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6 Must-Know Tips to Help Make Your Pet Famous

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Must Know Tips to Help Make Your Pet Famous

Pet influencers are all the rage, and it can be quite lucrative. It’s a win-win situation in most cases, but most people feel like they have better odds at hitting the lottery than actually getting their pet’s name and face out there.

Fortunately, it’s not all luck. Read on and we’ll give you some hints to make your pet hit the top of the charts.

1. Find Your Selling Point

We all love our animals, but when you’re looking at turning a pet into a brand you’ll want to find a stable center for the rest of the operation. The unique thing about your pet that you choose to accentuate is key.

The truth is that there are a lot of cute animals out there. Yours has to be unique if you want to get any real traction.

This doesn’t have to be a major point. Something as small as a unique stare has turned animals into celebrities before.

Find the central thing you want to emphasize about your pet. Everything else follows from there.

2. Consistent Posting is Required

You’ll need to have content on a regular basis to keep followers coming back and using their engagement to drive your reach even further.

It’s best to have content ready a while in advance. Improvising your content can lead to irregular posting and a lower position in people’s feeds.

At least once a day is a good guideline. Multiple times per day is great for photos and general posts, throw in a video every week and you’ll have a decent amount of content in no time.

Animals shouldn’t be heavily coerced during the content-making process, but you may be able to get several days’ worth of posts in a short time. Keep the camera ready, stick to a schedule, and keep making content for your fans.

3. Learn to Love Hashtags

In the initial stages of launch, and even farther down the line, hashtags are key to getting your pet in front of people. Adding more is a great idea, especially if you’re strategic about it.

You can start with the usuals. Pet name, pet breed, that sort of thing. Then dig deeper.

Is your cat having a serious nap? Find some synonyms for nap and throw them into the hashtag mix. Throw in the day. Throw in stuff from the background.

Excessive use can annoy people, but finding a happy medium is on you. Once you’ve done it, stick with it and you’re sure to enjoy more followers coming in.

4. Engage Your Fans

Engagement goes both ways and talking to your fans is a great way to keep them engaged with your pet. Make sure to decide on your tone, and stick with it, and proceed from there.

When you engage with your fans, you create a real emotional connection and become more than just another great picture in their feed.

Of course, make sure to double-check anything you send out. There is a dark side to engagement: a badly formed reply can start small amounts of drama in the fanbase. Avoid that at all costs.

While the tone is important, there’s something else to remember: everyone likes cute animals doing cute stuff. Your fanbase is likely to be very diverse and you want to avoid creating internal divisions at all costs.

These days, people are quick to point out problematic behavior in animals. Sometimes it’s pretty much nothing, and people can overreact. Other times, you may have actually made a mistake. The latter is common with newbie keepers of reptiles and amphibians for instance.

When this inevitably happens, handle it with grace. Immediately going on the offense, or making cagey defensive statements, can ruin any chance you had of getting big.

Fan engagement is extremely important, but it requires much more care than most people think.

5. Invest in Advertising

You’ve probably read a half-dozen rags-to-riches stories about social media famous pets. What they conveniently leave out is that success costs money.

Learn how to use the advertising options available for your platform. Your pet may be the most amazing thing in the world… but you still need the followers to begin organic growth. After that, you probably still don’t want to let up.

Investing in advertising is one of the basic methods you need to use. Once you begin earning, you’ll want to set aside some for more advertising.

Your hilarious, overly vocal ferret is still going to need the boost of advertising no matter how cute you think it is.

It’s an unfortunate mistake that many would-be pet influencers make: thinking their pet can stand on their own.

The truth is that investing in advertising is the wisest choice you can make, especially before you have six figures of followers. It gets you out there further, and you never know where the first big break may come from.

6. Monetize Wisely

How you choose to monetize your pet’s newfound fame is up to you, but you should check out the options available.

Brand endorsements can be a huge sum of cash, for extra famous animals you’re looking at five figures per post!

You’re also in the middle of a million people trying to vie for those endorsements as well. They don’t come easy, so your approach should vary.

Affiliate marketing is a good route, endorsing products on your own to entice viewers to try them out.

Other times you may want to go down the merchandising route. Places online like TeeSpring tend to make this easier than you’d think. You no longer have to order dozens of t-shirts and hope they sell.

Consider all the options in front of you when it comes to making money. And don’t forget to keep investing!

Your pet’s future as an influencer depends on the fans, but most of us are looking to make at least a little bit of money. Plan from the start, and you’ll be in for a much smoother ride!


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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