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Baton 4 Powerful EDC Flashlight 1300 Lumens Features

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Get ready for adventure with the remarkable Olight Baton 4 powerful EDC flashlight. It is little but strong light that is best for all types of conditions. This torch is like a better and newer version of the Baton 3, with upgrades that make it even cooler. It can shine truly bright with 1300 lumens, and it has different brightness levels for different needs. The Baton 4 is like a little superhero in your pocket. Let’s explore why this torch is so remarkable and how it can make your life more exciting and brighter.

General data

Power source: The Olight Baton 4 is high in power with 16340 650mAh battery for the torch and a built-in 21700 5000mAh battery for the charging case. This makes sure a long-lasting and reliable energy source for your lighting needs.

Beam distance: With a stunning beam distance of 557 feet (170 meters), the flashlight bright your surroundings, providing visibility and clarity even at a considerable distance.

Maximum performance: You will get a maximum performance of 1,300 lumens; the flashlight also delivers a bright and strong illumination, making it a versatile tool for many conditions.

Compatible batteries: The torch is compatible with a customized 650mAh 3.6V IMR 16340 rechargeable battery, ensuring best reliability and performance.

Maximum light intensity: With a highest light intensity of 7,225 candela, the Baton 4 gives a focused and intense beam for efficient lighting in particular areas.

Lens/Reflector type: Featuring a TIR optic lens, the Baton 4 is designed to give a soft and balanced beam, improving visibility and reducing glare.

Light source: Equipped with a high-performance CW LED, the Baton 4 make sure an efficient and bright light source for many applications.

Mode operation: The Baton 4 operates using a side switch for intuitive and convenient control of its various settings and modes.

Form/size factor: With a little size factor, the Baton 4 is portable and compact, making it simple to carry and handle in many conditions.

Uses of Baton 4 power EDC flashlight


The Olight Baton 4 is a perfect companion for camping adventures. Its strong 1,300 lumens output make sure sufficient illumination around the campsite, making activities such as cooking, setting up tents, and navigating at night much more easy. The durable design and compact size also make it simple to carry in your camping gear.


For hiking lovers, the Baton 4 gives a reliable source of light on trails. With a beam distance of 170 meters, it better visibility on paths, helping hikers navigate safely in low-light conditions.  The compact form factor makes sure it would not add unnecessary weight to your gear.


Beyond open-air adventures, the Baton 4 proves helpful in everyday household scenarios. From DIY projects, to power outages, the torch multiple power levels, including a low moonlight mode, make it handy for many jobs. Its magnetic tail cap and compact size also permit for convenient hands-free use during maintenance or repair work around the home.


In the challenging atmosphere of mountaineering, the Baton 4 powerful performance and strong construction are important. The high beam distance and intense light output help mountaineers cross difficult terrain, while the small size permits for easy storage in climbing equipment.

Outdoor night photography

For photography lovers, mainly those engaged in open-air night photography, the Baton 4 serves an essential lighting tool. With its strong 1,300 lumens output and beam distance of 170 meters, it can give extra light for capturing clear and full shots in low-light conditions. The stepless control and dimming/ramping mode permit for right adjustments, ensuring the best lighting condition for each shot. 

Lighting levels

The Olight Baton 4 provides a range of lighting levels to cater to different preferences and scenarios. Here are the key lighting levels of the Olight Baton 4:

Moonlight mode

  • Output: 0.5 lumens
  • This mode gives a low-level and subtle illumination; perfect for preserving night vision or navigating in very low-light conditions.

Medium mode

  • Output: 60 lumens
  • This mode provides a brighter illumination, making it perfect for a range of general-objective jobs.

Low mode

  • Output: 12 lumens
  • A moderate and gentle level of brightness perfect for jobs that need a little more light.

High mode

  • Output: 600 lumens
  • A Top level of brightness perfect for jobs that need more illumination, such as open-air activates or working in dark atmosphere.

Turbo mode

  • Output: 1300 lumens
  • The turbo mode provides the highest output with a strong beam where highest brightness is required.


How long does the Baton 4 turbo mode last?

The Baton 4 Turbo mode deliver the highest 1300 lumens, runs for about 1.5 minutes before mechanically stepping down to the high level of 600 lumens.

Is the Baton 4 perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and camping?

Yes, the Baton 4 is a remarkable option for open-air lovers. With its compact design, high beam distance of 170 meters, and multiple power levels, it gives reliable illumination for hiking, camping, and various open-air adventures.

Can the Baton 4 be used hands-free?

Yes, the Baton 4 specs a magnetic tail cap, permitting to be linked to metal surfaces for hands-free use. Additionally, it can be linked to the MCC for fast charging, providing a user-friendly experience.

What is the warranty period for the Baton 4?

Olight generally provides a warranty period for their torches. Please refer to the official Olight site or product documentation for specific warranty details, as they may change based on product and location.

End words

The Olight Baton 4 is not just a torch. It is your friend ready to brighten your path. With specs like Turbo mode for an extra brightness and hands-free options, it is designed to make your life easier. From open-air adventures to emergency conditions, this little powerhouse has your back. So, whether you are exploring the great outdoor or just exploring your home let the flashlight to illuminate your way with reliability and simplicity. Buy now and step into a brighter, more convenient tomorrow!



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