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Alpha Heater Reviews 2022 : Best Portable Heater For The Winter, Read More!

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Inconveniences are often associated with cold weather conditions. Being comfortable and convenient in a cold environment is almost impossible. When the weather is cold, a person tends to be uncomfortable and unrelaxed. Winter periods are cold periods. Winter periods are periods we can’t avoid. We can only protect ourselves ahead of the period. When winter sets, the weather tends to be freezing. We often find it hard to cope or even carry out several activities. Most people are unable to even work. You can’t work under a freezing environment.

There is a need for a source of heat, considering the fact that cold is irresistible. You need to seek ways of providing heat, in the midst of cold. Growing up, I discovered that cold can actually kill. One day, I heard news of how a little boy died of a cold. I begin to imagine how deadly cold can be. I discovered that all of these things happened because there was no source of warmth. Imagine if there was a warmer in that house; I guess that boy wouldn’t have died. There is a need to get a heater that will keep our surroundings heated. When the environment is warm, carrying out tasks won’t be hard. We will be able to freely carry out activities. Alha heater!

Winter periods often come with illnesses, flying all around. People easily fall sick during winter periods. It is therefore very necessary to make preparations ahead of winter periods. Talking about preparations, I’m talking about setting up home heaters. Heaters that can help in keeping the room warm. The reason why we find a large number of people in the hospital today is because they failed to make preparations. Cold is a respecter of no man. It affects both the rich and the poor. You can’t escape a cold, if you don’t take preventive measures against it. Managing colds has become the habit of many people. Why manage cold?, when an Alpha heater can do the job.

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Alpha heater is a warmer or heater that functions by plugging into a source of electricity. It helps in the provision of comfort, in an environment or space. Alpha heater is like a plug and uses a warmer. It saves electricity bill as well, as you don’t have to burn much electric current, trying to use this device. It contains no extra matter that can consume space and electricity.  Alpha heater is a portable device that can be moved from place to place. It controls its temperature as well, making it easy for you to switch to a temperature of your choice, when using it. According to the producer’s of Alpha heater, it is said that Alpha heater uses 30% less of energy when compared to other heaters around.

Alpha heater was designed to meet our needs for warmth. Many people desire warmth, but find it hard to attain it. Most people are even restricted, due to some factors. At times people even spend so much trying to be comfortable, but end up finding the wrong products. Alpha heater provides unique features and benefits that makes its usage and benefits enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about the cold, when you have an Alpha heater. Keeping your room warm is not an issue when an Alpha heater is available. Remember that winter periods and cold, does not regard or respect any man. Alpha heaters also do not generate stress in carriage, as it’s very portable and can be moved about from place to place.

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The question we often ask is why Alpha heaters? Why do we need this heater? It’s a very important question actually. We need an Alpha heater, to gain relief. We are often faced with stressful situations. Most people spend their whole day doing one hard chore or another. When you return after a days’ stress, it is necessary to rest. If the weather is too cold, it becomes impossible to acquire the required rest. How do you expect to rest, when your body system is left unbalanced?

Cold destabilizes a person, and keeps him or her in a distressed state. It is often noticed that during winter periods, most people are uncomfortable and restless as a result of the weather conditions. A large percentage of individuals actually fall sick during this period. Most peoples’ body systems find it hard to adapt to the winter period. It becomes almost hard surviving the winter, without a means of keeping your surroundings warm. Cold shouldn’t be managed. You ought not to pet cold. Most people tend to overlook the cold, and pay dearly for it.

We need an Alpha heater, because when our surroundings are warm, it prevents certain organisms from gaining access into our homes. When our surroundings are warm, we are saved from the attack of certain insects and pests. Alpha heater is needed in an average home. It is something that is necessary not just for winter periods. There are times when you discover that you are feeling cold. The weather may not really be cold, but because of an illness, you are cold. With this heater, you can keep yourself in a semi-comfortable state, pending when you receive full treatment. Alpha heater has lots of benefits, for which it is needed.

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Imagine having to travel, and not being able to carry your heater about. Most times, that’s the restriction people face. Most people tend to buy heaters that can’t be moved from place to place. These heaters are always stationed at a spot. These restrict the access to these heaters, when away from home. Alpha heater is a portable heater that enables us to carry it from place to place, without stress. A person can travel with an Alpha heater, comfortably.


Alpha heater is a light weighted device. It does not constitute much load, when carrying from place to place. Heavy devices can limit carriage. Imagine using a device that you can’t lift. Imagine carrying a device that requires additional effort or lift,to pull it from place to place. Alpha heater is of a light weight, and therefore very easy to lift from place to place.


It emits 500 watts power. Alpha heater has a particular amount of watts it can emit. Most times we are being told by sugar coated sellers that some of these devices emit several amounts of watts. Most times they even confuse us into believing that these devices can emit such a high amount of watts. Alpha heater was designed to emit 500 watts power.


Alpha heater is also controlled, using a remote. That way, you can easily control how it is used, without having to go to where it was placed, to press a button. Remote control helps you to control a device, from afar.

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Noise is a major issue people battle with, when using certain devices. Most people can’t stand the noise that proceeds from these devices. Alpha heater is not noisy, as is the case of many devices. These features make it comfortable for usage.


This is a very important feature of this device. Alpha heater was designed with heating plates that are made of quality ceramics. These quality ceramics make Alpha heaters of a higher quality than other heaters.


Alpha heater employs PTC CERAMIC technology in the heating of rooms. It does this, very effectively. It also does this,without increasing the energy expended. Less energy is being consumed in the process of carrying out its activities. This helps in saving expenses, as  you don’t have to pay high electricity bills.

Alpha heater is also designed with safety features that help to keep us safe, even as we use the device.    It has  a wattage within the range of 650 to 1200.  Usage of this device is very easy as well.


It is often annoying, using a device that is not giving you the needed result. At times we buy devices, and when we use them, we notice something very different from what we were told, while buying the device. What are the specifications of Alpha heater?

Alpha heater measures 4.3×2.8×6.5 inches.  It can be carried from place to place, because it’s a mini device.

Another specification of this device is that it’s of a light weight. Carriage is easy and stress free.

Alpha heaters can be controlled with a remote. You can put it on or off, using the remote. Different activities can be carried out on it, as a result of its light nature.

This device is also energy efficient, as it conserves energy.

It is less noisy

It heats up, using 500 watts of power

It also uses PTTC ceramic technology

Get Your Alpha Heater at Best affordable price now.



Alpha heater makes use of a timer. This timer helps you to time its activities. You can set it to determine when the heat will stop, or start. The timer helps to regulate its activities. It helps to control the functioning of this device.


This is a great feature of Alpha heater. Whenever it reaches a particular temperature for three consecutive times, it shuts off automatically. At times we allow our heaters to over heat, due to failure to turn it off, or tiredness to put it off.  Most times we even sleep off, while using heaters. With the automatic shut off feature, you don’t have to worry about overheating of your house or surrounding.


Alpha heater is sold at a less expensive rate. You don’t have to be bothered about the cost of purchasing Alpha heaters, as it’s cost effective. Anyone can easily purchase and use this device.


Alpha heater was produced in the United States. It is a quality product, and delivery is very quick. You can be assured of quality, when purchasing Alpha heaters.


Alpha heaters are very effective, as it takes a few seconds to heat up a room. You don’t have to wait for hours, in order to get your room heated.


You are promised a 30-day guarantee, using Alpha heaters. If you are not satisfied with the device within 30 days of usage, you can return the device and get a refund.


Alpha heaters can heat little spaces. Its not limited to big spaces or environments. It can be used in small rooms.



Purchase of this device is limited to only the official website of the company. You can’t purchase it elsewhere, except the official website of the company.

Get Your Alpha Heater at Best affordable price now.


Alpha heater is being shipped with a charge. We are aware that some shippings are done without charges. Alpha heater does not operate with free shipping. You have to pay charges, in order to get your product delivered to your doorstep.


Alpha heater lacks a power cable. You have to plug it in, in order to use it. It’s a plug-and-use device.


It may not effectively heat up a large space.


A unit of Alpha Heater costs $49.95.

If you are buying two units of Aloha heater, its cost is $89.91.

If you are buying three units of Aloha heater, the cost is $119.88.

If you are purchasing four units of Alpha heater, the cost is $139.86.

Five units of Alpha heater, cost  $149.85


Can I carry an Alpha heater for travels?

Yes! You can make travels, carrying an Alpha heater. It’s very portable and can be carried from place to place.

Can I purchase an  Alpha heater from Konga?

No! You can only purchase Alpha heater from the official website of the company. You can’t get this device from online selling apps, as you may be exposed to scams.

How long does it take to heat up a room, using an Alpha heater?

With an alpha heater, heating of a space is very effective. You don’t need much time, in order to get your room heated.

Get Your Alpha Heater at Best affordable price now.


Purchasing products is always very hard. A lot of stress is often associated with the purchase of a product. Most people go through several levels of difficulty, just to purchase a product. Purchasing Alpha heaters can be done through the official website of the company. You just have to place an order, and get your product delivered to you instantly, at the comfort of your house. You don’t have to go to markets, convenience stores, etc in search of Alpha heaters.


Cold is very unfriendly, when it comes in high amounts.  Cold can be enjoyed when it’s in limited amounts, and not when it’s much. We know that there are times when we have to battle so hard, in a bid to prevent colds. We often tend to try our best, in a bid to suppress the cold. We are often quick to buy blankets and thick clothings that causes discomfort, rather than get heaters for our surroundings.  Heaters are very important, if we must live comfortably in the midst of a cold.

During winter periods, we are faced with a high rate of illnesses all around. Many people are afflicted with one disease or the other, as a result of the season. At times warmth is what is needed, to eradicate these illnesses. When the environment is warm, there is a limit to insect infestation. We rarely fall sick, when we take care of our environments. Cold comes, before sickness. When we allow cold into our bodies, then we are allowing illnesses as well. Alpha heater is the warmer you need for winter. There are many sick people in the hospital today. We ought not to add up to the number. Most of them are there, because they failed to take care of themselves. Most people, due to ignorance, have landed themselves in situations they would have avoided.

I observed that many people actually trust in thick clothings, when it comes to cold eradication. Most people wear these clothes, which makes them uncomfortable. Most of these clothes are even itchy to the skin. How do you expect to be comfortable in a very thick clothing material? Heaters keep us warm, without having to inconvenience us. Comfort with inconveniences is equivalent to nothing.  Comfortability cannot be defined effectively, without the eradication of discomfort. Even most times after purchasing heaters, we discover that the heater is not serving the need for which it was bought. Sometimes these heaters are very noisy, and keep us uncomfortable.  Alpha heater is what you need, for your comfort to be guaranteed. Winter shouldn’t meet you, unprepared. In all your preparations, please get yourself an Alpha heater.

Get Your Alpha Heater at Best affordable price now.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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1 Comment

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    Not that good would not recommend not much heat at all wasted money 😒

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