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5 Ways to Improve Your College Essay Writing

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Essays are among the most challenging obligations in college and students often experience all sorts of issues to create a decent essay. Apart from studying and searching for relevant sources of information that are necessary for a high-quality piece of work, students also need strong writing capabilities to create an essay that would satisfy the demands of their teachers.

Since essay writing is such a challenging assignment for students, we did some research and came up with some interesting pieces of advice that should help you improve the quality of your essay writing in college.

Practice thorough editing

The first and most important rule of any good writing is a detailed editing process because it helps eliminate all mistakes visible to you. Practice at least two or three turns of editing before submitting your paper for review. It’s imperative to avoid spelling mistakes, so focus your attention on typos and autocorrect issues that usually occur with modern writing tools. Keep your sentences long enough to send a clear message but not too long so that the reader gets lost in it. Finally, make sure you’re using proper formatting throughout the text, so everything feels intended and uniform.

Professionals can help improve your work

There’s just so much that a person can do to quickly fix their essay and have it ready for submission in time, especially if the teacher leaves so many comments that it takes hours just to read them all through and understand their meaning. Sometimes, we just don’t have the time to search for better information or construct a more effective structure that explains our topic clearer. After all, we are all human and have our limits.

More and more students choose to hire an academic essay writing service when they need to quickly improve their work but there’s not enough time to do it themselves. Many writing services offer help with citations, editing, and even proofreading of college essays. When more pressing matters require immediate attention, having an online service that would help with menial tasks is the optimal lifeline in college.

Reading makes a good writer

You should now take this suggestion with a pinch of salt or any other condiment because science confirms that reading makes better writers and smarter people. There are numerous reasons why spending time with a book allows us to write better, one of the most obvious reasons is that reading expands our vocabulary. An extensive vocabulary allows one to convey a certain message uniquely, even if that message is old and said numerous times before.

Moreover, with every book we read there’s a chance to learn something new about the people around us, the world we live in, or even get in contact with ideas and views we were unaware of. Reading also helps us detect our own mistakes and helps us avoid repeating them the next time we need to write an essay or any other type of writing.

Write every day as an exercise

Skills require practice to advance, writing skills are not different in any way so regular writing exercises are at the base of good college essay development. Luckily, nowadays blogs and social media platforms allow plenty of room for public speaking, which makes these places a sort of writing skills gym, where students can build their wordsmithing muscles.

Try to make it your daily assignment to write a few sentences about something that concerns you or got to your attention recently. As time goes by, turn sentences into paragraphs and keep writing every day. The more you write, the easier it gets to put your thoughts to paper in a meaningful and engaging way. Furthermore, you will notice that you make fewer spelling mistakes, your punctuation will improve, and your ability to clearly share your message will grow exponentially.

Create optimal writing conditions

Writing a college essay demands focus and attention that often lacks in student dorms with roommates or even at home with family members, so it’s very important to have optimal writing conditions. Make sure you’re in a quiet place when you need to write because even the shortest interruption could break your concentration. Oxygen is also important for brain function, so secure a constant flow of fresh air when you write. Finally, surround yourself with essentials so you don’t have to leave the room or go anywhere until the work is done.


These were some of the most practical pieces of advice for the improvement of college writing skills that will make your college life easier. Having strong writing abilities makes college assignments easier to complete, which makes for a significant portion of academic obligations in college. Go through these tips and implement those that you think would be beneficial for your needs.


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