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50 Spanish Fintech that will win this year

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Spanish fintech

Spain has more than 620 financial technology (fintech) companies taking a different approach to innovation. The fintech industry is crowded with established brands and cutting-edge startups hence the sector’s exceptional performance.

The article will review some of these exciting startups and companies that have transformed the financial industry by focusing on investment, insurance, loans, savings, money transfer, real estate, eCommerce, and more. These brands are all well worth a follow.

Advancing: The Barcelona-based platform offers rent collection management solutions that guarantee rent collection from multiple properties, protection against defaults or any eventual non-payment of rent by your tenants, and easy liquidity.

Afterbanks: The Madrid-based PSD2 API connects with more than 100k banking products. Companies and individuals use this real-time banking aggregation technology to connect with banks in Spain or other countries. Through this, users can see the movements and balances summarized in a calendar, get alerts and notifications when they are charged commissions. They can also edit their information and insert cash transactions easily.

Anfix: The cloud-based accounting application supports small businesses operating in Spain. The Valladolid-headquartered tools offer users services such as collecting and storing documents, billing, taxation, project management, and more. So small companies can create electronic quotes, orders, invoices and track their billing and payments through this application as well as pay for only what they use.

Aplazame: The Madrid-based consumer credit company offers instant financing services to support your online purchases for education courses, furniture and decorations, fashion and accessories, electronics, sports and outdoors, home appliances, jewelry, and more. Brands can boost their sales using Aplazame because it combines an integrated overtime payment method at the eCommerce checkout together with marketing tools. So the fintech company has simplified financing improve conversion rates, boost sales, reach more customers and increase average order value.

Arbor Fintech: The Madrid-based financial wellness platform operates 360 degrees to help its users save, invest and reduce their debts using a free easy-to-use app. This platform aims to improve people’s financial wellness, which it does by integrating users’ existing banks, which deters them from changing banks. It also helps them set personal saving goals in order to improve their savings, investment and enjoy the debt freedom experience. Users can track their progress using the app as well.

Arboribus: Small and medium-sized enterprises can get suitable funding opportunities using this Barcelona-based financial intermediary. Consolidated companies can get financing through direct loans from institutional and private investors. Also, through its crowdlending platform, users can invest money and earn interest from highly profitable companies while SMEs access funds through alternative channels.

Atani: This is a Madrid-based decentralized exchange platform for crypto. Users can buy or sell different digital currencies, as well as transfer and store tokens on this platform. Further, Atani has multiple tools for managing portfolios and tracking asset performance.

Belvo: The Barcelona-based startup offers open banking API solutions. The platform supports financial institutions targeting users that have linked their bank accounts to an app. Belvo’s solutions include accounting, credit scoring, customer onboarding, personal finance management, etc. These products have features such as fraud and risk management, analytics on spending, account consolidation, and others.

Bdeo: Car and property insurance companies in Madrid can use this platform for it provides AI-based data and motoring solutions. It offers photos and videos as well as the multimedia information analysis required in claim processing fraud detection, geolocation tracker, image recognition, profiling, customer care, and more.

Beseif: The platform secures payment for all purchases between individuals. Generally, the second-hand market is full of scams; however, the software manages the entire process, which involves escrow payments and P2P shipment that includes product verification. Therefore users can easily buy and sell products safely and comfortably.

Bewa7er: The fintech company builder has Indexa Capital which is an automated investment service. Bewa7er fund a VC fund that allows investors to put their money indirectly to certain startups or buy and sell shares with different fund investors. Indexa Lending makes passive investments in the lending marketplaces such as Funding Circle, Ratesetter, and Lending Club.

Bit2Me: The blockchain company has been operating in Spain since 2014, and its goal is to create an entirely digitally tokenized world. The platform is convinced that blockchain technology will reduce costs, time, bureaucracy and bring a high transparency level. It was the first service globally to join cryptoassets and offer advisory services to the UK government and banks.

Bnext: The Madrid-based neo bank for customers has its app-based platform on iOS and Android devices. It offers different banking services such as money transfers, prepaid cards for both offline and online purchases, cash withdrawals, savings, and checking accounts, among others.

Buguroo: This is an Alcobendas-based threat intelligence and application security platform. Its products focus on the application of intelligence on current online threats and AI-based solutions to ensure real-time fraud prevention. Further, this platform applies Machine Learning (MA) in the detection of malware campaigns geared towards content manipulation. Users will get digital forensic analysis and enjoy reduced investigation time, among others.

Captio: The Barcelona-based business travel and expense management platform offers users new savings opportunities and control of their expenses. Thus Captio eliminates manual tasks and prevents fraud by introducing an expense management process into the workflow that is single and paperless.

Clarity: The Madrid –based online platform focuses on social impact-tech projects. Investors can access market research and analytics that help them to make investment decisions. Also, the tool provides alerts and indicators based on social, environmental, and governance factors.

Cleverea: The Barcelona-based insurtech is revolutionizing the insurance sector by innovating coverages, the distribution of insurance, the content, and language of the policies, claims management, compensation payments, customers service, and much more.

Cobee: The Madrid-based online platform simplifies and automates employees’ benefits management. Thus employees and companies can focus on what really matters as the fintech manages their benefits plan. It also creates a single source of information and eliminates intermediaries of each benefit, thus improving service quality and reducing costs for both the employees and companies.

Coverfy: The free mobile insurance manager uses semi-automatic algorithms and digital technology to solve users’ insurance needs and optimize their insurance policies. The Barcelona insurtech has a goal of making insurance fair and easy for everyone. Coverfy looks for better prices so that its users can pay less without reducing their insurance coverage.

Declarando: The premium tax advisory platform offers accounting, income, and taxes online advice to freelancers. The company targets freelancers because they pay too much taxes, unlike large companies with tax managers. These self-employed individuals can’t afford to hire a tax manager and have no idea about taxation. However, the platform has tax advisors ready to help them make income invoices, discover new deductible expenses, control income, and more.

easyGOband: The Castellon-based highly dynamic integration platform offers limitless solutions for events, festivals, and hotels across the worldwide. Using its platform, the fintech company builds a technology ecosystem that creates a better customer experience and more profitable businesses.

ECrowd: The web-based, peer-to-business crowdfunding software links investors with projects that have a positive social impact to help them earn passive income. Therefore investors looking for alternative investments are connected to telecom and energy efficiency project owners, thus enabling them to contribute towards improved telecom infrastructures and better energy models. Further, Spanish projects that banks do not easily finance can get funds through this Barcelona-based platform.

EthicHub: This is a Madrid-based crowdlending marketplace that links small-farming communities with direct buyers and international lenders. There are many small unbanked farmers as well as buyers, and creating a P2P market using Blockchain technology creates an ecosystem where everyone is a winner.

Feelcapital: The Madrid advisor theft and web platform offers investment funds and pension funds personalized advice, thus helping users handle their operations and take control of their money without the help of private banking. It does this by comparing an investor’s current investment portfolio with what is optimal, thus creating a personalized profile based on their expected return, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon.

Fellow Funders: The Madrid-headquartered equity crowdfunding platform offers individuals investments opportunities in high growth potential projects, and companies get an alternative source of financing. Fellow Funders uses its team of experts to evaluate companies and assets to ensure that it only admits those that exceed valuation models and risk filters on its platform.

Finanzarel: The Barcelona online trading platform allows small and medium-sized enterprises to crowdfund invoices to solve their working capital needs. So businesses can use the platform for auctioning off their invoices to private investors.

Finizens: The wealth management platform focuses on passive investments, which is a 100% digital alternative to what conventional financial institutions offer. The robo advisor platform directs its clients to profitable and efficient investments that are globally diversified and low-cost index fund portfolios.

Finnu: The Barcelona-based financial services technology company gives users unlimited access to asset-backed consumer loans. Therefore, customers can get affordable loans on its mobile app because it leverages machine learning, mobile device management (MDM) technology, and alternative phone usage data points to serve borrowers that financial institutions usually overlook.

Fintonic: This is a Madrid app-based financial management and personal loans tool. That means users can register with the app and apply for loans or use it to track their expenses from their different financial accounts. The platform automatically organizes your expenses based on categories and provides a monthly forecast of your future expenditures. Further, the Fintonic provides FinScore or credit score services based on your accounts’ information and is available on Android and iOS devices.

Goin: The Barcelona-based savings platform helps users save what remains after purchase and moves the amount to the Goin account. Machine learning algorithms play a big role in this because they determine when to debit some money from users and deposit it to their Goin account. Further, there are 3 risk levels that users can choose from based on their personality.

Ibancar: The fintech is an online lender for the unbanked client base, particularly those with no access to conventional forms of credit. Banks are increasingly bureaucratic and have a low-risk appetite, but Ibancar’s objective is to build a sustainable business that offers credit to users that require urgent liquidity or having temporary financial difficulties but can’t easily access loans from banks.

ID Finance: The digital finance, credit scoring, and data science company was founded by entrepreneurs with banking experience, for they previously worked for Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank. The platform uses machine learning and advanced data science techniques to offer competitive financial services. Thus users can access a wide range of competitive loan products. As a result, the company has recorded tremendous revenue growth and ranked the second-fastest-growing fintech platform in the FT 1000 list.

Kommerce: This Spanish trade and finance platform uses blockchain to catalyze trade across frontier markets such as in Africa. Also, using this platform, merchants can confidently trade with their partners across the world, which helps save time and cost due to secured finance and a streamlined supply chain, thus multiplying revenues.

Lana: The Madrid Fintech startup provides a consumer payments wallet that supports services such as parking payments, mobile recharges, online/offline purchases as well as money transfers. The app is available on Android devices.

Livetopic: The Spanish online algorithmic advisor offers detailed and independent analysis to individuals based on their financial and economic situation. As a result, a person is able to tell their degree of protection and what they can when they get involved in the following situations: widowhood, retirement, sick leave, disability, and orphanage.

Micappital: The platform offers financial advice to young adults without experience, knowledge, and time to make sound investment decisions. The minimum investment with this Madrid platform is 1000€, and it does its algorithm-driven advisory process through its website and tailors each product based on individual factors, thus building bespoke savings and investment plans for each investor.

Mitto: This is a platform that targets environment-conscious individuals because its goal is to help users contribute to a sustainable planet and spend their money responsibly. People can join the consciousness in action movement bat activating their Mitto card.

MYMOID: The payment solutions platform targets mobile environments and individual users. Businesses can create and configure their payment solutions, create offers, and link their loyalty points programs. They can also get customized reports about their transactions and collection processes in real-time.

Ninety Nine: This is a stock market investment platform that is easy, safe, and transparent. Its goal is to make people’s relationships with money better by offering them an easy-to-use long-term investing platform. So 99% can invest in their own way and hassle-free.

P10 Finance: The micro-lending platform focuses on the online credit sector. The company accepts applications through its own mobile application or SMS and offers loans through the internet. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android. P10 Finance is part of Credit Royal Group since early 2020.

PreSeries: The main focus of this platform is to redefine the way technology investments are created in order to help investors targeting early-stage startups identify promising ones and track the performance of their portfolios. Therefore this platform uses the latest technologies such as machine learning to revolutionize startup financing, thus making it a highly objective data-driven practice away from its current subjective form.

Qbitia: The Madrid-based software company targets capital markets with solutions designed to simplify and optimize day-to-day trading work. Qcaid is its flagship product which is basically a cloud-based automated trading platform that speeds up day-to-day investment work as well as tests, analyzes, and executes complex strategies without programming skills. Aside from Madrid, the company has offices in London and Chicago.

Rebellion Pay: The majority of the younger generation doesn’t identify with conventional banks, and so this platform was created to focus on millennial and Gen Z. Its banking services are similar to Spotify, Uber, and Netflix, and its business model relies on various revenue streams like cryptocurrencies, consumer finance and insurance on demand.

Storm Innovation: The Catalonian-based platform offers digital solutions such as integrating POS devices with marketplace sites. Troka, which is its digital solution, supports micro-merchants to sell digital services, manage their business, and accept digital payments or cards. Storm uses credit scoring algorithms to generate loans for micro merchants’ working capital requirements according to their financial ability and commercial needs.

Unnax: This is an open banking API solution for banks located in Barcelona. Using Unnax, banks can offer money movement services to their customers, which entails account management, recurring payments, and onboarding services which include AML and KYC, among others.

Verse: This is a Barcelona payments technology platform that allows users to easily and instantly share payments with others without hidden fees. Customers can also choose whether they want their transactions to be private or public, thus making it easy to track their financial activities. Verse’s transactions are completed within two days, and the mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Zank: This is a Spanish online P2P lending platform that offers an alternative source of loans and investments away from the banking sector. Therefore, individuals can get loans at the best interest rates while investors and savers can lend their money to creditworthy borrowers and receive better returns through this platform.

Zero1: This is a Madrid-based fintech that offers AI-powered supply chain financing to SMEs. It uses distributed ledger technology to provide end-to-end visibility in all business production cycles. As the process advances, it uses its proprietary credit scoring model supported by AI to adjust the financial risk. The main objective of Zero1 is to help SMEs thrive.

Zyfro: Barcelona-based platform simplifies business management by making accounting automated and paperless. Therefore small businesses and freelancers can automatically file their taxes, access financial summaries, scan their invoices using OCR systems, and more.

2gether: The Madrid crypto trading app supports the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in the Eurozone. Users can enjoy fair trade in more than 18 cryptocurrencies as well as new coins every month, check their prices and evolution in real-time, get a Visa card that allows them to spend euros and crypto without maintenance costs or any added fees, and much more. However, the platform will pass on third-party fees and costs to you.

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