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5 Websites to Play Online Games During Work Breaks

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Websites to Play Online Games

During work, sitting on a chair and staring at the screen for 8-10 hours is not an easy thing to do, and being realistic, no one can stare at the screen for 8-10 continuously and keep doing their job. Everyone likes to take breaks, every once and then to keep their mind refreshed and also to take their mind off the work and do something fun.

Most people prefer to take breaks and play games during those breaks to keep themselves refreshed. Playing games online has become a thing and you can play all sorts of games online, from action to adventure to puzzle games, all sorts of games are available. If you are looking to play games online during work breaks then here are 5 Websites where you can play all sorts of games online for free:

Hearts is a 24/7, absolutely free gaming-site for playing Hearts. Perfect to refresh the brain, users can play multiplayer or against the computer. Play unlimited games and become a better Hearts player.

It is one of the top websites where you can find tons of games in each category. Whether you are looking for an action game, arcade game, adventure game, or any other game, you will find all sorts of games on this website. Most of the games on there are not very long ones and you can easily finish a game in just a few seconds. Whether you’re looking for a quick .io game or a driving game or an adventure game or any other category, you will find all types of games on Crazy Games. is of the best websites where you can play online games for free during work breaks. The website not only features web games but also has games from mobile phones such as Crossy Roads, Temple Run, Subway Surfers that you can play for free without having to download anything. It is one of the best websites available that has a huge collection of games that can be played online, for free. is another website where you can find games in every category, be it action games, strategy games, .io games, adventure games, or any other category, you will find tons of games in every category. All the games available on are available to be played for free, without the need for downloading anything. If you’re getting bored then is a good website where you can get yourself refreshed by playing different games.

Arkadium Games

Arkadium Games are known for having all types of word and puzzles game. It is a unique website that features puzzle and word games mostly. Although there are other games available on too, this is a website that is featured for its puzzle and word games mostly. Word and Puzzle Games during work breaks can be very helpful and refreshing for the mind & Arkadium is one of those websites that you can try out during work breaks to not only keep yourself entertained but also to refresh your mind with different words and puzzles games.

AARP Games

Just like Arkadium Games, AARP Games also features mostly Word & Puzzle Games. These games are meant to be beneficial for your brain and improve your brain. You will find the popular puzzle games such as Mahjongg, Solitaire, Crosswords, etc on AARP Games and along with this, you will also find all the games featured on Arkadium. Most of the games oN AARP Games are available for free but there are some games that are available for members only and you can become a member by subscribing to one of their subscription plans.

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