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Best Bitcoin alternatives

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Although Bitcoin controls a considerable market segment in the crypto industry, other digital currencies are gradually carving a niche in an already crowded market. If you are new to cryptocurrency, you must have heard about Bitcoin,

While BTC has dominated the world of crypto for a while now, other cryptocurrencies with better features are already offering a perfect option for crypto investors. Some of the factors that are driving people to these cryptocurrencies include better profit margins, fast transactions, anonymity, and safety among other reasons.

Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to BTC, this blog post highlights a few cryptocurrencies that you can invest in besides Bitcoin.

#1. Bitcoin Cash

Top on the list is if you are looking for a perfect alternative to Bitcoin that offers fast transactions then look no further than Bitcoin cash. The most notable feature that has propelled Bitcoin cash is that it comes with advanced safety features aimed at keeping it fraud-free.

If you are looking for promising crypto that you can invest in then, Bitcoin cash is an ideal choice. Unlike Bitcoin which can process seven transactions every second, Bitcoin cash can facilitate up to 116 transactions per second. This is one of the primary factors that has attracted many investors.

Being that Bitcoin cash can process dozens of transactions in seconds makes it ideal for those looking for long-term investment. The only drawback about Bitcoin cash is that most investors are a bit skeptical about investing in it.

#2. Monero

If you are more concerned about privacy then Monero might be an ideal choice for you. The technology that comes with cryptocurrency allows people to transact on the platform without having to disclose their identity.

To trade on the platform, all you need is a Monero wallet. Monera Wallets can easily be accessed on the platform’s website. While other digital currencies focus on securing user data, Monera has upscaled its technology to prioritize the privacy of users that access the platform. This means both the sender and the receiver can trade on the platform without disclosing their identity.

#3. Ether

Aside from Bitcoin, ether is ultimately the most popular crypto coin in the World. Even though ether can match the value of bitcoin, it has positioned itself as a perfect alternative that aims at both providing tech solutions and securing online transactions. In fact, ether comes with a tamper-proof technology than many other digital currencies available in the crypto sphere.

Just like Bitcoin Cash, ethereum transactions are quite faster than Bitcoin. What makes ether interesting for investors is that it can generate huge profits within a very short time. It, therefore, presents an ideal investment opportunity for those interested in making quick profits.

Just like investing in other digital currencies, you need to exercise caution since a sudden downward shift in price can lead to the loss of your entire investment.

#4. XRP

Often referred to as ripple, XRP operates as a means of sending money rather than being a form of money. For those struggling with fast international money transfers, then XRP offers a perfect solution.

Compared to Bitcoin, XRP not only charges low fees for international transactions but also supports fast transactions. It is against this backdrop that ripple is widely used by banks to facilitate fast international money transfer

Typically, money is usually converted to XRP and sent through the ripple network. Upon receiving the funds, the recipient can choose whether to receive the funds in dollars, XRP, or traditional currency.

Besides being ideal for long-term investment, ripple can be used to securely send large amounts of money at low fees. Now that most banks now support XRP transactions, you can rest assured that the currency is a more secure cryptocurrency that you can invest in.

#5. Tether

The unique advantage over other digital currencies is stability. All along tether is the only digital currency that has managed to preserve its value for a long period. As such, tether blends both traditional digital currency features.

Aside from being the most used stablecoin, it lets you send money safely, quickly, and privately while retaining the original value.


The digital currency market continues to snowball big time. If you find the price of Bitcoin out of reach, then Bitcoin alternatives explored in this article offer an array of features that you can leverage to diversify your investment portfolio.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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