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15 Air Travel Tips to Make Your Flight Enjoyable

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Air Travel

Most people find traveling taxing, while what was meant to be a relaxing vacation can lead to a stressful start. The majority even dread long-haul flights because they feel that they’re trapped in a cramped plane for ages.

This can be worse when there is a screaming baby in the behind row, yet your phone is out of charge, or you forgot to pack your headphones. The chattier passenger sitting next to you can make your flight longer and boring than expected.

However, it doesn’t have to turn out like that. Whether you’re a first-time flyer or an experienced traveler, there are several ways that you can make your flight more enjoyable. Indeed your long-haul flight can be really enjoyable and in case your easyJet flight is disrupted, here is what to do.

1.   Dress Comfortably

Travelers should prioritize comfort over anything else, particularly for 10+ hour flights. One way of doing that is by wearing the right kind of clothes such as cotton t-shirts, leggings, tracksuits, light-weight sweaters, hoodies, and such like options. At least first-class flyers receive a set of pajamas, and because the airline can’t reuse them, they’re allowed to keep them.

Also, make your feet as comfortable as possible by avoiding heels and brand new shoes, especially for a long-haul flight. These types of shoes should be kept in the checked luggage.

Travelers who prioritize personal hygiene may choose to take off their shoes during a long-haul flight but shouldn’t walk around in socks. Instead, they can wear simple slippers when going to the restroom because the floor is dirty.

Further, wearing compression socks during a long flight can help regulate blood flow and prevent swelling in your ankles and feet. The good news is that they’re affordable, and you can buy them in a local drug store or get a pair online. Such socks will prevent you from dragging painful feet down the aisle.

2.   Freshen Up Mid-flight

While you can’t shower in a plane or access fresh air, you can make your flight a little more comfortable by simply freshening up mid-flight. So use the bathroom to freshen up when you feel icky.

You can do this by putting on a fresh t-shirt, splashing your face with some water, brushing your teeth, or wearing some deodorant. This will make you comfortable, and your neighbor will also be thankful if you did that

3.   Pack Snacks

The economy class meals are less tasty or healthy compared to what you make at home. In view of that, you can opt to pack some snacks because you may get hungry later, eat after taking a nap, or may encounter a less tasty meal on the plane.

Another option is to order a vegetarian meal because you might be served first, and the quantity is higher than what meat lovers get. Additionally, you need some snacks for your entertainment experience. Actually, eating ice cream and curry is an excellent option instead of carb-heavy foods because they don’t cause bloating.

4.   Choose Your Seat Carefully

Choose Your Seat Carefully

It’s essential to choose your seat carefully for a long-haul flight; however, you can endure an under one hour flight if you find a seat located by the kitchen or has less legroom.

Having enough legroom in a long-haul flight can help you enjoy several hours of sleep or stretch your legs to avoid swelling. Another factor to consider when choosing a seat is whether you want to exit from the plane faster.

You should also think about whether you want a window seat so that you can admire the views or an aisle seat that allows you to visit the bathroom frequently. These priorities will help you enjoy your flight.

5.   Upgrade Your Seat if you’re Comfortable

You may sometimes feel you don’t like your seat and may wish to change it. You can politely ask an attendant to change it immediately after arriving at check-in. Some of the factors that can allow you to upgrade are by auction, frequent flyer miles, or adding some extra cash.

Additionally, upgrading your ticket can help you get priority boarding or lounge access. Getting some edible airport food or a complimentary espresso while others are queueing will definitely make you feel more comfortable.

6.   Request to Recline Your Seat When Necessary

Imagine what would happen if the person in front of you was to recline their seat when they pleased. This can damage your electronics, spill your in-flight meal and make you uncomfortable. You, too, should avoid doing the same to the person sitting behind you.

You can easily recline if there is no person behind you, but as long as you’re taking an aisle seat, there is someone behind you. Ask that passenger if it’s okay to recline your seat. This gives them time to visit the bathroom or remove whatever is on the tray of your seat. That way, you will not affect their experience, and you’re more likely to make a new friend.

7.   Carry Some Distractions

The big problem with a long flight is that time doesn’t pass as fast as you would want. Because of that, you need to bring along fun and engaging activities. This can be a book with plenty of Sudoku games, word puzzles, movies, a good book, and more.

Another option is to download certain movies and shows from Netflix and view them offline during the flight. The aim is to ensure that you have a generous option to keep you entertained throughout the flight. Also, your device’s battery is more likely to last longer when watching movies offline than through Wi-Fi.

8.   Carry Noise Cancelling Headphones

Nosie cancelling headphones

While entertainment can distract you from the turbulence for the better part of the flight, carrying cheap and nasty earphones can give you a nightmare flight. However, your noise-canceling headphones will drown out the entire background noise from the engine, screaming child, and an extremely talkative neighbor.

So then, don’t forget to bring along quality headphones because your 12-hour flight will be incredibly boring, or you have to buy pricey earplugs from the attendant. Further, the headphones can also allow you to catch some sleep too when you get tired of listening to your music playlist, audiobook, or watching a good movie.

9.   Charge Your Devices at Home

As mentioned above, entertainment can make your flight enjoyable; however, can your electronic devices sustain that for the entire flight? You can watch a TV show or play games when your devices are fully charged, but you must do that before the flight.

Some planes have USB power ports in your seats, but imagine if yours doesn’t have that option or is not working. Charge your devices in advance or bring your power bank to be safe. Additionally, you can ask your airline ahead of the flight if they have power ports or not.

10.  Carry Reusable Water Bottle

The humidity level in a plane is 10-20% which is lower than ordinary indoor humidity, which ranges between 30 to 65%. Therefore, you must drink an adequate amount of water while traveling in order to maintain your energy level and overall health.

Bringing a reusable water bottle from home is better because you can refill them after the security checkpoint. This will help you stay hydrated as a flight attendant can also refill it for you.

11.  Walk Around on Layovers

Layovers offer you a perfect opportunity to walk around, stretch or even engage in a light exercise. So don’t sit in the lounge because that doesn’t allow your blood to flow but moving about can improve the blood supply and is healthy. After all, you will sit again when you board the plane.

Further, your feet will swell if you fail to stretch them and your body during a layover. You will also feel a lot of pain and get tired, which might cause you to hate traveling.

12.  Take Regular Breaks

Sitting throughout the flight can cause deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in your legs. This is one of the flight risks that you should be wary of.

However, you can avoid this by taking regular breaks to walk around or stretch. You should also avoid crossing your legs because this can restrict your blood flow.

13.  Bring a Pillow and a Blanket

It’s common to get a pillow and a blanket during a long flight, but it’s also a good idea to bring yours if you plan to sleep. After all, you don’t know who previously used that pillow.

You can also bring a supportive neck pillow if you don’t have enough space to pack a blanket or a big cushion. This will help you avoid nasty soreness and neck pain when you take a nap. It can also prevent you from drooling all over your neighbors’ shoulders which can cause an awkward situation with them.

14.  Organize Your Carry On

The more organized you’re, the quickly and efficiently you will board the plane. On the other hand, a disorganized person takes longer at the TSA checkpoint and may attract special security checks. A person who organizes their carry-on or daypack to the last detail enjoys their flight.

The reason is that they’re able to remove their laptop and toiletries easily when they reach the security checkpoint when the bag is well arranged than when they throw everything inside.

15.  Avoid Contacts

Wear glasses during a long flight instead of contact lenses because the low humidity inside the cabin will cause them to stick to your eyes, thus making you uncomfortable. You will also have to rush to an optometrist when you arrive because it will be painful to remove them afterward. Otherwise, use hydrating eye drops if you must wear contacts to prevent your eyes from drying out.

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