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6 Ideas to Drive New Ad Revenue on Your Blog

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Ideas to grow ads revenue on your blog

Does your blog have decent traffic? If so, Google AdSense is your go-to source of income for your blog. It’s easy to set and gives you access to various tools.

Still, there are other new alternatives to Google AdSense that you can explore to generate income when you’re not happy with it, when your account is not approved, banned, or disabled.

Displaying ads on your blog is an easier way of getting started. Ads continue to generate revenue as you continue creating valuable content for your target audience.

The article will tell you about the ads you can turn to drive your blog revenue quickly.

Sell Direct Ads

You can sell direct ads on your blog or site if you have decent traffic. Create an “Advertise with us” page on your blog, state the kind of ads formats you accept and the cost per month. Also, disclose your Google PageRank, Alexa, and other traffic stats to your potential buyers.

Further, you can avoid the hassle by getting third parties to sell ads on your site or blog. They include:

BuySellAds: This online ad marketplace allows bloggers to list their ads for others to buy. The platform accepts ads from blogs with good traffic and gives its publishers 75% of the total revenue generated by their ads.

BlogAds: It follows the model used by BuySellAds but pays 70% of the total earnings to publishers and 15% of the earnings to a blogger that refers a new user.

Pay per click (PPC)

This is a common form of internet advertising where the brand pays the blogger when a user clicks on their ad.

The following are some of the best ad networks you can use.

Infolinks: It helps you implement in-text advertising on your content. In-text ads are usually words that are double-underlined but turns into an ad when you click on them. Other options that you can use are insearch ads, inframe ads, or intag ads.

This network follows the PPC model and offers publishers a 70% revenue share. It’s a Yahoo Bing Network-powered network that features ads based on relevant keywords. Its algorithm determines the keywords for your readers based on their clicks.

Other ad networks that you can consider are monumetric, mediavine, AdThrive, and Chitika.

Paid Reviews

Bloggers can earn by publishing reviews on different companies’ products and services. This method allows you to set the price per review and so you can charge between $150 and $500 for reviews based on your incoming traffic and niche.

PayU2Blog: The network connects bloggers with paid-to-write opportunities. PayU2Blog assigns you with a blog post topic in fields such as health, real estate, retail, and more.

These reviews are based on personal experience or honest opinion, and so you don’t have to endorse anything that you don’t believe in it.

SponsoredReviews: The sponsoring brands can build backlinks while content creators earn money by writing paid posts for advertisers. So SponsoredReviews connect bloggers with marketers, advertisers, and search engine optimizers interested in building traffic. Such a platform allows you to set your price per piece as well as write in-depth posts and honest reviews.

Cost Per Click

In this paid advertising model, the advertiser pays the blogger for each click on an ad. This kind of advertising is easy to set, but it is slowly losing popularity among bloggers because it interferes with the blogs they are trying to curate and irritate their readers.

PulsePoint: This CPM network works with blogs with a huge volume of original content and US-based traffic. So you can immediately create an account with the network and begin offering CPC ads.


Pop-ups or pop-unders are other excellent options for growing your blog’s ad revenue. Pop-ups help to grab your readers’ attention when they are displayed, while pop-unders are remarketing tool. Therefore the user will notice them when they close their browser or leave the website.

Although they are alternative to display ads, they only constitute roughly 2% of the entire online advertising because they are not a popular option among bloggers and advertisers. Here is the platform that can help you set up pop-up ads

PopAds: The network allows you to set up pop-under’s frequency for each user as well as determine the price. It’s commonly used in English-speaking traffic, and a blogger earns 10% of the total earnings when they refer a new user.

Text-link Ads

Bloggers or publishers make money by selling links on their sites. This works well when you have solid content, enough good traffic, and a PageRank of around 2.

You can place text-link advertisements into a sponsored link area of your site or within the content.

You should use the nofollow tag when you sell text links on your blog to avoid Google’s penalties. The following is the network you can use to learn and set text-link ads.

LinkWorth: The network offers you options such as text link ads, in-text links, rotating text ads, paid blog reviews, in-content pay per clicks ads, and more.


The article has given you 6 ways to drive ad revenue on your blog, and these options are super easy to set up. It has also given you some ad networks that you can join, and once approved, they will help you display different types of ads on your blog.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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