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9 Pieces of Technology that are Frustrating to Use

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Technologies are a great advancement of the modern age. They optimize the way we communicate, travel, work, and love. However, at the same time, technologies may cause significant frustration and disappointment. Whether you want to Order an Essay or print something, the lagging, unintuitive technology will do anything to make a simple task as tiresome as possible.

In this list, we have collected the most frustrating pieces of technology that cause so many worries for modern people.

You may find a particular piece of technology not as annoying as it is described. Congratulations, you are a lucky person who does not have to deal with all these irritations. For the rest of us, let’s remember that we are not alone in our daily struggles against frustrating technologies.


There is nothing inherently wrong with Linux as it is. It is a product created for enthusiasts who want to make their perfect, fine-tuned operating system. However, if a regular person tries to operate with Linux, they will surely be frustrated.

There are too many nuances for unprepared people that may create a lot of frustration and disappointment. The open-source operating system requires too many manual settings and tuning. In the end, setting the right configuration may take way more time than necessary.

Be sure that you are ready for this experience before diving deep into Linux’s inside-out.


The more wireless technologies become available in our lives, the more frustrating cables become. It is quite ironic that wireless headphones, or any piece of the wireless periphery, inherently require wires for charging up.

There is no escape from endless video, internet connection, and pieces of hardware cables. They intertwine, break, and create so much frustration and anger from nothing. Alas, we can’t switch toward fully wireless technologies just yet.


Bloatware is an annoying detail that comes with any new device. Bloatware is pre-installed programs that come with a new smartphone or a Pc. These are different security monitors, shopping places, applications for service improvement, and many more useless programs.

Bloatware has minimal value but takes too much space in the device’s memory. At the same time, it is nearly impossible to uninstall such an annoying addition.


Printers are pure evil. They are extremely delicate and stop working for no apparent reason. They require a lot of time for maintenance and expensive ink. Some devices may serve long enough without causing trouble. However, they are on the rare side of the spectrum.

At the same time, we need printers for a great number of tasks. Until the new revolutionary technology appears, we have to rely on printers and deal with all their problems.


Arguably, the most annoying piece of modern technology. We have to deal with captcha on different occasions. And each of these occasions may become irredeemably annoying. Usually, captcha asks to resolve obvious tasks under annoying conditions.

The constant search for fire hydrants, busses, and writing down the text from its distorted analog is the last thing we want to do before reaching the desired information. The most annoying thing about captcha is that it protects certain information from bots. Failing a captcha means that you are even more incapable than a simple bot program. It is an ultimate frustration.

Delay Button in Digital Alarm Clocks

This piece of technology may seem innocent and even useful. It is great to have a button for just five more minutes of sleep in the morning. The cruel reality is that the alarm clock gives you exactly five minutes.

In the end, you are not fully awake nor have proper rest. The button plays tricks with a sleepy consciousness and makes you do things that you will regret. The best way is to get rid of this button for good.

Pop-up Ads and Notifications

As it happens with many annoying things, pop-up notifications were designed with good intentions in mind. You will always learn the latest relevant news as soon as possible. The sad truth is that we live in the age of informational excess.

If you have subscribed for at least three notifications, you will be constantly bombarded with useless propositions and annoying ads. The most painful thing is that there are one or two relevant and useful news stories in this constant flow. However, we have to dive deep to pull them from the ongoing noise of popping-up ads.

Software Updates that Make Everything Worse

It is a piece of technology that enrages a lot of people. Once again, there are good intentions behind software updates. They aim to make the user experience better and smoother, optimize the program, and make it user-friendly.

Unfortunately, many of such updates make things worse. Applications start to lag or even crash. Important users’ data is lost, and people have to restore it manually. Or simply, the interface is rearranged in a cumbersome manner, making people get used to it again.

Software updates that break things instead of making them better are rightfully one of the most annoying things of the modern age.

Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Issues with wi-fi connection are the root of so many technological irritations: slow download speed, errors during the web page loading, applications crashing, and so on. Wi-fi makes the connection to the Internet unrestricted. Poor wi-fi connection makes people suffer.

The most annoying thing about a bad wi-fi connection is finding the solution to the problem. There are just too many variables:

  • Your internet provider may have problems.
  • Your device does not recognize the network.
  • Maybe something is with your router.

And these are only the tip of the iceberg. Chasing down the root issue of a bad connection may be genuinely tiresome and annoying.

Final Words

There are many more pieces of technology that may frustrate us in the hardware and software domain: blue screens of death, distortion of sound in headphones, car alarms. The list is almost endless.

Nevertheless, we should remember that if these issues are our greatest concern, we live in a blessed time.

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Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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