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5 reasons to gain a basic knowledge of first-aid

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basic knowledge first aid

Some life skills are non-negotiable. You need to have its knowledge to sail through life smoothly. Some of them include cooking, driving, managing your finances, doing taxes, etc. Not learning these skills can prove to be a big disadvantage for you in life.

So many people spend most of their lives not knowing these basic life skills. It is unfortunate because these can be life-saving skills as well. But talking of life-saving skills, knowledge of first-aid is also a must. This can save a life at the moment.

First aid is the immediate help given to an injured person before they reach the hospital. Sometimes it can be too late by the time they reach the hospital. This can prove fatal. With knowledge of first aid can have the power of saving lives without being a doctor.

But it is sad to see that most people lack this basic skill. Schools don’t teach the tools to children that are actually of worth in real life. How many people can perform CPR? How many people are taught how to save a drowning person or someone suffering from a heart attack?

These skills can be so important when imparted at a young age. We should strive to be as independent as possible. But it is never too late to acquire these skills. So, get yourself enrolled in related courses from platforms like CPD Institute. But are you still wondering why is learning first aid so useful? This article gives you five reasons!

Save a life : We humans are here to save each other – both philosophically and pragmatically. We must look out for fellow humans. Not just that, sometimes we even find injured animals. It is basic for humanity to try and lessen their pain.

First aid will help reduce bleeding if there is a cut. Basic knowledge of first aid helps minimize a lot of damage. In most cases, this can prove to be the dealbreaker.

Identify an attack : Human body gives a lot of signs before it collapses. But we ignore them. This is because we don’t know our bodies that well. Gaining knowledge of first aid caters to that lack. Fatal incidents like heart attack, stroke can be avoided if one knows how to deal with the situation.

Most times these diseases become fatal because the signs were dismissed. Knowing and understanding these signs will help you to identify these signs and take steps when required.

Job opportunities : Considering how few people know about first aid, you will be unique if you bring this skill along in the job you seek. This is an added skill that most people don’t care to learn. Thus, this will give you a heads-up when you’re looking for a job. This will be especially so when you seek a job in the frontline sectors.

This reflects your ability to care for people around you. This is a characteristic that companies look for in their employees. People are learning the importance of first aid knowledge in the workplace more and more.

Empowers you to help : And because we don’t have any knowledge of first aid, when we face a situation where we are required to help some, we lack confidence. Even if we know in theory, we don’t know how to execute it. This makes us feel very helpless.

We blame ourselves for any potential harm. It is a toxic cycle of emotions. But helping people will make us feel empowered and good. It will empower us to take control of a bad situation and make it alright.

Careful use of kits : A first aid kit comprises several things. But do you know how every element in the kit is used? Most likely not. That is why when an accident occurs, you might end up wasting the kit rather than using it well. This has been the case several times.

The occasion compels us to use the kit. But because we don’t know the right way to use it, we end up wasting it. That is why a proper orientation of the first-aid kit is a must. This will at least help wrap a bandage properly around a wound. A first aid kit is a powerful tool and people must be empowered to use it.


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