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CEO and Founder of Calvin Seng Co, Calvin Seng, on Building A Better Internet during a Global Pandemic



calvin seng co building a better-internet-during a global pandemic

We talked to Calvin Seng, CEO and Founder of Calvin Seng Co on his purpose on Building A Better Internet and how his products and solutions are delivering these values to the customers and here is what he said about it.

Tell us about your company. Its vision and mission.

With the purpose (or vision or mission) to Building A Better Internet, our suite of reusable products and services help our customers build, secure, and deliver responsive e-commerce websites, customized web solutions, enterprise-grade mobile apps in less time.

We are looking at expanding the global footprints of the business, scaling it to have a greater reach in the world and having a purpose-like team that strive to make the Internet a better place.

What were the challenges you faced at the time of inception?

There were no easy ways at the start and just like any other new businesses in the market, we had been through the grinding phase as the business was bootstrapped. The consistent battling between having enough monies to run the business and reaching out to greater audience at the same time was real. There were many times when everything just stretched too thin.

We also had to continuously build the brand presence locally and on the internet over the years as that was how we realized it is the only way to win the trust of new Customers who are willing to give our services and products a shot.

As opposed to just “Sales…Sales…Sales…” when it comes to our go-to strategies in marketing, we focus on creating important useful blog posts and snackable information in our website, EDM and Social Media. That is also how we kept ourselves relevant to the latest technologies and forefront of technological innovations.

What are the services you provide and the technologies used for that?

The overall business revenues are generated from 3 streams – Web and App Development, Search Engine Optimization and Managed Services.

Web / App Development:

We own the capabilities to develop stunning SEO-friendly corporate website design, web portals, e-Commerce web design, customized web solutions and mobile apps that are modern, performance obsessed and user-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization:

Our SEO services are based on practice and result implementation that guarantees propelling our customer’s business forward. Our team work to develop the most effective course of action and using solution that best supports or customers’ overall strategy.

Managed Services:

Adhere to the best security standards and web practises, we provide an array of IT services encompassing Enhanced Security, Content Management, Managed Hosting and Domain to simplify our customer’s day-to-day administrative works.

How do you stand different than those who are already into this business?

We are highly specialized in Full Stack Development as a Digital Agency. As opposed to most digital marketers who would integrate multiple software to get the final results, we are a strong advocate of automation to achieve centralized data for more accuracy, ease of access to different data points and better aggregated decision-making.

What is your strategy to reach customers?

We focus on creating important useful content such as blog posts and snackable information in our website, EDM and Social Media. We also assure that reviews of our services from our customers are publicly available. (We are lucky to be rated full stars from our customers over the years!)

How do you manage working into different sectors?

We build the team capabilities (including Web Technologies, Automations, Workflows) to handle different technologies to achieve the results our customer wants.

What metrics do you analyze before preparing a campaign’s performance report?

Apart from the usual stuffs like “SEO Audits”, “Health of Backlinks”, “Website Readiness”, “Landing Microsites, “Funnels”, “Visits / Traffic”, we put a high emphasis on “Relevance” when it comes to SEO. It means the content generated must be relevant, the copywriting of the website must be relevant, the backlinks published must be relevant…

If an online campaign received negative feedback via social media, how would you respond?

We always pre-framing the online campaigns against responses with automations to collect feedback / sentiments. With that in place, we have successfully minimized the risk of receiving negative feedbacks.

Tell us about your accomplishments

We have been appointed as a Pre-Approved Solution for Ecommerce category by the Infocomm Media Development Authority in Singapore. (What it means for any businesses in Singapore, if the customers are going online with our product, the customers are assured that 80% of the cost will be backed by the Government.)

Achieved a record-setting 240% growth in revenue from last 9 months.

Previous accolades: MIYE2019, Asia Excellence Award 2018/2019, Award for Entrepreneurial Innovation 2018/2019.

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Kindly provide us the following information also:

1) Year of Founding: 2017

2) Funding Information: Bootstrap

3) Founding Members: Calvin Seng

4) Office Locations: 93A Jalan Sendudok, The Nautical #01-27, Singapore 769472

5) Company Strength: 2 – 5

6) Website:


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