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Are Uniforms Worth It in Business?

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Uniforms at work, school, and other professional settings have been long accepted for centuries. That being said, since collectively we are starting to question many of our ways and long-standing traditions, why not throw uniforms into the mix?

If you have just started running a business, or maybe you are even the head of an established one, you might be wondering if investing in uniform is a worthwhile endeavor.

Read on – this piece might help you make up your mind!

Where Did Work Uniforms Begin?

Work uniforms have been around for centuries – some say since the Middle Ages!

While traditionally work uniforms started out as just a badge that showcased the workers’ professions, uniforms soon escalated into something that was worn from head to toe.

Interestingly, while these uniforms were essentially put in place to make it easy for others to identify one another, they were also a badge of honor, showcasing the legitimacy of their role.

While that was once a useful system, does it bear much weight now? Yes and no.

Uniforms Unite!

Something about uniforms helps everyone feel like they are in the same boat, which can be brilliant for uniting workers together and creating a collective that should be fair and equal. This sense of unity should, in theory, help employees produce a better quality of work and work together to achieve goals that are set out. However, this is under the assumption of a few things: A) That everything is fair and equal in the workplace. B) That the uniforms are comfortable to wear. Both of these things are not conducive to a productive workplace.

It is also worth noting the impact that uniforms can have on customers too. Unless someone is working in a fashion store, there is something not quite right about employees not being in a uniform. Customers may find themselves wandering around a grocery store and not being easily able to identify someone who can help them find the tinned tuna.

Increased Brand Exposure

While uniforms are excellent for added brand exposure, sometimes a full-on uniform isn’t necessary. It can cost money that does not need spending, irritate employees, and might barely get seen. This is true for those who work in an office setting where the clients and customers seldom visit.

That being said, that does not mean that the employees cannot rep the brand at all – it might just be that you should opt for something a little smaller and something they might not mind wearing out of the office, such as a snapback. Just make sure they are bought from a company that knows high quality, such as

Sometimes it is the smaller things that make the biggest impact!

Give Some Wriggle Room

If you are convinced of the effects of a uniform, then why not consider offering your brand or logo on different styles of t-shirts, so people can choose what makes them feel more comfortable while still gaining the benefits.

The bottom line is, uniforms can be beneficial in your business, as long as you are smart about them!


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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