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7 Reasons Why You Should Add Plants inside Your Home

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Plants inside Your Home

You don’t need to have a green thumb to appreciate having plants inside your home. You can just enjoy their presence and let them breathe new life into your space. If you feel that caring for plants at home will add to your daily chores, you’ll be relieved to know that some houseplants don’t need a lot of maintenance.

This is also why more people are becoming open to the idea of getting indoor plants. As you think about your plant options and where you will place them in your home, you can also consider the various benefits of adding plants to your space.

Enhance Visual Aesthetics

Seeing beautiful things can make you feel happier and plants make for excellent decorations. They can help make your space seem more inviting. Even if you don’t get a flowering plant, the green hue is enough to make your home feel lively. Some people use plants to add a pop of color in neutral-themed spaces, which can make it feel like they are close to nature. Houseplants can also enhance your perception, giving you a better appreciation for your interiors.

Positively Affect Your Mood

When you have a plant in your home, seeing the greenery can give you an uplifting feeling and help lessen your stress. Plants can help lower blood pressure, alleviate anxiety, and improve your well-being. Also, tending to your indoor plants contribute to lowering physiological and psychological stress. Although having a plant in your home won’t stop you from having bad days, it might just remind you to appreciate the little things in your life. For a moment, you might even forget about how hectic your day is.

Improve Air Quality

Certain plants can help purify the air and create more oxygen, thereby improving the air quality in your home. Some plants such as Gerbera daisies and spider plants can filter common toxins like trichloroethylene and benzene, which can be found in common household items like adhesives and cleaning products. There are also plants that can help naturally freshen the air in your home, like rubber trees, bamboo palms, and Boston ferns.

Promote Mindfulness

Taking care of plants can help you stay present and in the moment. You become more mindful of what’s happening in front of you, instead of getting distracted by other thoughts. Focusing on the now is a helpful practice for anyone, especially for people in recovery. Tending to their plants can serve as a reminder to concentrate on present health rather than dwelling on the past. They become immersed in making sure that all their plants’ needs are met, like having ample sunshine even if they live in a warm-weather state like Florida. You can give houseplants as a gift after someone attended a drug rehab Miami residents go to as a way of showing your support for their recovery.

Supports Work Productivity

Adding personal touches like family photos and various knickknacks to your workspace can help keep you inspired, especially when you are working from home. Having plants near your work area or in your line of vision can help you perform better. A study from Exeter University[1] found that employees became more productive when a few household plants were placed in their workplace. So, if you are planning to decorate your home office, you might want to put indoor plants on the list.

Boost Creativity

A new plant by your desk can give you the inspiration you are looking for. Aside from boosting your mood, indoor plants can help improve your creativity because nature is full of examples of ingenious designs and innovations. Also, caring for another living thing can help you get over feeling stuck in a rut. Since you need to tend to your plants’ needs – like getting enough sunlight and water – it requires you to move around, which can help clear your head or spark a new idea. Also, you can feel encouraged by the wisdom that like your plant, your life goes through a cycle. You can feel uninspired now, but soon you’ll shake that off and be able to move forward.

Provide Companionship

One of the best sources of support you can get is from your immediate network of friends and family. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a companion that doesn’t require much attention and a give-and-take interaction. Having a houseplant may just help you in those circumstances. Some avid gardeners even talk to their plants and find the experience therapeutic. While some people prefer a pet to accompany them, others enjoy taking care of a living thing that will just stay put.

Aside from the instant boost they give to your home’s esthetics, adding plants can also enhance your overall health. It can help spruce up a lifeless space or inspire you to get through a difficult day. If you have children and pets, make sure to get plants that are safe for the entire household. Whether you are a new plant parent or adding to your growing indoor garden, you’ll enjoy having that extra green view inside your home.



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