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A Complete Guide For Optimizing Your Startup’s Website

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The importance of optimizing your website is increasing day by day. Be it any company or brand, you need your website to be up and running smoothly for your audience. Your website will have a big impact and it is necessary to make a good first impression. Here is our guide to why and how a startup should focus on optimizing its website.

Why Startups Should Optimize its Website?

When you are a startup, you must make a good first impression on every audience as you are not known for your work at first. So it is all about the user experience on your website. Your slow website taking a lot of time to load content and images can affect your conversion rate as you will not be able to hold the attention of your audience(even if your content is amazing).

Apart from your slow loading speed, there are other aspects that should be clear to your audience. Navigation around your website should be very clear to your audience as they scroll through your website. Any complications there could increase your website’s bounce rate.

Once you have figured out the problems in your website and optimized them to make your website much smoother and faster and clear, you will notice your audience sticking around on your website, which indeed will increase your dwell time, increase traffic, increase conversion rate. All of which can boost your SEO ranking.

Tips For Startups To Optimize Its Website

Check out a few tips that would be a perfect way for a startup to optimize its website. There are many aspects of SEO to focus but the following is where you could start and see the change in your ranking. To know in depth about all the aspects then you should learn that through digital marketing course.

Tip #1: On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a very wide aspect of SEO, although there are some aspects that for a startup would be very effective.

Keywords – It is important to find the right keyword and target those which are not very difficult to rank and have a high volume. This will certainly keep your website within your audience’s reach.

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URL – Remember to keep your URL short and simple and easy to remember. Along with this, you should also include your keyword in the URL.

Headings – Your page title and the H2s and H3s should focus on the keywords and the secondary keywords to show the relevancy of your content around the topic.

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Content – Content should be relevant to your topic at all times and should be structured in a way where the audience would your whole content and not just the start. Keep your paragraphs short and easy to read with active voice sentences. Distribute your keywords naturally and keep them relevant. Also use modifiers like “best,” “top,” and “guide,” All such modifiers attract many readers. You must also include tables and comparisons, and if needed then infographics too.

Linking – Your content should include linking of both sorts. External and internal links increase your website’s worth. It will also pass link juice to those pages. Hence you should also check whether you need to keep any of these links as “nofollow” or not.

CTA – Using call to actions in your content can be a good strategy to collect your reader’s records and you may engage with them in the future as well. There are many types of CTA buttons according to your requirement, you may use them. Also, remember the placement of it is crucial.

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Responsive Design – All website owners should also check whether their website is responsive on other devices like mobile and tablets.

Tip #2: Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is equally important as On-page SEO. These activities will be off the page and not involve the content of your website but rather it’s quality assessment and reach. All of which ultimately help your SERP ranking.

Guest Post – It is one of the tested methods and can be done for free or paid services. You basically have to reach out to other websites where you would write a blog for them and that blog would include the link to the page you want to impact. You could do this with websites that allow it for free or charge some amount of money.

Forum Posting – This is one of the slow processes to reach its desired result. You basically add your website links to different forums on the web. You also have to take care that you don’t spam any website with your comments.

Blog Commenting – The name suggests that task itself. You need to comment on other blogs. This helps you to get links from those blogs and ultimately affects your SERP ranking.

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Review Sites – Reviews could help increase your website’s visibility as your customers will be reviewing the products you sell. Although, the upside is negative reviews can have a bad SEO impact as well.

Broken Links – It is crucial that you repair the broken links. Either add a new one or repair the existing link. Broken links will have a bad impact on your SEO ranking.

Tip #3: Voice Searches

Voice searches are on the rise for a few years now and it is very important. Just follow the SEO guidelines and optimize your website for voice searches. This would help your website a lot and show your result when anyone searches through voice on the SERP.

Tip #4: Visual Searches

Using Google images for searches has increased compared to previous years. Many users find it easy to do a visual search and because of the importance of visual search, you must focus on optimizing your website as per visual searches.

Should a Startup Hire an SEO Consultant?

Hiring an SEO consultant is not a bad idea, they would really be able to help you out. They are experts in finding the root cause of the problem and giving you the solution for it. Although with all the tips we provided you above you could also manage your website well. If you are starting with your website just now we would recommend you to go it go on your own. If you are thinking to go with an SEO consultant then here is something you should ask yourself.

Do you have the budget to hire a consultancy? It won’t certainly be cheap. You should also see what they can offer and how skillful they are and whether their service would bring an effective change to your website. All such questions would certainly help you. There is no right or wrong answer here, you just have to see whether it is a viable option for you or not.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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