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5 Tips To Improve Your Startup Candidate Selection Process

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candidate selection process

Running a new business can be quite daunting. One of the things you want to figure out at the earliest stages is the availability of human capital to supplement your tireless efforts.

As it turns out, the number of people seeking employment every year is high, and not every one of them is employable. So, as a new business looking to employ labor, you have to develop a candidate selection process that guarantees you get the best fit for all available roles.

Truthfully, this may prove to be a bit difficult, especially because you’re just starting your business, and larger firms have the edge over you. However, if you play your cards well, you’ll be able to hire amazing people to work for you.

This article looks at five tips that can help you enhance your candidate selection process as a startup.

Let’s get right into it.

5 sure ways to enhance the recruitment process in your startup

Selecting the best candidates to work in your startup is very crucial. The caliber of people you employ to work with and for you determine to a great extent, the trajectory of your business in the coming years.

Consequently, it is imperative that you carefully work out a selection process that will yield great results.

Below are a few tips you can apply to improve your candidate selection process.

1. Use a candidate selection software

One of the most effective ways of strengthening the recruitment process of your startup is through the use of candidate selection software.

Using candidate selection software simplifies the entire hiring process for you. All you have to do is program the software to suit your recruitment goals and watch it do magic.

A great software you can use for this purpose is TestGorilla. This is the most affordable and intuitive pre-employment test platform on the market. It provides hiring tests for any and every industry making your role in the recruitment process less burdensome.

TestGorilla has over 150 scientifically validated tests that test candidates for job-specific and general skills. Their one-of-a-kind personality and value assessments allow you to know your candidates as people, not simply numbers.

In addition, it gives you as a recruiter an insight into the personality of your prospective candidates. This allows you an opportunity to gauge their psychological, emotional, and intellectual capabilities.

Working with candidate selection software saves you the almost endless time spent reviewing resumes and evaluating interview responses. Furthermore, it gives you an automatic and impartial employment framework.

You also enjoy a seamless screening process that enables you to select the best hands for the roles in question.

Having good candidate selection software automatically improves the quality of your recruitment procedures, saves you time and money, and gives you the best fit for your job positions.

2. Set clear recruitment goals

Another way to improve your selection process is to set clear-cut goals for the candidate. It is extremely important that you determine the hiring needs of your business as early as possible and what you hope to achieve at the end of the process.

To determine your recruitment goals, you have to consider the short and long-term goals of your startup. You must carefully outline the vision you have for your employees and create personas in your mind for the kind of people you want to employ.

How many hands are you willing to hire? What are the available positions? Are these roles gender-specific? How much are you willing to pay as salary? The kind of people you employ will make or mar your business, so you must carefully lay out your employment goals.

After successfully outlining your goals, you also need to develop a working culture for your prospective employees. For example, will the selected candidates have to work remotely or physically? Will it be part-time or full-time?

A great work culture attracts very credible professionals to apply for roles in your company. Likewise, job seekers are encouraged by a positive and promising work culture. Once you can diligently lay out goals for the recruitment process, you will attract your desired choice of candidates.

3. Digitalize the hiring process

Everything in the world today has been made a tad easier with the abundance of digital technologies. However, as a startup looking to employ well, you can leverage these technologies to improve the quality of your selection process.

The world is a global village, and with a couple of clicks, you can interact with anybody at any location. You can benefit from this by conducting the selection process online.

The initial stage of the hiring process can be for them to fill application forms on your website, and the data you collect allows you to learn about each candidate. You can also request them to attach their resumes and cover letters to the form.

Alternatively, you can put up posts on your media pages clearly stating specifications for each role, the documents to be attached, and requesting that they send them to your work email.

Going forward, you can make calls or schedule interviews using Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or any other video platform available. This saves all parties involved the worry of moving across cities to show up for physical interviews.

In addition, you can finalize the employment process through emails or other online platforms such as Linkedin as long as it’s convenient for all parties involved.

To make this work, you have to build a strong and credible online presence for your startup. When participating in a digital selection process, candidates will feel at ease if guaranteed that your startup is active online.

Therefore, you have to optimize your social media pages and boost your website.

4. Stay in constant communication with prospective candidates

A common red flag for job seekers is a strained communication system from prospective employers. You must maintain a good communication relationship with every candidate throughout the recruitment exercise.

The rule here is always to keep them posted. Once a candidate has indicated an interest in your job application process, you owe them a duty to communicate any information that comes up.

At every stage, you should give them feedback on their performance in the previous stage. If they successfully make it to the next stage, also share the requirements they need to progress.

In circumstances where a particular candidate does not make it to the next stage, you should send an email explaining the reasons for the rejection. Often, recruiters cut candidates from the recruitment exercise without informing them, leaving them hopeful for a long time.

As a startup looking to grow your employee base, be humane in your dealings with prospective candidates by constantly communicating with them in the selection process. By doing so, you can create a good brand image.

5. Develop an elimination strategy

Another way to improve the quality of your candidate selection process as a startup is to create an elimination strategy that works.

An elimination strategy is a plan that helps you shortlist candidates easily.

Undoubtedly, many people will apply for your available roles, and a reasonable number of them will be good enough. However, you can effortlessly weed out candidates that seem good enough but are not the right fit with an elimination strategy.

To enable you to make a great elimination strategy, examine your recruitment goals carefully and decipher the elements that should stand your desired candidates out. Coming up with a good elimination strategy may be tasking, but your recruitment process becomes seamless when you have one.

Why you need to employ the best hands as a startup

The need to employ the best hands for your business cannot be overemphasized. You require qualified employees to assist in the successful growth of your startup.

You can come up with the brightest ideas and build a startup from it, but the people you employ to work for you can destroy it in a split second.

It takes hiring people who have the same vision as yourself, are highly focused, and are willing to build with and for you. These are employees who will go to lengths to ensure that they deliver efficiently.

You have to remember that not everyone will be qualified to go through this journey with you, and finding the best hands will require you to go the extra mile. It will require you to change tactics, but it will all be for the best.


When an average person thinks of a startup, the first thing that comes to mind is a business still learning the tricks of the commercial space. They would prefer to work with a larger firm,  more often than not.

While this assumption is true, it does not mean that startups cannot build an excellent and thriving business for themselves. To accomplish this, you have to employ the best hands through a powerful candidate selection process.

The tips we have outlined above will show you how to create a killer candidate selection process in no time. Most importantly, remember to work with an efficient candidate selection tool for an easier, automated, and faster hiring procedure.

Thank you for your time.

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