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7 Benefits of Split Testing When Selling on Amazon

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To hit the end of the sales goal, optimizing your amazon account is critical; it boosts your sales. But how do you do that? The solution is running some split testing, as it assists you in assessing the perspectives from your customers’ POV!! With the test, you can break into your customer’s heads. It helps you determine which description, images, bullets, or titles work best to hook your audience, grab the attention, and drive your target market towards conversion.

As per stats in the U.S e-commerce market, Amazon regulates a major chunk in gross merchandise volume, so to propel your sale, you must optimize your amazon account. Selling on Amazon is somewhat selling in an unpredictable environment, as the platform is dynamic with bristly shoppers.

So in Amazon, A/B split testing makes sense, and it indeed is a smart way you should choose. In this article, let’s find out some of the key benefits of Amazon A/B testing and assess how you can unlock some ways to make your efforts more effective.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Split Testing While You Sell On Amazon?

Going by the definition, split testing is an approach of testing multiple versions of a site or solitary elements of a site against each other to observe which works best. The method starts with a control or the original version of the testing elements.

To conduct a split test, you require a variant to test against your control. The variant in the process is a modified version of your control, and during the test you examine, you test them against each other to track which performs better. Coming to the purpose of the split testing is to enrich your conversions. And split testing is an essential part of conversion optimization.

Doing spit tests on Amazon is vital to get insights into what works for your sales and where you require adjustments. Split testing or A/B testing in your Amazon selling strategy allows you to test multiple parameters and accumulate several insights that you will be able to reuse across all your Amazon products and products listings. Let’s drill down some of the key benefits of split testing:

#1. Minimize Bounce Rate

You put in a lot of effort and time to develop your website pages. Witnessing visitors’ bouncing’ from your site without reviewing your content or pages can be disheartening and indicate that you need to fix your efforts. If you are witnessing an increased bounce rate on your site, it is time to optimize via split testing. You can work on the fonts, pages, or headlines; wherever you work, the testing helps you get a winning combination of parameters to hook your site visitors long enough and help them offer value from your content which enriches the probability of converting leads into sales.

#2. Boosts Conversion Rate

Split testing is an effective way of creating content that can transform more site visitors into buying clients. Provided you need to precisely develop the campaigns, taking sufficient time. It becomes easy to observe what is working best for you and where you need to put more effort to make them work with the test. A/B testing or split testing sometimes takes a little more time, but it is worth assessing the entire approach that can help you convert more leads when done aptly.

#3. Easy To Assess

One of the major benefits of A/B testing is it is easy to assess. You can get the data and the factual results without ‘breaking your head.’ When extracting data from A/B testing, determining the winning and losing strategy is easy to track based on direct metrics such as time spent on the page, conversions, etc. It further helps you get a close assessment of your site visitors’ behavior & accordingly, you can set your long-term and short-term business goal.

#4. Help To Take Design Decisions

While you develop a website along with your brand’s visual personality, you should also consider your user choice. Split testing helps you determine where there is any problem area in your site and which option engages your audience best.

Through A/B testing, you can examine your site in-depth, including your layout text, i.e., in Headlines, Subtitles, Descriptions, Messaging on CTA buttons, further; it allows you to assess the visuals of the site, i.e., Images, Colors, Videos & Logos.

#5. Omni-Functional

Split testing helps you test what your site visitors like the most. And while it helps you to examine the images, site layout, or texts, A/B testing also can be used for your offline marketing & promotional campaigns. Utilizing split testing, you can find out what works best for your advertisement and track down the blind spots.

#6 Curtail Risk

Making a significant modification to your site may cost you immensely; even at times, a major strategy change also costs a considerable amount. But with split testing, you can assess your target market before making a major decision. In short, it can minimize unnecessary risk while it can offer you to target your market with maximum effect and efficiency.

Worth mentioning that while conducting the test, ensure to consider the factors such as holidays, festive season, and any of such occurrences when planning your campaigns because such external factors impact consumer behavior.

#7 Help To Achieve Higher Values

A/B split testing helps achieve higher values for your products or services, provided you are maintaining consistency in your efforts. For example, when you find that a design is converting well your lower-end products or services, you again should opt for split testing to get a more refined version; effort should be put with the test to convert for your higher-priced items and service as well. Just a few twists & tricks and carrying out a diligent test will help you to hit the point where you can get the brief where your customers are willing to pay & where your product is delivering the perceived value.

The Bottom Line

Let’s take a question: why do marketing efforts require testing? The answer is quite simple: in a dynamic environment where the user’s behavior is constantly changing, you need data-driven insights to assess what will work for you. Until you need some winning tactics and find out which tactics can improve the conversion rate, you are ‘hitting a shot in the dark! So to stop the ‘guessing game,’ running tests and comparing the test results sets your marketing in a direction to attain success.

To discover the statistical significance and to manage your experiments, you can adhere to two primary approaches- A/B and split test. Even though both of these concepts are used interchangeably, there are slight differences between them. The term A/B testing denotes changing a specific parameter; for instance, it can be the color of the “Buy” button on the landing page, choosing from only two options like blue or red. On the other hand, a split test means distributing the traffic between the two options.

When you do A/B testing on Amazon, it helps you determine which one works best for your audience. Recently Amazon A/B testing is available in Amazon Sellers Central but only for Amazon sellers registered in the Brand’s Registry.

In terms of the split testing of Amazon products, split test Amazon listings, and split test price Amazon, within Amazon, you can’t utilize these options. Because according to the split test definition, you have to segment and re-manage the audiences to make it work. Hence you need to use dedicated Amazon split testing tools which also can take the customers’ data into account. You can utilize Amazon split testing software, which helps you redefine your test based on the audience demographic traits such as age, gender, ethnicity, age, interest, to name a few.


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