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How to Apply for a British Passport Online: a Complete Guide

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apply for a british passport online

Obtaining a new passport has always seemed like a tedious and complicated process. Lately it has gotten so much easier with an online application available.

Applying by post is a lot more expensive, besides it takes twice as long. Save your time and money and find out what you need to submit your request for a British Passport online.

Main Documents You Need to Apply for a British Passport

To submit an online application you’re required to include the following:

  • A valid 600×750 pixel photo taken no longer than 6 months before application and complies with all conditions
  • Your expired British passport OR
  • A foreign ID document confirming your identity

Make sure you have those, because you will be asked for information such as your passport number, issue date, registration etc. Do not withhold information about a lost or a stolen passport. In case it happened, you need to report it through For applicants that still hold their old document, it’s necessary to return it to the authorities once you file for a new one.

How Much is the Online Application for a British Passport?

Renewal of your legal proof of ID costs £75.50.

I’m Applying for a British Passport for the First Time. What’s the List of Required Documents?

There are a few small rules that are different for first-timers. One of them being you need someone to confirm your identity, whether it’s a co-worker or a friend. After the completion of your application, an email is issued to them with a few questions about you to answer.

Once they’ve confirmed everything, a list of required documents is sent to you from the official government online portal.

It may include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Your mother’s/father’s birth certificate (id born outside of UK)
  • Your parents’ marriage certificate
  • Naturalisation/registration document or both
  • A passport you arrived to the UK with (for foreign citizens applying for the first time)
  • Evidence of your nationality or your parents’ nationality
  • An adoption certificate

Only original documents are allowed for submission. After you’ve filed everything in, you may need to make an appointment for an interview, however that’s different for every case.

UK Passport Photo Requirements

British passport photo has similar prerequisites to most countries. It must be in color, in good quality and no defects such as darkening or underexposure.

An online software can produce a valid fully acceptable image for the UK passport application or renewal for only £7. All you have to do is take a selfie or ask a friend to take a shot of you at home. Good news: you don’t need to have a white backdrop at home to take the portrait. The online service will remove the background without damaging the silhouette, leaving you with a perfect photo.

What Happens After You Apply?

Some may be required to undergo an interview for identity confirmation purposes. If that’s not necessary, you should receive your new passport after 10 weeks of applying by courier or signature tracking delivery.


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