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65 Best and Efficient Logo Creation Services You Should Try

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Logo creation services

A logo is a business element that represents the mission and vision of your company. Customers can always remember your company when they see the logo even though it doesn’t have a name on it because it plays the role of branding.

An apple with a single bite reminds you of Apple Inc, a three-stripe design is for Adidas, a swoosh design is for Nike, and a golden arch makes you think about McDonald’s. That means you’re able to automatically identify the brand when you see its eye-catching logo.

For that reason, you should design a unique, high-quality logo for your company and website. It should be something memorable that identifies your brand and company; however, creating a good logo when starting out can be costly. This post has a list of the best logo makers that include both free and affordable logo-making software to help you create a professional-looking logo if you have a shoestring budget.

Reasons Why a Logo is Important for Your Business

Usually, a logo contains an image, text, shape, or a combination of these three items. These elements help your target audience to identify your brand. Here are other reasons why you should create a unique logo for your business.

Brand Identity

A logo is a simple element of your company branding; however, it’s very important because it gives a unique identity when designed effectively and impressively. Logos are placed on every prominent marketing tool of your company, such as your website, brochures, leaflets, business cards, email signatures, and social media profiles.

Due to its extensive usage, your target customers mostly associate your logo with your products and services. So if your logo is unique and professionally designed, the audience will begin to consider your products and service as of high-end quality and vice versa.

Competitive Advantage

Professionally created logos easily catch people’s attention, and this is helpful when you want to grab a sizeable market share in the end. Thus creating a unique logo can give you a competitive edge over your competitors because it tells your target audience that your business is also unique.

A business that is committed to sustainability can have a professionally designed green logo to drive its message. When customers committed to environmental sustainability see that logo, they will identify with it and shop from you and not your competitor. So logos are small elements of your company, but they help spread your values and showcase your uniqueness from your competitors.

Brand Professionalism

Logos can tell your customers about the professional approach of your brand when conducting business. While you don’t have to speak to them individually, they can tell by looking at your marketing materials such as logo, website design, and business card. These elements can outrightly tell more about your business working styles and quality assurance. Therefore create an eye-catching, professional logo to signify your brand.

Tips for Designing an Effective Logo

You will realize that the tools discussed in this post have a vast sea of templates that you can choose from as well as a community of designers and artists that can help you design a professional logo for your business.

The following tips will help you design a unique logo that showcases your mission, vision, and values.

The Logo and Brand Identity Should Be Aligned

A logo is an image that introduces your brand to your target audience. It tells them more about your business, products, and services. A perfectly aligned logo to your business will create a brand identity that makes you stand out over your competitors.

But you can’t design a logo when you don’t understand your brand yourself. Therefore, begin by asking yourself why you started this business in the first place, the products or services you’re offering, your company’s core values, what makes it unique, and how you would want your customers to describe your business.

The Logo Should Be Simple Yet Unique

A simple logo has colors, fonts, and additional elements because it’s intended to deliver a certain message to the target audience from the very first glance. On the other hand, a logo that is too crowded with colors, fonts, and complex shapes looks confusing, and so your target audience will conclude that your business processes, products, and services are confused as well. In short, keep your logo simple and professional as much as you can.

Also, be creative will help you design an out-of-the-box logo. Still, your logo doesn’t have to represent your industry because, with creativity, you can create something unique. For instance, Apple Inc’s logo is not about a computer, while the Mercedes logo is not about cars. So use your imagination and creativity to design a logo that stands out in this competitive market.

Pick the Right Colors

Color can influence someone’s mood, emotions, and other aspects, as well as relay a certain brand message. That is the reason why a brand with a green logo is linked to sustainability, while a red-colored one depicts passion, aggressiveness, and energy needed when targeting a young audience. Blue, on the other hand, evokes feelings of maturity and trustworthiness.

This doesn’t mean you stick to one color; actually, you can use several colors to tell your brand story. So sit with a color wheel and select colors that work well together and that you can use to speak your brand’s message.

Choose the Fonts Carefully

Some people underestimate the effect of a font on their logo and other marketing materials, yet this element can say a lot about your brand. For instance, a toy company that targets children should use a font that portrays it as a child-friendly business.

In other words, a business should select a font that is in harmony with its brand personality. When the font is wrong, the entire logo is also wrong, and it will send a wrong message to your target audience. For instance, you can always recognize Coca-Cola’s logo because of its custom fonts.

Keep the Logo Responsive to Multiple Devices

You’re designing a logo that you will use on different devices and across various social media platforms; therefore, your logo should be responsive. For instance, your logo should look great on your apps, website, avatars, multiple backgrounds, letterheads, business cards, and packaging, among others.

So even though your logo looks great and appealing on your website, it should reduce well and fit on the screen of your mobile phones and apps. Otherwise, your target audience will not recognize your brand when using mobile phones or other devices due to the weird image of your logo.

The following are logo-making tools, software, and apps that you can use to make a professional yet unique logo for your business.

Turbologo : Turbologo is the simplest logo maker, and you can design a professional logo in just a few minutes. When designing logos, artificial Intelligence technologies are used, so the generated logos look unique and distinctive.

You can modify the final design using an editor with drag-and-drop interface. You can customize a logo as you want: move elements, alter colors and fonts, as well as replace icons. Turbologo has a huge collection of graphic elements that can be used for designing a professional logo.

AAA Logo: This is a paid logo-making software that runs on your desktop after the purchase. The platform first offers a free trial, and then you pay $49 once you’re satisfied with the kind of services they’re offering.

Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker: The free logo maker system allows you to design your logo with a dash of science and a hint of magic. The platform offers a wide range of creative options, hundreds of icons, and four styles for you to choose from. You can also select your preferred design, as well as edit its fonts, colors, and texts. Still, you can print your logo or cards out using the paid version, which gives you different files and unlimited access.

Brandmark: You can establish a branding system using this site’s design team. The platform has remarkably distinct and engaging designs, and with its AI design system, you can create a one-of-a-kind logo within few minutes after inputting your preferences. First, the system will generate many logo ideas for you, and then you will resize, recolor, and customize your selection without using software or another designer. Next, you will export the final design into PDF, PNG, SVG, and EPS with the help of the web, mobile, or PC platforms. It will cost you $25 for a basic logo that is not editable, $65 for a designer logo, and $175 for an enterprise logo.

Business Logo: The platform has a questionnaire that you fill once you select your preferred paid package. These packages start at $99, and the questions help its designers to understand your business, mission, and vision.

Canva: The platform offers simple design tools to help you to create a brilliant and individualized logo. It has a variety of logo templates that you can use to develop logo design ideas as well as customize your choice using your preferred graphics, colors, and fonts. You can save the logo or click on the share button when you want to post it on the social media platform or use it to market your brand, thus widening your fan base, gaining followers, and obtaining new clients. Alternatively, you can use premium images which goes for $1 per one-time use.

Creative Market: Although the market has a lot of online logo maker tools, a user may fail to get one that suits their needs. However, you can still design your logo using pre-made templates in Photoshop. This platform offers a wide collection of logo templates that you can select and tweak as you wish. Still, you need Photoshop and know-how to use this tool to customize your logo, but in the end, you will have a beautiful logo.

GraphicSprings: Startups and entrepreneurs can improve their branding using the platform’s simple solutions. This user-friendly logo maker platform has a wide range of logo templates that you can choose one and customize based on your needs. These templates range from education, photography, business, and much more. You can creatively edit your logo and then download the file at $19.99.

CoolText: After inserting your company’s name and selecting the font, the logo maker will generate different samples that you can choose from and edit. So the tool is handy, fast, and free when you just need a simple logo with your company name.

DesignEvo: This logo creation software has 10,000 templates to help you create a unique, striking logo. A user can easily create a logo by selecting a template and customizing it according to their needs. The platform directs you to an online logo creation software that allows you to customize the text, icon, background, and shape of the template. Next, you can preview the changes and how the logo will appear on your website and marketing materials. You can save your logo design to the cloud, where you can easily access and edit at any time, any device, and any location.

Designhill: The logo maker is more popular because it has two primary options: a free logo maker with a wide range of options. Therefore, you can easily make your logo by typing your company’s name, selecting a logo template, customizing it, and generating free designs. Further, the platform gives you several other free tools such as QR code generator, Twitter and Facebook cover photo makers, and much more. The second primary part of this logo-making tool is that it has a community of artists and designers who can create a professional yet eye-catching logo for your business. Adding more details to the design generator helps it to generate a more refined logo. Still, the platform allows you to set a design contest that can help you get professional logo design concepts.

Design Free Logo: This is a 3D logo maker that gives you a wide selection of logo templates and allows your logo to pop on the screen. A 3D logo is unique and makes you stand out from your competitors. While most of these individual logos are free, some of the unique looks are paid for.

Designimo: Businesses that require a new professionally designed logo can use Designimo because it has cost-effective solutions. Therefore companies in any industry can design their logo using this platform without paying anything; however, they will pay $29.95 for downloading high-resolution files in formats such as PNG, JPG, and EPS.

Designmantic: The platform offers additional services aside from logo design, such as building websites and business cards. Also, you can make the design yourself or seek assistance from its graphic designers. The process of designing a logo on this platform involves inserting the company name, followed by the industry, selecting the design, and lastly, downloading the logo’s image file at $37. The logo maker platform will send three files in the form of PNG, JPEG, and PDF.

Flaming Text: It’s similar to CoolText, but it also has different options. It’s ideal for nonprofit, project, and young companies.

Free Logo Design: The FreeLogoDesign platform allows you to create logos. First, you can select a logo template and then customize it as you want. Still, you can create a new one with just a few clicks. You need to pick a business name, select a template, customize it as you want, and then save it. It is possible to download a low resolution for free of choose one of their premium packages.

Free Logo Services: The platform has thousands of logo designs that you can select and customize in terms of text, fonts, layout, and colors. Also, the site gives you free logos and in different file formats, including one that you can use on social media to grow your online presence. However, you will pay $39.95 for the files when you download them for use.

GraphicSprings: Startups and entrepreneurs can improve their branding using the platform’s simple solutions. This user-friendly logo maker platform has a wide range of logo templates that you can choose one and customize based on your needs. These templates range from education, photography, business, and much more. You can creatively edit your logo and then download the file at $19.99.

GRsites: The platform offers logo creation, design features such as textures, and text box creation in exchange for a link back to its site.

Hatchful: The tool is simple to use and allows you to create and customize your logo based on your preferences. So the process begins by inserting the business name, the icons, the slogan, and the visual style. Next, the design system will create a different range of logos that you can choose the best and customize as you wish. The logo maker doesn’t charge for creating and downloading the logo.

Hipster Logo Generator: The logo maker owes its name to the hipster movement that existed some years back and designing logos that reflect the hipster style. This is an excellent choice for companies with younger target audiences because it generates logo designs that show creativity and boost personality that is hard to find with other logo generators. You need any design expertise to create a funky logo design because this is an incredibly easy-to-use tool and allows you to run several customizations. You can also download a free logo in PNG format or a high resolution at a fee of $10.

ICONA: This is one of the best logo design apps that allows you to create clean logos within a few minutes. The logo maker gives you drawings, text, and shapes. For instance, when you click on the button shape, you will get various icons related to your industry. Next, you can customize the icon using your preferred font, text, and color. Creating logos is free, but you have to pay $5 to install this app on your device.

Logaster: The platform gives you free logo maker software which you use to create a professional logo in simple steps. You begin by inserting the company’s name, selecting a logo template, editing the logo or changing the text, icon, or color, picking a price plan, and downloading your files. To help you get started, the platform will give a free small logo, and then you can select a plan to help you access advanced features. The plan prices begin at $19.99 and vary based on the logotype you want to create.

LogoBlog: It’s similar to Flaming Text and CoolText and requires no registration. Simply download your logo in a few different formats after creating it using this free tool.

LogoCraft: The platform has predefined categories where you can select an icon, add text and effects. Next, you are required to download the logo for future use. Also, the platform charges $49 for a custom design service.

Logo Design: This logo maker tool is ideal for users looking for drag-and-drop features while still offering the flexibility of custom graphic design software. The process of creating a company logo using this logo maker comprises; enter the company name, select the industry, select the logo design and finally customize your logo. Some of the available industry logos are education designs for schools, universities, colleges, and others. Construction logos have symbols such as heavy-duty vehicles, buildings, and structures. Fashion logos have symbols such as clothing, hat, shoes and handbag, and much more.

Logo Design Team: The logo maker has an in-house design team that helps with the creation of logos. Its starter package goes for $149 and has logo repair services that update your existing logo giving it a modern look.

LogoEase: The platform offers a fully free logo creation tool after registration. After creating your logo, the platform will send you a link that allows you to download it. Aside from free logo design services, the platform offers paid services with advanced features and logo files in different versions.

LogoGarden: A team of professional graphic designers with several years of experience founded this platform to offer custom logo designs and a wide range of digital file formats. The platform doesn’t mention the cost of creating a logo design, but its rates are affordable.

Logogenie: The logo design system offers free services that can help you make cost-effective, high-quality logos. The platform allows users to experiment with icons, fonts, and colors while its customer support team is ready to assist when they get stuck. Therefore you can begin creating your logo by putting the company name and slogan and then selecting an icon from the platform’s icon library and saving it. Still, you can customize any aspect of the logo design and download it in various formats like JPG, PNG, and PDF at $19.90.

Logo Foundry: You can create a logo using your iPad or phone using Logo Foundry. The platform targets professional users and individuals without design experience because they can get a lot of inspiration from its community of developers. Further, a user can get access to over 3000 symbols, icons, and advanced text options. Also, you can design your logo, download it, customize it within the app and export the files as a JPG and PNG.

Logoshi: This logo design service takes a different approach when it comes to creating a logo. A user has to sketch out something, and then it will complete it or fill in the missing details to make a logo. Next, the system shows you how your logo will look on your website or the side of the building. Also, the platform allows you to add a slogan, customize the layout and then download different file formats at $19.

Logoinn: The logo maker targets startups with a super budget category. For $45, a business will get a single logo concept and one revision. You can try it because it has a 100% guarantee and so you will get your money back in 21 days.

Looka: The Canadian-based logo design company previously known as LogoJoy is among the few most-trusted platforms across the world. As a result, the logo maker has been severally featured in Creative Review, TechCrunch, The Globe & Mail, and Lifehacker. First, you have to enter the business name, select the icons, style, and colors for your logo, and get several logos based on your preferences. Also, you can customize the logo further by changing the spacing, the font size, among others. A low-resolution logo download goes for $20, while a high-resolution file is priced at $65.

LogoMakr: The platform offers you easy-to-use design software at the cost of $39.95 for a high-resolution logo and is completely free for files that don’t require high resolution. Use the free web logo to create a design and then paste the HTML code to access the design from the LogoMaker’s server. This is a logo that you can use on your webpage without incurring any cost. However, high-resolution logo design files will be saved in the form of GIF, PNG, JPG, and EPS.

Logo Maker: You start designing your logo by first selecting a black and white logo template from the gallery of this logo design app. Next, you are allowed to edit your preferred template by changing the fonts, colors, and overlays. As usual, the free version has limited possibilities, but you can unlock the paid option by paying $4.

Logo Maker Shop: The free logo design app gives you 1000+ logo templates and 200+ font options to choose from. Next, you can edit the background or add different symbols to personalize it as you desire. In the end, you will have a modern and well-designed logo. The basic version has limited free logo templates, while the Pro version has more options and goes for $10.

Logo Mojo: This is a division of Deluxe and offers paid logo design services. Their package starts at $195 and comprises six concepts, two revisions, and a three-day turnaround. Other additional artwork services include Facebook profile images and Twitter backgrounds.

LogoScopic Studio: The free, user-friendly logo design studio allows you to design your logo and download the file directly to your phone. You don’t need prior design experience to create a logo that communicates your brand’s value because this platform has comprehensive resources powered by a set of advanced editing tools and a straightforward workflow. Therefore you can design a logo in few minutes using this application if you have an Apple gadget but not an Android one.

LogoSmartz: The desktop logo creator allows you to build your logo from scratch or use its pre-built templates. Its free trial is $39.95, while its custom design logo service package starts at $99.

Logo Snap: The logo maker offers a fee-based service dubbed Logo Design Guru, which has packages that starts at $149. Still, this platform will ask for a donation when you use its free services.

LogotypeMaker: This is a creative online logo creator with a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly design logos. You begin the process by putting the company’s name and clicking on the “create the logo now” button. The system will give you a logo that you can customize the shape, colors, and fonts as well as download in various formats such as PNG, JPG, SVG, and more. While you can create a logo with its free version, the paid plan offers more options for $24.99 or $39.99.

Logo Victory: The platform offers a completely free logo design tool that allows you to create and download your logo in the form of a JPEG image without charges. Its paid services start at $49 and enable you to download other file formats and access additional features.

LogoWorks: HP, the computer giant, offers logo creation services via LogoWorks. Their package starts at $299.

LogoYes: The logo maker has sophisticated tools for creating a logo. So you can create your logo for free and customize it until you’re satisfied, and then register with the platform before downloading the file. Its logo file package starts at $69.

Infinity Logo Design: The paid logo design service explains the design process and the final product. The starter package goes for $99, has two concepts, unlimited revisions, and a 100% guarantee.

Macware LogoDesign Studio: This is Mac’s desktop logo design software, whose basic edition starts at $34.99.

MarkMaker: This is an awesome prototype software that allows you to create a unique logo. You start your logo-making process by inserting the name of your business, and then the platform generates many logo options for you to choose from. Next, you can insert the industry where your business belongs to help this free logo creation software refine the option. It will generate more templates which you can select and begin editing to your liking and then download to your machine. Even though this is a free process, there is an option to pay $3 or $5 if you like the template.

Marketsplash: The platform offers free logo design services. After a simple registration, the tool allows you to design and download various logo file formats.

MojoMox: This platform is a modern logo maker that allows you to create an amazing logo within 5 minutes. You can combine fresh colors, alt letters, modern fonts and minimal symbols to build the brand that will be recognized worldwide.

MyLogoMaker: The platform offers a bonus feature of business card software, while its logo design software has nearly 2.100 logo templates and around 9,100+ shapes and objects. Its free download trial goes for $29.95 and offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Namecheap: The logo maker allows you to make a unique logo within a few minutes. This begins by entering your business’s name and industry, choosing your preferred font style, picking their icons, and then the app will generate several options. Next, you will select your logo from the app, customize and download PNG and SVG files free of charge. Most of the final logos have trendy gradients, which gives the illusion of quality.

Online Logo Maker: This is logo maker is different from other platforms because aside from adding symbols and text, it allows you to upload your own images and then add the complete logo to your business cards. While you can download a 500px size logo for free, you must pay $49 for a high-resolution logo.

Placeit: The process of making a logo using this tool begins when you insert the name of your company and industry. The system immediately generates several sample designs, which you’re supposed to select the best and edit the colors and icons. Lastly, you can download the logo file a PDF and PNG format. The only challenge with this platform is that it doesn’t ask for more detail to refine your logo, and so you’re likely to get one that has nothing to do with your business. Also, a single logo costs $39.95.

Real World Graphics: The platform has different web apps that can help you create favicons or icons. These are the tiny symbols you find on social media networks and websites. It offers Icon Maker ideal for entrepreneurs building a company based on their identity and personal name. So your own photo will be turned into a cartoon-like drawing or individuals building a Facebook page. This creation tool is not an ideal branding option for those looking for a professional logo.

SquareSpace: This is a good option for creating simple logos. The platform allows you to see how your logo will appear on a business card, website, T-shirt as well as other marketing materials. So you browse its icons and edit the logo until you’re happy with how it looks. You can drop a low-resolution logo for free or a high-resolution one for $10.

Tailor Brands: The AI-based platform allows you to design a professional, beautiful, and less costly logo. The logo maker will request your design preferences before creating a unique logo for your business. So you will need to insert your business name, a few details about your brand, the preferred font, and design. The site has a generous amount of logo designs to select from or make some custom changes to your logo. The entire logo-making process takes 5 minutes, and you don’t require any design experience. Tailor Brands gives you other branding toolboxes as a bonus, including a website builder, domain registration, business card designs, social media designs, an online print store, and more to help you kickstart your business. It’s 100% free to create a logo with Tailor Brands, but you will pay for logos with high resolution.

The Logo Creator: The free logo creation software does not offer trials or demos, but it’s completely free in exchange for a tweet on Twitter. The tool is a fairly robust application, and so its logos are unique and professional.

Tweak: The platform offers a free logo creator if you want a low-resolution JPEG image file, while a higher resolution EPS and JPEG file range between $9.95 and $29.95.

Supalogo: This is a super-fast font-based logo creating platform. The process starts by inserting the company’s name, selecting the template, editing and downloading the logo to your computer.

Ucraft: The logo maker software from this website builder company is free, and so you can create a logo using various text, shapes, and icons. In just 10 minutes, you can design and export your logo using this easy-to-use logo creator. However, you have to first create an account with the platform before downloading the logo. While the process of designing a logo is free, you have to pay a small fee to get a high-resolution logo file.

Vectr: The logo maker is a simplified version of GIMP, and you don’t need design experience to create a logo using this logo design software. However, this platform is slightly more advanced than the GIMP option because you can edit your template online and download it free to your computer. Still, you can do live editing and download high-resolution files without extra charge. You can use its user guide and tutorials when you get stuck.

VistaPrint: This print company offers a free logo creation service when you one of its products like a business card. You will get four versions, namely; vertical, horizontal, black, and white, at $24.99.

Watercolor Logo Maker: Using this logo design app, you can create logos that match your brand’s personality and style. To create watercolor-style logos, a user must first select a watercolor-style shape as their background, add text, edit colors and customize the watercolor logo. The free version of this app has limited capabilities; however, you can unlock more styles or icons by paying $3 and $10 to access additional options.

Wix: This is a new entrant in the website building and logo-making business. The platform will direct you to some logo designs after responding to some questions. Alternatively, you can create and customize your logo for free. However, you will pay $12.99 for designing and downloading a basic logo with high resolution and full commercial usage rights. On the other hand, a professional logo is priced at $49.99 and has social media kit, vector file, print-ready files, full commercial usage rights, brand guide, and high-resolution logo files.

Zyro: The platform allows you to design your logo, customize various aspects such as text, size, and icon, thus turning your creative ideas into reality. Designing a logo with Zyro is free and follows four easy steps: insert your company name, select your preferred template, customize the logo, and then download it. The entire process of making, customizing, and downloading your logo is free.

99Designs: Logos are created on this platform using a contest. That means the logo design service will ask you to describe your requirements, and then various designers will forward their logo design concepts for you to select the best. You can also request some modifications, and the best will win. Their package starts at $295.

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