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9 Myths on Moving and Moving Professionals

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moving and moving professionals

Moving from your home or office requires a lot of planning. This is to make sure everything goes on well. In addition, a lot of coordination and effort on a moving day is needed.

But just like any other sector, the moving sector has false stories. Some people fail to recruit NYC office movers just because of untrue information about them.

When it comes to local or long-distance moving, hiring professional movers is the best option. But due to the myths around the profession, some people prefer to engage friends or family members.

If you have been doubtful about hiring experienced movers, here are nine common myths on moving and movers.

9 common myths about professional movers

  1. They will break your valuable items

One common myth most people believe about movers is that they will break your precious items. But this is not the case. This is because movers are professionals who are well-trained and qualified for the job.

Once you hire a good moving company, you can be assured that your fragile items will remain intact. They have the right packing materials, know how to pack, and move the items.

However, if you are still doubtful, go through customer reviews. This is one of the best channels to tell whether skilled movers can handle your precious items.

  1. All professional movers are the same

Just like other companies in various sectors, commercial movers are not the same. Their services vary from one moving company to another. From the quality of service to pricing and experience, every company is different.

For instance, several movers only deal with local moving. Therefore, you need to hire a company that does long-distance moves if you are planning to relocate to a different state or country.

Also, you need to check the reliability and experience of the company. Hiring in-experienced movers may cost you more.

Therefore, make sure you research more before engaging the professionals. By hiring reliable long distance movers, you can be assured to save time and money, and have a smooth moving process.

  1. Professionals will not label the boxes

Labeling boxes is one of the most essential things to do when moving. When the boxes are well labeled, you can easily distinguish them when unloading and unpacking.

When moving you can decide to label the boxes or allow professional movers to handle the task for you. So, if someone says that movers do not label boxes, the statement is untrue.

When you choose the right movers, you can be guaranteed that your boxes will be well labeled. They have a way of labeling the boxes and they understand the benefit of labeling all the boxes.

So, when hiring movers, make sure you check their credentials and ratings. It is also good to contact them directly.

  1. The best time to move is on a weekend

Most people believe that a weekend is the best time to move. They believe that if you start packing on Friday and move on a weekend, you will have plenty of time.

Although it might be true, you need to understand that most people think the same. Therefore, everyone might be moving on the weekend.

Moving on a weekday is a good option. However, make sure you plan ahead no matter the day you want to move. Also, contact movers ahead of time will make sure your move is well planned.

  1. Movers just pack, but they do not help to unpack


Another common myth is that professional movers do not unpack. But the truth is that movers will carry out the tasks you have agreed to. If you allow them to pack, move, and unpack, they will do as arranged. They also load and unload the boxes.

Experienced movers are experienced, trained, and skilled to do the job quickly and conveniently.

  1. Any box or tape can be used for moving

Moving is not a simple task. Therefore, you cannot use masking tape or duct tape when moving. You need to look for packing tape. Therefore, a tape is not just a tape when it comes to moving.

A packing tape is well designed to work well with cardboard. It holds well, does not leave a film of stickiness, and holds together very well. It is also flexible and can be trusted to hold any pressure.

Also, you cannot use any box to pack your items when moving. Moving boxes hold a lot of weight. Therefore, you need to get the right ones. Happily, they are available in different sizes and shapes.

  1. Movers do not offer move-in or move-out cleaning services

The statement might be true and untrue. This is because many moving companies do not offer cleaning services. However, some offer both move-in and move-out cleaning services.

  1. Movers will always break something

It is not a normal practice that all professional movers must break an item during transit. They are many cases where NYC movers have moved people without breaking any item.

Unfortunately, many customers are always worried whenever they move because they believe valuable items will get lost or broken.

When you hire a reliable moving company, you can be assured that everything will go well. However, accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, confirm whether the company is certified, insured, and licensed.

  1. Professional movers are disorganized

Another myth about movers that some people believe is that professional movers are disorganized. But with a reliable and able moving company, you can be assured that the process will be remarkable.

They will arrive with the right packing materials, help you pack, label, and move the items. All you need is to supervise to ensure everything is handled as your plan.


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