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6 Tips for Hiring a Vehicle when Working Abroad

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One of the best parts of going on holiday in any country is exploring its sights and cultures. While public transport is a great way of moving around, it can sometimes be erratic, especially if you are visiting a country that speaks a different dialect.

A language barrier is something that can make sighting seeing virtually impossible.

If you are preparing to go on holiday to your preferred destination and are looking for ways to get around with ease, then consider hiring a car. Renting a car abroad is the perfect solution for people who do not want to cater their trip around a timetable.

While hiring a car in a foreign country can be liberating, it is not always easy. Since driving abroad is generally far more different than driving in the United Kingdom, you must prepare yourself for that. If by any chance you need to hire a van inside the United Kingdom then is the best choice for you. Still here’s everything you need to know about renting a car abroad and what you should expect when driving in a foreign country.

What You Will Need to Have with You When Hiring a Car Abroad

If you intend to drive yourself abroad as a holiday-goer or as a foreign citizen, it is very important to ensure that you carry all the documentation and equipment the country requires.

While that’s the case, keep in mind that each country has its requirements. So, make sure you follow up on what you’ll need to have in your car or on you before renting and driving a car in the country you’re visiting.

Potential Hidden Costs

When driving in a foreign country, there’s a chance you’ll have to pay extra costs as a foreign driver. It’s, therefore, essential to be cognizant of any extra costs while traveling between countries or around a country. To avoid paying extra charges, try and plan your trip early. If some of the charges are unavoidable, make sure you factor them into your vacation budget before you fly out.

–  Valet/cleaning charges for the vehicle

–  VAT and local taxes

–  Fees for crossing international borders

–  Fuel and servicing charges after you have used the vehicle

–  If the vehicle you hire does not have satellite navigation, you may have to pay extra to get one that has

–  Some car hire companies place mileage limits on their vehicles meaning that if you exceed the limit, you’ll end up being charged extra for the extra miles

–  Added charges for using the road (not including tolls)

–  If you’re under the age of 25, there’s a possibility you may be required to pay more for the base cost of renting the car.

–  If you’re traveling with children, you might have to pay the car hire company extra for them to include child booster seats

Be Prepared to Leave a Substantial Deposit for the Car

If you plan on hiring a vehicle abroad, consider going online checking out different comparison websites to find out which car hire companies have the most competitive prices in different countries. And while you may have stumbled upon a great deal on a car, please make sure that you read the fine print of the car hire company’s agreement as it summarizes all the costs that you will be required to pay when picking up the vehicle.

Most car hire companies, in most cases, will require that you leave a money deposit (often in the hundreds of pounds, but that varies) before they can hand over the keys to the car to you. The money is used as a holding deposit that’ll be refunded to you once you are through with the trip and their vehicle has no damage and is in good condition.

Most hire companies will take a sum of money from your account or expect you to pay a refundable deposit using your credit card. However, this varies from one company to the other, so make sure you carefully read your car hire company’s Terms and Conditions.

Car Hire Excess Insurance

Car hire excess insurance is quite straightforward. When hiring a vehicle, most rental companies will secure its excess against the customer’s credit card from which they’ll deduct any repair or recovery fees in case the car breaks down, gets damaged, or is involved in an accident.

Check the Country’s Minimum Driving Age

Hiring a car in most foreign countries can be quite difficult for younger drivers. The minimum period you need to have had your license or the minimum age for hiring and driving a vehicle varies from one country to the other.

While the minimum age to hire a car in most countries is 21 years, it’s worth taking the time to check with the country you plan on traveling to for confirmation.

Understand the Country’s Speed Limits

Each country in the world has its rules regarding road usage and speed limits. When it comes to speed limits, some set the limits by age while others have no limits. Before heading to and driving in a foreign country, it’s important that you first take some time to research the roads you’ll be driving on once you arrive. Here are several tips that could help you understand speed limits in foreign countries:

–  Try and learn more about the metrics used in the country you’re visiting (kph or mph) so you know what to expect on road signs

–  Check to see which road signs appear most often on the country’s roads

–  Plan your travel routes early and check the roads you will be traveling on beforehand; doing so could help you avoid trouble and traffic on the road.


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