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90 Most Successful Email Subject Lines to Double Your Open Rate

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Email Subject Lines

It’s the dream of each marketer to get their email messages into their subscribers’ inbox, stimulate them to read and respond. However, what stands between their well-crafted email and the desired response is that great subject line.

So then, even as you spend a lot of time writing a perfect email and sending it to your subscribers remember to craft a catchy email subject line. Otherwise, this can break your campaign and lower your open rates.

Here is what you should know about writing successful email subjects to double your open rate.

What is Open Rate?

Open rate refers to the percentage of subscribers that open the email that they receive from a business. This number depends on factors such as email subject line, content, personalization, relevancy for subscribers among others. A healthy open rate is 20-40%; however, a company should work towards improving by tweaking the subject line.

See these figures.

  • Approximately 64% of people open their emails depending on the relevance of the subject line.
  • So then personalizing emails can increase the open rates by up to 29% as well as grow the unique click-through rates by at least 41%.
  • In fact, starting an email with a person’s name can rise the open rates by 40% than when you send a general email.

How to Design Emails to Maximize Readability

Many things are competing for one’s attention as well as a lot of distractions. As a result, a person’s average attention span has now dropped to 8 seconds and with such a short period it’s important to craft an email message that is both readable and digestible to the extent possible.

So then here are the top tips for enhancing email readability or increasing the possibility of capturing the attention of your audience.

Create an enticing sender and subject line

The preheader, subject line and sender name should give your reader a clue of what your email is talking about. The rest of the content is not important if can succeed on this.

Based on the subject line a reader can either open or discard the email and so yours should be compelling and attractive. Otherwise, it will not be opened just like the 47% of emails sent during an email marketing campaign.

Additionally, readers are more likely to open emails with a sender name or address as opposed to those sent from

Opt for an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Use a strong headline because this calls attention to your message and prevent readers from either swiping through to the next unread one or deleting it.

An excellent headline is the one that gives your readers a hint about your message, contains humor, highlight an incentive or create curiosity.

Personalize the Email

You can do this by including the recipient’s name in the email message. This is important because nearly 29% of personalized promotional emails are opened compared to non-personalized messaging. They also have 41% higher click-through rates.

In addition to adding the recipient’s name, you can include personalized content to increase opening rates.

Shape Your Content

Usually, readers of traditional mediums or books read from left to right, but online readers are purely scanners and use F-shape or Z-shape patterns.

You can use this insight to generate content that captures and maintains readers’ attention such as the use of bullet points that highlight important information and keep it on the left side of the message.

Choose a Safe Web Font Type

You can increase your email readability by choosing your font wisely in order to make it compatible with the reader’s computer or email.

Opting for a font size that is adjustable to your readers’ type of device makes it easier for them to review your message.

For instance, you can use contrasting colors such as a light background and dark text, a bit larger headline size and a body text of around 14 point and serif fonts since it’s a better option for longer blocks of text while Sans serif font is for ideal for bullet points and short blocks of text.

Consider Mobile Display

Most email subscribers check their messages on their mobile devices. The way an email looks on a laptop is not the same it is on a phone because some parameters change according to the small screen.

Therefore you should be careful when crafting your email subject lines. For instance, iPhone users can’t read a title after 35 characters so then always keep it 40 characters or less.

Experiment with Emojis

It’s important to understand your audience because this helps you avoid annoying email titles and content. For instance, you can comfortably use emojis on younger demographics to improve open rates but most professionally-minded readers might find it annoying.

What You Shouldn’t Do With Email Subject Lines

Your primary goal when planning email marketing is to stand out; however, you should be wary of annoying your readers.

The following is rules that you should follow when you want your email marketing to be effective.

Avoid Spammy Subject Lines: Google and Yahoo are seriously cracking down spammy content which doesn’t add any value to the email recipient.  Spammy subject lines have spelling errors, one-word, multiple exclamation points, and Re: (Titles that are not replies).

Keep Off from Lengthy Email Subject Lines: There is wide access to smartphones and the internet and so many people read their emails on mobile devices. Such devices have smaller screens compared to a desktop or laptop and so there is no space for long email subject lines. In fact, your title should have about 50 characters.

Don’t Use All Caps: The majority of people don’t respond to messages written in caps. Such emails are immediately sent to the spam folder thus low to nil open rate.

Best Email Subject Lines

Here are 90 subject lines that have some psychological trigger and that can catch your target audience attention.

Curiosity Driven Subject Lines

Cliffhangers help readers to look at the next segment in order to satisfy their curiosity or close out that cliffhanger. You can achieve that by promising something interesting or by asking a question. The promise can be fulfilled within the email or attached content.

  1. Check out our latest kitchen décor styles
  2. Is this how your pool look like?
  3. Here’s the world most efficient water heater
  4. Check out our surprise gardening tips for you
  5. Meet the newest roof installer on our team
  6. We did the thing
  7. It felt like a good idea at the time

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Subject Lines

This is ranked as one of the very powerful triggers that can significantly improve the opening rate of the next email marketing campaign.

This email subject line creates urgency and scarcity for your offers thus the constant use of words such as important, urgent and expires.

  1. You’re missing out on our January deals
  2. Exclusive on select interior décor designs
  3. Your living room makeover plan ends soon
  4. Don’t miss out on this special offer on outdoor waterproof shades
  5. This could be your final opportunity to save on swimming pool titles
  6. Two more home remodel club memberships left
  7. Don’t let this chance pass you by, Jane Smith
  8. It’s decision time…. Don’t miss this

Social Proof Subject Line           

Social proof is the best engagement and sales booster since people do what others do, so then, creating a social proof subject line makes your company more relatable and improves the brand trust.

  1. The most popular recipe this week
  2. 5 home decors that are trending right now
  3. See what our partners are saying…..
  4. 90% email open rate in 30 days
  5. These are the favorite sweaters this year

Addressing Pain Points Subject Line

The job of a marketer is to understand customers and their pain points as well as help them find a solution. Crafting a subject line with a solution to the readers’ pain points or bringing out the pain can increase the open rate.

The pain you’re addressing should be a critical one for your customer and the solution should be within the email

  1. Install your wicker pendants without breaking the bank
  2. How to keep your roof ice dams free
  3. How to stay warm during winter nights
  4. How to find an experienced plumber
  5. Your beauty issues solved

Funny Subject Lines

Assume that your clients’ crowded inboxes is like a large crowd and the way a funny person grabs your attention is the same way a funny subject line invites a reader to click on it.

However, a funny email subject line should always resonate with the target audience and not become offensive because this can result in a loss of subscribers.

  1. Are you still struggling with snow dams?
  2. Hot or cold? Which is which
  3. We know your attic is damp now
  4. Still, growing molds over your roof?
  5. You’ve really changed
  6. Show us yours and we’ll show you ours

Retargeting/ Re-engagement Subject Line

People will stop engaging with your emails no matter how good your email marketing is. Others will abandon their carts, drop off your sales funnel or jump off when the webinar is still going on.

However, you can try to grab their attention once again and bring them back into the sales funnel. To do this, you must create a subject line that overcomes an objection offer an exclusive deal or generates more FOMO.

  1. Still interested in that deal?
  2. Jane, see who looked at your profile
  3. We’ve missed you, Jane! Please come back!
  4. Coma back this summer with an exclusive deal just for you, Jane
  5. It’s been a while…

Self-Love Subject Line

Humans desire or long for the love and acceptance of their fellow humans. In fact, from time to time people take some pride in themselves and their abilities.

Marketers use this human tendency to capitalize on the target audience’s vanity. However, it’s important to be cautious to avoid going overboard. Such a mistake can send your email into a spam folder.

Actually, users are looking for something that can make them look better than their peers.

  1. Age-defying beauty tips
  2. See what celebs are reading
  3. Gift Inspiration from our fitness coach
  4. Look great in our latest workout pants

Personalized Subject Line

Usually, personalized emails have a higher open rate than non-personalized ones. Likewise, personalized subject lines tend to be more successful than the non-personalized title. An email with the reader’s name in the title gets 29.3% more opens than the one without.

Aside from the subscriber’s name, you can include their location, events in their workplace, time zone reference, and more.

Additionally, a marketer can go for casual language, or share a relatable or something personal with the audience.

  1. Jane, check out our new titles
  2. It’s your wedding anniversary, Jane! Time to celebrate with our home décor offer
  3. Happy anniversary, Jane! See what we got you
  4. Hello Jane. Your air conditioner warranty ends soon
  5. Is your roof ready for the winter, Jane?
  6. Thanks for buying your water pump with us, Jane

Great Offer or Promotional Subject Line

People are interested in good offers, specials and deals. Some call this greed however, it’s extremely difficult to ignore a crushing offer particularly for an interesting product.

Take for example including sales, offers and discounts in your subject line. Such an email will definitely get higher CTRs because individuals who open such a message are really interested in the offer.

  1. Get 20% off your next interior décor service
  2. Book a new interior décor service & earn reward points
  3. Flash sale alert on all of our interior décor services
  4. Check out our January interior décor service specials
  5. Select interior décor services – 30% off!
  6. Introducing our new interior décor customer program
  7. Find our summer interior décor service savings plan is here
  8. A special coupon just for you!
  9. Who doesn’t love a sale?

Straightforward Subject Line

To the point subject lines tends to have higher open rates but they are used once in a while. Your subscriber should be a value bomb if you want your readers to gladly open them.

  1. Jane Smith: Hey
  2. Thanks for subscribing – Here’s what’s on sale
  3. Top 40 under 40
  4. Best swimsuit ever

Procrastinator’s Subject Line

Generally, people are a lazy bunch and don’t want to work. In fact, even those passionate about their job are looking out for a shortcut or quick hack that can bring what they want a little faster.

Therefore, a quick cheat sheet is what they are looking for because they want to get results really faster than it is in a normal setting.

  1. 20 growth hacks for your blog post
  2. 10 proven email marketing campaigns to run today
  3. 30 content upgrade ideas for your social media marketing strategy
  4. 10 Tips on how to email a busy person

Question Subject Line

People tend to look for answers to questions when they come across them. They motivate them to start thinking about the subject and find answers. So, readers are likely to be tempted to click on the email and try to find answers to the question on the subject line.

Indeed, questions steer the mind in a certain direction without feeling pressured to something they are not interested in.

  1. Does your air conditioner need to be replaced?
  2. Have you joined our customer loyalty program?
  3. Do you need a gardener?
  4. Want to save 10% on your water bills?
  5. Are you looking for a qualified plumber?
  6. Does your home need a complete makeover?

Welcome Subject Lines

This is an automated email that welcomes your subscribers and let them know what they will get from your company.

  1. Welcome gift!
  2. Welcome to electrician on-call
  3. Get started with electrician on-call
  4. How does an electrician on-call work?
  5. You’re in! Welcome to electrician on-call
  6. Thank you for saying yes to electrician on-call
  7. Thank you for joining the mailing list!

Follow-Up after a Service Subject Lines

Writing an email to your customers after a purchase shows that you value them. Actually, this is an important part of the customer service process. Here are some effective subject lines for your follow-up emails.

  1. Great meeting you today
  2. Ready to remodel your kitchen?
  3. One thing I forgot to mention…
  4. Your next bathroom remodel is at 10:00 a.m.
  5. Great talking to you about our new interior décor styles
  6. What next after your home remodel appointment?
  7. We would love to know your thoughts
  8. Thank you & next steps
  9. Jane, quick follow-up

Seasonal & Holiday Subject Lines

These are emails whose objective is to spread the holiday spirit. So, marketers capitalize on seasonal and holiday events to contact their subscribers.

  1. New Year! Save 30% on bathroom remodeling
  2. Black Friday Sale on all tiles
  3. Get cozy this summer with a clean and fresh pool
  4. Happy holidays! Get your new heater at a discount
  5. We’re thankful for you. Unwrap your savings on your kitchen remodeling


This post has given you the 90 most successful email subject lines to double your open rate. A subject line is an important component of email marketing.

So practice crafting email subject lines that are catchy to boost your open rates. Remember to follow up with your customers and keep them updated in order to attract repeat customers.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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