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Best Monster Hunter Now Cheat (MH Now) iOS & Android Download

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If you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter franchise, then you’re probably aware that the latest addition to the series – Monster Hunter Now, was released on September 14.

The latest version offers players a more holistic approach, merging the world of monsters with their world. Apart from real-time hunting, Monster Hunter Now also offers fast-paced sequences, keeping battles short and up to 75 seconds.

Moreover, each location holds a surprise for hunters, boosting their suspense and excitement with every turn.

Of course, without wasting any minute, fans of the game hoarded Reddit to discuss Monster Hunter Now cheat codes. However, much to their disappointment and yours, while you can find referral codes for the game, no such cheat codes have surfaced yet.

But don’t be dismayed, for we’ve got the best cheats for Monster Hunter Now 2023 laid out for you below.

Part 1: What is Monster Hunter Now Cheat?

Monster Hunter Now cheats are codes that players use to advance faster in the game and receive other performance-related benefits. It can help you change location to alter the hunting grounds, allowing players to seek out an even greater variety of fearsome Monsters.

Upon vanquishing these behemoths, you’ll be rewarded with valuable materials and valuable experience points. These hard-earned materials can be masterfully crafted into formidable weapons or employed to enhance your existing arsenal, delivering an unparalleled gaming adventure!

Part 2: How to Cheat Monster Hunter Now iOS and Android? [Free Trail]

With location spoofing, it’s essential that you don’t get detected by the game’s software. This is where UltFone Location Changer enters the scene to save the day.

Boasting its unparalleled built-in cooldown, speed control feature and anti-detection attributes, the software guarantees that you will never get caught or banned from the game.

Furthermore, it offers multi-device compatibility, supporting even the latest iOS and Android versions.

This Monster Hunter Now GPS cheat parades a seamless Joystick to help you jump from one spot in the game to another. You can avail of all these features without Jailbreak or Root.

If youre already impressed, heres how you can use this Monster Hunter Now cheat app:

  • Launch the UltFone Location Changer on your PC and tap the GPS Change symbol sitting on the left column of your screen. Once done, press

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  •  Connect your PC and phone with a cable and proceed by hitting


  •  You will now see the world map on the screen featuring a destination tab. You can either enter the coordinates of your desired destination there or select it on the map by moving the cursor with your mouse.

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  • Once the location is confirmed, select Start to Modify to teleport your character there.

Part 3: Monster Hunter Now Cheats iPhone Alternative

VPN can also serve as an excellent location spoofing option for Monster Hunter Now cheats iPhone. It is easy to use.

But note that since some VPN apps are crowded with people, you may experience slow speeds, putting you in an unfavorable position during battles. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable one.

Here’s how you can spoof your location with a VPN app on your iPhone:

  • Download your preferred VPN and choose the server according to the location you want your character to be at.
  • Now go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and click the View Apple ID
  • Tap on Change Country or Region and select the country you’ve chosen in your VPN.
  • If it asks you for a complete address, simply input any address of that country you can find on the Internet, such as a restaurant or hotel.
  • Open your Monster Hunter Now game and enjoy!

Part 4: Monster Hunter Now Cheats Android Alternative

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for alternatives for Monster Hunter Now cheats Android, the Fake GPS Go app would be our recommendation for optimal location spoofing.

However, you must be aware that most of its features are only accessible with the paid premium version. Other than that, it has some screen lags problems.

With that said, here’s how to cheat in Monster Hunter Now with Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer in Android devices:

  • Install the app and proceed to your device’s settings.
  • From there, disable GPS and select Location Settings.
  •  Next, click on the Locating Method option on the screen to ensure only your GPS determines your device’s location.
  • Go back to the Settings tab and tap Developer Options.
  •  Now, proceed to select the Mock Location App from the list of options.
  • From the applications, choose the Fake GPS Go
  • Head to the app now, enter your location of choice on the search bar and hit Search to spoof your device’s location settings.

Part 5: FAQs about Monster Hunter Now Cheat (MH Now)

1. Are there cheat codes in  Monster Hunter Now?

While there are cheat codes for the other versions of the Monster Hunter franchise, no such cheat codes have been shared since the release of Monster Hunter Now.

2. Is it PGSharp available in Monster Hunter Now Cheat?

PGsharp can be used to answer your how to cheat Monster Hunter Now query. However, the app can only be used for location spoofing on Android devices.

3.   How to avoid to get banned when using Monster Hunter Now Cheat (MH Now)?

To avoid getting banned, make sure you’re using apps, sites, or software that the game’s developers cannot detect. UltFone Location Changer is an excellent example of such software.


Monster Hunter Now Cheating make it easier to step up your performance in the game. However, if the game detects your characters using special unsafe codes to level up, it can reset, deactivate, ban, or even suspend your account.

The UltFone iOS Location Changer protects you from all such risks while streamlining the process of advancing in your favorite game.


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