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5 Must-Haves Things for A Cat Owners

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Things for A Cat Owners

Are you planning to bring a new cat or kitten to your home? But before you bring this furry angel to your home, you have to do some preparation. You have to buy some products so that they can feel comfortable at your home.

You have to collect several things or buy them, so your cat will feel like a family member than an outsider. You have to do this a few days before in advance. So that it will release pressure from you on “big day”. It might happen that you forgot to buy the cat food, in the excitement of bringing your cat home.

To avoid that last-minute emergency you can buy cat supplies at PETstock.

Here is the list of 8 must-have things for every cat owner.

Food And Water Bowl:

You can feed your cat with any ceramic or stainless steel bowl you have in your kitchen. But it’s better to provide her own dishes. You should not be using plastic dishes for cats, as some cats may develop chin rash from the plastics. Plastic dishes can be dangerous since they can be easily contaminated.

So for the safety of the cat, you can buy non-tip stainless steel bowls available for pets. If you have a hectic job schedule and you will not be at home for long periods during the day, then automatic food and water servers are a nice option for your cat. Since most cats love the pure and fresh taste of running water, your cat is going to love this automatic water dispenser.

Cat Toys:

The more you interact with kittens and cats and play with them, the better they will sleep. Studies show that cats are social animals and they like to develop a stronger bond with their owners. Cats develop a stronger bond with their owner through socialization and play.

Kittens and cats are naturally playful. So you should get some interesting toys for your cats, so they will be socialized and develop a stronger bond with you. There are a variety of toys you can get, such as a peek and play toy box, feather wand, chew toys, fishing pole and dangling lure etc.

The Cat Carrier:

There would be many occasions where you have to carry your cat with you. So every cat owner must have a cat carrier.

You should not try to transport a cat without a cat carrier. Cats are not the best travellers, so you must have a cat carrier. If you plan to take your cat on a road trip or you have an appointment with a vet, so a Cat Carrier is a must.

Before buying a cat carrier you should be careful about what material it is made of. You should buy a safe and sturdy cat carrier made of plastic with a locking door on the front.

Litter box:

For your indoor and outdoor cats choosing a litter box can be very crucial. You have a choice to choose a variety of litter boxes. Besides the traditional litter box, A self-cleaning litter box is also available. A self-cleaning litter box has a mechanism of collecting litter after used by cats. There is also cat litter box furniture, in which the box is enclosed in what looks like a cabinet or end table.

You should be careful about the litter box size. For grown cats, you should get a high sides litter box. For kittens, your litter box should be low enough so they can easily enter. There are various kinds of litter boxes available and the plant-based kind is considered to be the safest.

Make sure you keep a mat under the box to catch the stray litter. You can easily find the mats at any pet store.

Scratching Posts:

Cats have a natural tendency to scratch, whether you like it or not. You should invest in scratching posts.

Scratching Post can be simple or fancy as you like. If you are good with tools then you can assemble one yourself. Make sure the scratching post has a strong base to keep it from toppling over. The Post height should match your Cat’s height, as a cat has a habit of stretching while scratching.

Some fancy scratching posts have scent applied to attract your cats. If you are on a tight budget, you should go for a cardboard scratcher.

Wrapping Up:

You need to buy some materials before you bring your new Cat home. Most of the new owners are clueless about what they need to do for their new pet. It’s your job to keep them happy, comfortable and entertained.

Before you bring your cat home, try to play with your new cat where he is currently living. This will help him to get familiar with your smell in familiar surroundings. Make sure you carry some favourite items with his scent on them with you. Such as his favourite towel or Toy. Having a familiar scent can help him adjust rapidly in your house.


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