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5 Mistakes To Avoid In Choosing The NFT Project For Investment Purposes

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Does the world of NFTs seem full of gorgeous art and vibrant communities to you? Apparently, it does! But, when you actually dive into the NFT space, you’ll find that most of the hyped NFTs are overloaded with scams yet the industry’s development remains unabated.

Before spending money in new initiatives or communities, I would suggest that you should get into the nitty gritty of NFT projects that looks appealing to you before investing. Also, establishing connections with your friends and people in the sector will guide you to choose right NFTs and avoid mistakes that most newbies make.

If you’re really intrigued to invest in your chosen NFTs, just hold on! Your haste can make waste in a moment. Therefore, before you invest your hard-earned dollars or Eth, learn about the space for free and prevent frequent mistakes made by novice NFT purchasers with

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying NFTs

1. Cheap Will Make You Cry Over And Over

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If you really want to try your luck in NFTs, don’t think to invest your hard-earned money on cheap NFTs. I know that the most popular NFT projects are excessively expensive, leading fans to seek out newer, less-priced NFTs. However, many of these ventures are either frauds or will fail.

It happens that many bluechip NFTs are traded for a few hundred Eth, which is worth tens of thousands of dollars. So, newbies like you scroll down the rankings page and purchased more inexpensive NFTs at cheaper rates. Later, they discover that these NFTs were dormant projects.

Purchasing the right NFTs is not an easy job, but NFT Guide has made it easy for you. If you wish to purchase an NFT, take a look at the NFT Guide where you can correctly examine and gain the essential tracks about the NFTs and this will make it easy for you to make the right investment decisions.

2. Buying NFTs From Scam Link

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Cybercriminals take advantage of the hype around an NFT collection by disseminating bogus links to mint or sell NFTs. Buyers may flock to them and have their wallets entirely depleted. But, you have to be cautious about those scammers. Remember! Only utilize links that have been shared directly by the project’s management team. Be especially cautious on Discord, where hackers are becoming increasingly widespread.

3. Investing in illiquid NFTs

An NFT collection can have numerous benefits, applications, and unique and appealing art pieces while still failing to attract anybody. If you see a low interest for a collection that you invested in, you will discover only yourself with an NFT project that no one will purchase, even if the price has dropped.

It’s also conceivable that you choose to acquire a rare item of a collection, and the floor price has significantly grown after your purchase, but you still can’t sell your NFT at a fair price. Indeed, uniqueness has caused you to lose liquidity: fresh purchasers are fleeing, and no buyer is eager to invest in your NFT? In this scenario,  you will need to reduce your selling price, sometimes even approaching the minimal price to find a purchaser as soon as possible.

4. Investing In NFTs For Short-Term

Unless you know what you’re doing, NFTs do not fluctuate rapidly.  Consider Bitcoin when it initially appeared in the late 2000s.

If you’re confident in an NFT, consider it a long-term investment, even if the floor price goes up. It has the potential to become a potential bluechip project. Even one bluechip NFT can recoup the losses of many hundred others.

5. Not Securing Your NFTs


There are several posts on Twitter from NFT holders screaming about being hacked or defrauded out of their investments. Don’t make this blunder. Buy a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano X or Trezor to secure yourself and your JPGs and cartoons. Then, only someone with direct access to the device or your confidential seed phrase can shift tokens from your wallet.

Transfer more precious NFTs to your hardware wallet and mint through a software wallet, creating a form of barrier between your short & long-term investments. Invest in and utilize antivirus and VPN software as well. And never save your seed in an easily accessible spot on your phone or computer.

My Advice!

You have to completely understand the evolving NFT space in order to get plenty of advantages from it. You should not be hasty in making financial decisions. After all, it is a matter of money. And don’t put all of your resources in NFTs. Be vigilant and invest wisely to avoid any loss in the future.


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