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5 Failsafe Steps To Achieve A Consistent Startup Marketing Growth

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While most startup entrepreneurs have brilliant and novel ideas, not all have a successful business endeavor. Usually, insufficient startup marketing strategies are the leading cause of startup failure. Without strategic advertising and marketing, a product or service is bound to fail regardless of how brilliant it is.

There are several tips to choose a marketing partner out there, but this article discusses the 5 primary startup marketing considerations that professional business marketing consultants recommend.

Let’s find out what they are!

  1. Situational Analysis

For every business aspect, situational analysis is essential in making the right decision. The first step in implementing and achieving situational analysis for startups is market research. In addition, market research is the deciding factor in structuring your marketing plan

Furthermore, you can determine the effectiveness of your market research and make immediate solutions if the plan doesn’t achieve desired results.

Also, market research results provide inputs for situational analysis. It is a realistic business assessment, defining potential markets, assessing competitors, and evaluating projected growth.

SWOT analysis – strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats are useful in situational analysis. Usually, the internal evaluation of the business requires strengths and weaknesses, while the external factors need opportunities and threats.

Creating your SWOT analysis as a matrix model or list of information is advisable. In addition, the SWOT analysis should target specific business objectives and identify factors supporting or hindering those objectives.

  1. Creating Marketing Goals

If there are no marketing goals, creating a marketing team or campaign is useless.

When building a business, treat it as if you are embarking on a vacation – boarding a plane without a plan or destination is unfathomable. Consequently, an ideal startup marketing plan should have clearly defined business and marketing goals.

When creating marketing goals, it is best to ask what goals you expect to achieve within a year of operation? Two years? And five years?

Your startup marketing plan establishes a milestone by having an end goal and achieving it. Every goal achievement allows your startup to implement other marketing tools and strategies.

  1. Deciding On Your Strategy

There are diverse strategies for a startup marketing plan. Investors are interested not just in your business plan but also in your marketing plan. Therefore, to convince your investors about funding your business, you have to decide on a marketing strategy.

Viral marketing or premier branding is no longer a good enough strategy because of the competitive market. Having a clear marketing plan is not just enough, but it will also offer high returns.

Suggestions to include in a concise marketing plan include building a professional website and adding content marketing. You should also use social media marketing. Digital marketing for startups can help get your customers’ attention. Furthermore, it is best to formulate a lead generation plan and make connections with partners, communities, and referrals.

  1. Strategy Implementation

A crucial factor that separates successful new businesses from the rest is a strategically placed startup marketing plan. Marketing is essential for startups, not just big companies.

A good question to ask is – what is the point of a good strategy if there is no implementation? Letting your startup marketing plan sit renders it useless. Therefore, you must do something with all the strategies you come up with.

You may ask, “how do you implement your marketing strategies?” or “how do you apply marketing efforts to achieve success?”

The answers to these questions include setting the right expectations, building a clear timeline, tracking progress, and communicating results. Monitoring and checking in regularly and celebrating success can also help in achieving success

  1. Performance Reviews

Startup marketing performance reviews are critical in understanding what works and what doesn’t-for example, you can understand what works by answering questions like which medium generates good results, which ones should you remove, or should you cut down the budget?

Understanding why a strategy performs well is essential. It helps with replicating success in the future. For instance, after crafting an extensive lead generation guide that increases the influx of potential customers, studying the strategy and taking notes of important factors can help with your future campaigns.

Strategies that don’t work, on the other hand, will require consistent evaluation. For instance, evaluating your audience’s response is vital if you promote products or services by running social marketing campaigns. Working on your content and graphics may improve the audience’s response to posts that get few responses.

A considerable advantage of performance reviews is that you get to understand what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, you can optimize your strategies to achieve better results.


You should discard the mindset of startup owners that if you build, customers will come. Your profit depends on the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Also, valuing your business before allowing others to value your products or services is advisable.

Furthermore, with the competitive market, spending time with impractical marketing strategies is futile. All you need for a successful startup is a well-executed marketing plan and the appropriate resources.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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