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Keep Your Email Hygiene – Best 5 Techniques to Avoid Spam Traps

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how to avoid spam traps

It is not a secret that email marketing is an essential part of every business’ success. It has become one of the most effective ways to build your brand awareness and establish customer loyalty.

According to ReturnPath, just 79% of emails sent reach recipients’ inboxes. And, it poses a significant challenge for businesses because you have to deal with spam traps all the time. So how do you avoid them? What are the best techniques to protect your business from these spam traps?

Don’t worry! In this blog post, we’ll go over a few techniques that will help you avoid getting caught up in the spam filter and keep up your email hygiene.

Email Hygiene – What is it?

Email hygiene is the practice of cleaning up your email inbox regularly. By doing so, you make sure that essential emails get seen, and you can focus on what’s more important.

What Is a Spam Trap?

A spam trap is an email filter used to stop spam messages from reaching the intended inbox. Spam traps are also commonly referred to as honeypots, spam buckets, or spam canaries.

Best 5 Techniques to Avoid Spam Traps

1. Keep Email Lists Clean

Keeping your email list clean is very important because it can damage your reputation if you spam. Spam is defined as junk electronic communication. Usually, advertisements or other offers are sent to people without their consent. It’s also against many email services terms of use.

The best way to keep your email lists clean and avoid sending out spam is with a double opt-in process. Double opt-in means that when someone signs up for your list, they will get an email from you asking them to confirm that they want to be on the list. This is also a way to reduce your email bounce-backs.

2. Take Good Care Of The Email Body

Email body writing is the most critical part of the marketing strategy. It determines whether your email makes it to the top of the inbox or not.

Three factors decide the fate of your email:

  • The subject line of your email
  • Your sender’s address and reputation.
  • The content of your email, especially its body section.

The only way to send a 100% inbox placement email is to write your content in a way that will make your recipient want to read through the whole thing. This means writing long emails with varying lengths of paragraphs and different styles of text.

It is important to use short sentences and paragraph breaks if you want people to read your message from start to finish. It also helps if you connect with the reader by using words that they would use or having relevant images.

3. Make Use Of Plain Text And HTML Templates

Spam emails are the bane of existence for many people. Not only do they steal your time when you try to clean them out of your inbox, but they also put a strain on your email account, which could cause it to be blocked by ISPs.

There are several ways to combat spam in your email account. The most effective ones include utilizing plain text and HTML templates in conjunction with allowing specific sender addresses. An HTML template is a way for you to create one email that can be sent in plain text or HTML format.

4. Make It Easy To Unsubscribe

When people sign up for your email list, they implicitly agree to receive your emails. But it would be best if you didn’t assume that the people who have signed up will want to continue receiving your messages forever. They may want to read one of your blog posts or download a freebie but then decide that they no longer wish to receive emails from you. But, don’t take it personally!

Make sure that it is easy for people to unsubscribe from your email list if they want to. Consider making this option visible on every page of your site. They will appreciate them to reconsider and continue to read what you have to say.

5. Test Your Emails Before Sending Them

A/B testing your emails can help you cut through the noise and get more people to open, read, and click on your emails. But it’s not enough to just A/B test subject lines. You need to test the entire email experience.

Every element of your email should be tested: from the email’s layout to how many times you ask for a response. If you are doing this right, you will continue to see improvements in deliverability, engagement, click-throughs, sign-up, and ultimately sales!

To Wrap Things Up

Avoiding spam traps will save you a lot of time and effort. If you are not careful about how your emails look to potential customers, they may end up in the spam folder or be deleted immediately.

But if you keep up with email best practices, there is no reason to fear spam traps. Using the techniques we’ve outlined in this article will make it easier for you to avoid these dangerous areas of the internet and increase your success rate.


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