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Best Mac photo editors: How to edit photos on Mac effectively in 2022 [Updated]

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Do you constantly have to search “photo edit software for mac” frequently on google, only to be bombarded by many suggestions that hardly solve your issue?

As a matter of fact, most Mac users do not even know how to edit photos on their devices. This article will provide practical methods on how to edit photos on a Mac. and what photo editing software for Mac is worth your attention We will highlight the resources you need and the required steps to use those resources so that the whole process is more straightforward.

Part 1. How to edit basics in Photos on Mac – Preview

Did you know there is an easy hack on how to edit photos on Mac without Photoshop?

The “Preview” app on your laptop is a handy tool to display your file contents. What is even great about this app is that it allows you to perform some basic edits to your photos.

Because this is an app that is already present on your laptop, there is no need to download any software or use online tools. This benefit ensures a trouble-free photo editing experience.

However, this app will not allow you to make complex edits that sophisticated software is able to do. It is simply a quick solution for your photo editing needs.

Follow these steps to learn how to make some basic edits on your Mac using the Preview app (Note: we would advise you to make these edits on a copy of your original image. Making edits on a copy ensures that you do not lose your original image, should you chose to use it later):

Step 1:  Pick the photo you want to edit and open it in the Preview app. You can view all the available editing aids in the toolbar, which can be found on top of the screen.

Step 2:   To rotate an image, click the icon that symbolizes the edit, as shown in the picture below.

Sans titre 8

Step 3: To crop an image, go to the “Tools” option in the toolbar and select the “Crop” option.

If you want a neat rectangular image, you can always select the “Rectangular Selection” option in the “Tools” menu. When you click on your photo after selecting this option, you will be able to crop your image in a rectangle according to the desired size.

Sans titre 9

Step 4: You can change the size of your image by again opening the “Tools” menu and selecting “Adjust Size”.

A box will open in which you can enter the desired dimensions.

Sans titre 10

Step 5: You can even use the “Adjust Color” option in the “Tools” menu to make some basic color edits to your photos.

Sans titre 11

Although the Preview app is handy in the sense that it can perform basic level editing on the laptop easily and can even perform edits on multiple photos at one time, we recommend downloading a photo editing software for Mac.

We recommend downloading software because third-party tools give you more freedom and options during your photo editing experience. Many professional photographers extensively use photo editing software to grow their portfolios. HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI is one such popular photo editing software that gives high-quality edits to images and uses AI technology so you can perform excellent modifications with just a click of a button.

 Part2. How to edit photos with a third-party Mac photo Editor

2.1 The Tool you need: HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI


  1. The best AI image enhancer available for Windows and Mac;
  2. One-click to enhance image quality and resolution automatically;
  3. Easily make pictures less blurry and remove noise of pictures;
  4. Enlarge and upscale images without quality loss at all.


2.2. How to edit photos with HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI

Step 1: Download and install the software from HitPaw’s official website.

Step 2: Import the image you wish to edit into the software.

Sans titre 10

Step 3: On the right side, you shall see a menu labeled “AI Model”. Select an AI model that is most suitable for your editing needs. This step will enable the software to perform the edit automatically.

Sans titre 11

Step 4: Click on the option that says “Preview” to see how your image looks.

Step 5: The lower-right corner shall give you an option labeled “Export” that will allow you to save your image. Select this option and voila! Your editing is complete.

Sans titre 12

Part 3. Editing photos with Online Mac Photo Editor – Photopea


  1. Photopea can perform both straightforward photo editing jobs, like changing the size of pictures, and more difficult ones, like constructing websites, making graphics, processing photos, etcetera.
  2. It can work on both laptops and mobile phones.
  3. It does not upload your edited or uploaded images onto the internet.

3.2. How to edit photos with Photopea

Step 1: Go to the Photopea website.

Sans titre 12

Step 2: Import your image by either going to the “Files” option and selecting “Open” to upload your photo or by choosing the “Open from Computer” option”. Alternatively, you can even drop your file in the box labeled “Drop any files here”.

Step 3: Once your image appears on the screen, simply use the helpful toolbar on top of the screen to make your edits. You can edit in “Layers” just like you are able to do using PhotoShop, add “Filters”, adjust colors, and more.

Step 4: When you are done with the edits, save the image by going to the “Files” menu and selecting the “Save” option.

Sans titre 13

Part 4. Conclusion

Thanks to the vast variety of options available at our disposal on the internet, the procedures on how to edit photos on mac have never been this easy. The tools and steps that we mentioned above are sure to aid you in your photo editing endeavors.

However, if you wanted to utilize a more modern photo editing software for your Mac that provides greater efficiency, the AI technology used by the HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI software is a helpful tool. This technology enables quick, easy, and automatic edits by just clicking once after you upload your image.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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