones. The next step is to generate and send custom newsletters to your customers

Further, the tool automatically notifies subscribers every time you publish a blog post, thus turning the leads to regular readers.

When connected to an online store, MailPoet automatically sends follow-up emails to customers to encourage them to repurchase or keep them updated so that they can continue coming back for more.


The best Google Analytics plugin helps you understand your audience. The tool helps you monitor the site and demographic data, thus generating healthy leads you need to grow your business.

So you can access the entire data on your WordPress dashboard when you install MonsterInsights. This includes valuable information like users, bounce rates, sessions, top posts, custom conversions, the location of your users, the device they are using and more.

Such details help you improve your marketing strategy for paid ads, organic and social media, as well as develop a lead generation strategy based on facts rather than gut feeling.

Ninja Forms

This WordPress plugin works like Gravity Forms and WPForms. The tool allows you to use the drag and drop feature to create your custom forms and connect them to different CRMs, email marketing services, Webhooks or Zapier.

Additionally, the plugin enables you to create other forms such as Email opt-in forms, contact forms, surveys and polls.

OnePress Opt-In Panda

This lead capture plugin works differently because it locks some parts of the content, and the visitor has to enter their email address on the lead capture form to unlock the content.

Installing a premium version of the OnePress Opt-In Panda allows you to collect more information from the potential lead as well as access advanced features like analytics and lead management dashboard.

Because the plugin wraps the restricted content using a short code, you can choose to restrict more or less content.

Optin Forms

The free lead capture plugin is perfect for creating simple email opt-in forms and linking them with iContact, AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, MadMimi, ConvertKit and Interspire Email Marketer.

The tool has five different templates that you can select from, customize them in terms of color and text in order to blend well with your branding and site.

Next, you can automatically add your lead capture form in every blog post or select your preferred location and time to include the forms.


This lead generation plugin enables you to qualify your lead and grow the email list because it’s goal-based to campaign creation.

To get started, you can choose your marketing goal, the preferred popup template and then take your campaign live.

Some of the popups that you can create are floating bars, sidebar widgets, notification bars, fullscreen overlays and gamification popups.

Additionally, you can use different methods that this tool has to trigger time-delay, exit intent, device-based and page-based popups. With the re-targeting options menu, you can display popups to your repeat visitors after several days.

Therefore, you can make several customizations using this user-friendly What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. Still, you can make your animation eye-catching with animation options like flip-in and fade-in and zoom.

Constant Contact, MailChimp, HubSpot and AWeber are some platforms that you can easily integrate with Optinly.


This is rated as the best lead capture popup form plugin for WordPress because it enables you to create unique and optimized opt-in forms for high conversion rates, vital for growing your list cost-efficiently. In fact, your list will have warm leads irrespective of the marketing channel used to drive traffic to your site.

The plugin allows you to easily and quickly build a professional campaign that consists of floating bars, sidebar forms, popups, fullscreen welcome mats, lightbox popups, slide-ins, exit-intent popups, etc.

Anyone can use OptinMonster with or without design or coding experience to create stunning campaigns in a few minutes.

You can start your marketing campaign by selecting your preferred template from the over 50 pre-built templates. Next, customize the campaign messaging, look and offer using an inline editor and add a new feature such as video, image, and chatbot using drag and a drop.


Through this WordPress plugin, a site owner can send push notifications to subscribers. The advantage of this is that you can have instant and direct communication between you and your qualified leads who are unwilling to give out their email address.

There is no need of asking for personal information from your site visitors when using PushEngage because they can start receiving instant notifications on their browser when they click ALLOW.

Because of that, it’s easier to grow your list of push notifications subscribers compared to a mailing list. On the other hand, its unsubscription rate is also high, and so you should integrate it with a tool that converts these subscribers into leads.

Therefore, you can pair PushEngage with a tool like OptinMonster to enhance your lead generation. Next, use this push notification list to send your subscribers updates, offers or product launches, thus driving more sales.


This is the best tool for users that wants to create online contests and make them viral. Therefore, the plugin enables site visitors to engage in activity in order to win a prize.

These activities include:

  • Visiting your website
  • Following you on social media
  • Joining a newsletter
  • Reading a blog post
  • Referring a friend

Since the tool has a generous amount of templates, users can get started very fast. The first step is to install the plugin and create a viral contest. Your list of qualified leads will be entirely based on the prize you have set for your audience.

The plugin’s notable features are social media integrations, mobile-friendly and responsive contests, viral giveaway templates, drag and drop giveaway builder and more.


The tool is ranked the number one landing page builder for WordPress as well as the best lead generation plugin.

Generally, landing pages influences the number of qualified leads that you can add to the email list.  So, installing SeedProd can help you build high-converting and professional landing pages.

Further, the tool has several templates, thus helping you to get started in a few minutes. It also has an inline text editor and a drag and drop builder that ensures your landing page functions as it should.

Additionally, you can integrate your landing page with marketing tools and email service providers (ESP) to help add your leads to your contact list.

Thrive Leads

This WordPress plugin enables you to collect email addresses via different opt-in types such as “sticky” ribbons, slide-ins, lightbox popups, inline forms, screen fillers, scroll/welcome mate, 2-step opt-ins, and content lockers.

Additionally, you can make everything on this form types your own using drag-and-drop builder and built-in templates.

Also, the tool has a SmartLinks feature which makes it different from other plugins and enables you to display different forms based on the location of your audience. In other words, you can email different forms to your audience than what is available on your homepage.


This is the best notification bar plugin that generates leads because it shows your site visitors notifications as they browse. Such notifications are vital because they encourage them to take action now.

A notification pops up when a particular product in your online store attract traffic, a visitor checks out on your store or signs up for a subscription.

Since the tool is flexible, you can customize it to show the picture of the product they have purchased or the map of their location.

As a result, the majority of popular eCommerce platforms use the TrustPulse plugin and can easily integrate with WooCommerce.


It is considered the best form building plugin in the market because it allows you to customize different forms on your site in order to increase engagement, conversions and sales.

With this plugin, you can easily create professional and reliable forms within a few minutes because it has a variety of templates for contact, payment, survey, newsletter, registration forms and more.

Still, the WPForms have different add-ons that allow you to integrate it with other marketing tools, such as connecting forms in the website with your email service provider (ESP).

Mobile Lead Generation

Mobile browsing has recorded a significant increase in recent years due to the accessibility of the internet and smartphones. Actually, more than 70% of the online time is through mobile browsing, so you shouldn’t ignore these visitors.

Here are pro tips to get started with mobile lead generation.

Offer SMS Text Message Marketing: This involves sending promotional notifications and offers to potential leads and existing customers via text messaging. The aim is to invite them back to the website to make purchases using mobile devices. Exit intent popup is the best lead capture option because it gets them when they’re leaving.

Increase the Website Speed: A slow website speed causes mobile leads to exit quickly. It will have a negative impact on both mobile lead generation and the bottom line. Therefore, test the speed of your mobile website using tools like Think with Google and then make necessary adjustments.

Choose a Minimalist WordPress Theme: The mobile screen space is smaller compared to that of a computer. Creating a complex layout with bulky themes can scare away potential leads, thus negatively affecting the overall mobile lead generation. Instead, opt for premium WordPress themes because it gives mobile browsers a lightning-fast website.

Install Popup: Email popups can help you capture mobile users and thus grow your email list. They are easy and effective ways of adding new subscribers and generating mobile leads.

Improve Your Mobile SEO: You can optimize for local SEO and voice search. Actually, the local SEO is a perfect choice when you have a physical business.

Try Pay per Click (PPC) Ads: This campaign can strengthen your mobile lead generation efforts because, in most instances, mobile users click on the first three paid ads compared to desktop users.

Make Your Forms Responsive: A responsive form looks great on any device. For a mobile user, the form perfectly adapts to the screen regardless of its resolution. It should be similar to the one on the laptop or tablet.

Follow Up Appropriately: Whether the visitors filled a contact form on mobile, desktop or anywhere else, they should be followed up. You can do this by integrating the lead generation form with CRM software and email marketing services. Also, you can segment your mobile leads and run a special email campaign just for them.

Track the Conversions: Monitoring leads generated using mobile forms is vital because it helps you see what works best for this target audience. MonsterInsights is a perfect tool for your WordPress form conversions. Also, you can track form views, conversion rates and submissions using its forms add-on. Still, this WordPress analytics plugin enables you to compare the desktop and mobile audiences’ conversion rates.

Encourage Phone Calls: This allows you to engage your site visitors. The business phone number should be clickable to enable them to connect with you easily. WordPress Call Button is a free plugin that can make phone numbers clickable.

Save Partial Entries: Although long forms are ideal for capturing highly qualified leads, they are not the best when it comes to mobile conversions because they shrink signup rates. Generally, people quit halfway when filling long forms, but you can save partial entries using the Forms Abandonment add-on of WPForms. Next, you can follow up with those interested mobile prospects even though they didn’t complete the form entirely.


The list of lead management plugins for WordPress can be endless because there are a ton of available options.

The good news is that you can combine multiple plugins in order to get the best results. Still, you can subscribe to a free course from these providers to enable you to build a unique WordPress website for both mobile and desktop target audiences.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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