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A Guide to Investing in Company Intranet

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Want to know more about intranet for your company and how it could benefit you? Then read on.

  1.  Improved Efficiency: Help Employees to Work Faster

Employees can use the company intranet to find out their tasks for the day, perform the tasks, and quickly reach out for help if and when needed. The company intranet should help increase the efficiency of your employees throughout their everyday work by smoothing out difficulties in both communication and management of information.

It also needs to make it easier for employees to collaborate and make sure that all projects and business processes are carried out in a systematic way. Your company intranet needs to be where your employees go to resolve their issues and the system that they depend on to make their work much easier. Simply put, your company intranet should help employees work smarter and faster.

  1. Providing Relevant Content to Users

When developing your intranet approach, it is always important to remember that your company comprises various individuals that all have unique skills, goals, and needs. Your company intranet should therefore be capable of recognizing the needs of your employees and providing content that’s both timely and applicable.

Use your company intranet software to identify the needs of various communities in your organization and ensure that you provide the right materials and features to benefit all of them. Content targeting can be particularly useful here because it ensures that the right people see the right content and at the right time – very beneficial for an accounting firm for example.

  1. Supporting Mobile and Remote Workers

The evolution of mobile technology means that we are now in an age where an increasing number of people are choosing to work from home each day. Take time to consider how your company intranet can work with this growing user base.

Identify the needs of your mobile workers and ensure that they are able to access necessary information and complete tasks even while away from their desks. One of the ways you may approach this is through mobile-friendly intranet.

Providing employees with a mobile intranet will empower them to work on-the-move as opposed to simply being confined to the office.

  1. Promoting a Healthy Workplace Culture

The digital workplace of today sees employees being scattered across various departments, with some actually working remotely or telecommuting. Your company intranet needs to foster a better corporate culture by connecting individuals through meaningful work relationships.

Company intranet can help to stimulate better conversations among employees and provide meaning to their daily work all while promoting the values that you would like to see reflected by your corporation.

Inspire your employees by using news sections and blogs, prompting them to interact with fellow users. You may even consider having intranet surveys and discussion forums to encourage quality discussions between employees and company leaders.

One of the great values of company intranet is that it boosts employee engagement and this in turn translates to higher performance, reduced staff turnover along with the associated costs of hiring.

  1. Supporting the Objectives of the Company

Company intranet should be capable of fulfilling your long-term business goals. It can improve employee performance and encourage better cooperation by setting milestones for achievements along with new objectives.

Set objectives for the intranet, which match up with the company’s own defined targets. It can also be a good idea to examine all aspects of these goals regularly and ensure that your intranet is properly optimized to effectively handle the requirements of your organizations.

You can formalize these details by creating an intranet governance policy so that you may refer to them while monitoring performance.

  1. Centralizing Company Information

Advancements in networking technologies have transformed how people experience work. The digital workplace allows employees to work across countries and use apps of their choice to optimize their work. However, with the increased possibilities and risks of working digitally, there’s also the need to safeguard corporate data using effective integration.

A company intranet provides the perfect solution to this dilemma by providing workers with just one portal that supports all the apps, tools, and platforms they require to complete their tasks. You should centralize your data in a secure corporate intranet.

  1. Evolving with the Company

The numerous recent developments in communication technology, such as cloud storage and instant messaging can leave you wondering whether intranet software is still needed for companies to perform well. The answer is yes, they are a key component of an organization’s success.

Company intranet safeguards all the information required to keep the workplace running smoothly and allows employees to connect on other levels besides just work.

It can empower users by providing valuable support and sharing information when necessary. Furthermore, since workplaces are becoming increasingly dispersed with each passing day, intranets ensure that your company data stays safe and protected.

Company intranets have to be intertwined with corporate objectives to be successful, but they have to also be made to adapt and evolve to suit the changing needs of users.

It is always important to closely examine the goals of your company intranet when doing this. If you periodically evaluate your intranet goals, you can better mold them to complement the evolving needs of the business thereby resulting in new standards of success.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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