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Best Datacenter Proxies

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Datacenter proxies are the most cost-effective option to hide your real IP address. Often, they’re the preferred method for bypassing geo-restrictions, scraping public data, testing ads, verifying affiliate processes and working on multiple social media accounts.

Th  XBrowser  is free to use if you have an active Smartproxy membership. Smartproxy has a solid reputation among proxy providers. Browser profiles are essentially just groups of tabs within a single browser window.”

Is Datacenter Proxy Necessary?

Datacenter proxies can come in handy in a lot of business-related cases. Doesn’t matter which business area you work in; you can use proxies to help you automatize various processes and save your precious time. You can extract valuable data and gain important insights on your competitors and use it to your advantage.

Looking for The Top 5 Datacenter Proxies? Here They Are!

Using the information on this article, you will be able to narrow down your search for cheap datacenter proxies providers to those that meet your specific needs best.

Let’s look at our preferred ones, one by one: 



Run fast and undetectable financial and investment data intelligence or do unrefined web scraping with Smartproxy’s datacenter proxies.  A 100K datacenter proxy pool guarantees access to all the data you need, with advanced rotation algorithms and 400 subnetworks keeping your connections private and secure.

If you choose rotating sessions, your proxies will rotate with every connection. But if you want to have the same IP for a bit longer, choose a sticky session. This session will hold the same IP for 30 minutes. In addition, you can also try X Browser, a multi-profile anti-detection management tool that allows you to use many browsers at the same time risk-free. This, and many more useful tools, are free with Smartproxy’s subscription.

Key Features:

  • Up to 30 minutes sticky sessions
    • 100K rotating IPs
  • Located in the US and EU
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Easy integration to any software
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Nimble – 50 GB, $30/month
  • Foxy – 100 GB, $55/month
  • Clever – 300 GB, $160/month
  • Sharp – 1 TB, $500/month


2. Bright Data

Offers a comprehensive network of shared, dedicated, and rotating IPs, covering the largest geographical area in the industry, with over 1.6 million IPs in 98 countries. With access to IPs across 3,000+ subnets, Bright Data can provide the most versatile and reliable proxy solutions with a 99.9% success rate. Their proxies are known to be the fastest and most cost-effective in the market, with country and city-level targeting options available for their customers.

Key features:

– 99.9% network uptime

– 99.9% success rate

– 24/7 support in all plans

– Keep IPs for as long as you need


  1. The Pay as You Go plan is a flexible option for businesses that do not require a large volume of data, offering a cost of $0.80 per IP and $0.110 per GB.
  2. The Starter plan provides a low-cost solution for businesses that require a moderate amount of data, offering a cost of $0.60 per IP and $0.083 per GB.
  3. The Advanced plan is a popular choice for businesses that require a higher volume of data, with a cost of $0.56 per IP and $0.077 per GB.
  4. For businesses that require a large amount of data, the Advanced+ plan offers the best value, with a cost of $0.52 per IP and $0.072 per GB.



A proxy server is a server between a user’s network and the website they’re trying to connect. The proxy disguises the user’s actual IP address. This eventually enhances the user’s privacy and confidentiality online.


This is where Ghostealth datacenter proxies come in. They are working around the clock and are always reliable. Special attention is paid to a fast internet connection for each server, so they are suitable for a wide variety of different tasks. With the use of Ghostealths’s datacenter proxies you get access to a proxy pool with more than 50.000 different datacenter proxies.


Ghostealth allows a cheap entry, which is at 20$. You get access to the entire proxy assortment and do not even have to pay attention to the bandwidth used, this is not limited at Ghostealth.


Key Features:


– Unlimited Bandwidth

– Rotating Proxies – with each request

– 50k+ Datacenter Proxy Pool

– Socks 4/5 & Http/s Format

– Free Trial option

– Instant setup after purchase

– 99.9% uptime




– 20$/Week – 100 Concurrent connections | Unlimited bandwidth

– 80$/Week – 500 Concurrent connections | Unlimited bandwidth

– 50$/Month – 100 Concurrent connections | Unlimited bandwidth

– 200$/Month – 500 Concurrent connections | Unlimited bandwidth




When it comes to privacy, internet browsing, or simply having to access information, ProxySolutions provides a solution that can be relied upon. The services they offer are customizable to fit the demands of different sorts of users.

As the greatest proxies for unrestricted internet access, ProxySolutions can handle everything from online marketing to SEO monitoring and site inspection. With its own highly developed IP address pool, ProxySolutions delivers the most sophisticated security.

Each proxy IP, especially mobile proxies, private proxies, and the best rotating proxies, originates from a genuine device, so that you wouldn’t have to be worried about individual privacy while gathering data, viewing advertising, or defending your brand.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited bandwidth of 10 GBs per second is available.
  • Reducing risk with identification at the highest degree of security
  • PTR record plus full DNS management for improved administration


  • Residential Proxies at $0.80
  • Sneaker Proxies at $0.80
  • Datacenter Proxies at $1.30
  • 4G Mobile Proxy at $90.00



Even though Stormproxies is one of the most recent companies to join our list, the firm has already earned a name for itself by providing dependable back connections and rotating proxies from the very beginning. Personalized proxies for Twitter and Instagram, in addition to those for booking sites, are now offered by the company.

You may discover residential IP addresses as well as those for datacenters in this section. There are more than 70.000 IP addresses accessible inside the IP pools for datacenter proxy’s locations, the vast majority of which are located in the United States. In addition to pooled (rotating) proxies, dedicated proxy servers are available from Stormproxies.

Global proxies become extensively utilized at regular intervals of three minutes, fifteen minutes, or after each HTTP response. Users can utilize proxies for a broad variety of online activities, and there is a large selection of alternatives that are now accessible. Specialized proxies provide not only high degrees of confidentiality but also high levels of efficiency.

Key Features: 

  • It delivers typical system reliability of 99.9%.
  • It is available on Cloud, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad/Android/Chromebook.
  • Beginning at $180/month, the service is fairly priced.


  • 5 ports Residential Proxies – $50 (Billed Monthly)
  • 10 Ports Residential Proxies – $90 (Billed Monthly)
  • 20 Ports Residential Proxies – $160 (Billed Monthly)
  • 50 Ports Residential Proxies – $300 (Billed Monthly)



It is the only company that offers proxy servers for datacenters, and as a consequence, its name is well-known in the industry. There are around 300,000 IP addresses and 20,000 subnetworks that are available across 34 data centers located in 17 different countries.

Along with servers that are entirely distinct from one another, the organization has access to a wide variety of additional options as well. Utilizing a datacenter proxy service will get the job done more quickly; but, there is an increased risk of being compromised. By using an IP address assigned to a residential location, you can conceal your true IP address behind a bogus one.

Key Features: 

  • Unlimited Storage Capacity
  • As Many Threads as You Like
  • Free Replacement Proxy – But if you want to add a specific country, you’ll have to pay for it
  • Automated Activation
  • Web Proxy Servers


  • Starter – 5 to 99 proxy IPs
  • Personal – 100-999 proxies
  • Corporate – 1k-4,999 proxies (Customization Available)
  • Enterprise – 5000+ proxies (Customization Available)



The use of proxy servers is a common method for concealing one’s identity while participating in activities that are often limited in one’s own country. Datacenter proxies are the smartest choice to use for doing market research, competitor analysis, NFT data monitoring and many other use cases.

Choose from our list the provider that’s best suited for your business needs and let us know how it works out!


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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