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Can I buy bitcoin with cash? If yes, then how?




You can purchase bitcoin through various methods, but the most popular form of purchasing this digital coin is through an online bitcoin exchange. Yes, a bitcoin exchange is a famous buying and selling method because you can quickly pay online through your bank account or other domestic payment methods. Some people want to purchase bitcoin via cash instead of using exchange, which is also possible. So, you will learn the way in this article how to purchase bitcoin with money. You can click aquí for more essential cryptocurrency tips

Two Famous ways to purchase with cash

There are two favourite ways to purchase bitcoin with cash that is local buying: by finding a local bitcoin seller and via a bitcoin ATM near you. In the first method, you have to struggle to find a local seller, which isn’t effortless. When you get the local bitcoin seller, choose a place, give him cash, and tell him to send the bitcoin to your wallet address.

Bitcoin ATMs

There are many bitcoins worldwide, and you can also find the bitcoin ATMs near you by searching on Google. Bitcoin ATMs are a prevalent method of purchasing bitcoin, and you can buy other cryptocurrencies with the same ATM. Buying bitcoin through ATM vai cash is the same as depositing money through a bank ATM, i.e., a straightforward process.

Steps to buy bitcoin with ATM

There are the following steps you must follow if you want to purchase bitcoin via cash through bitcoin ATM without any hassle given below:-

  1. Search a Bitcoin ATM:- The first step before buying bitcoin through a bitcoin ATM is searching for the ATM near your home or location. There are a bunch of bitcoin ATMs available around the world, but most of the bitcoin ATMs are available in urban cities. If you live in a rural area, you will not find a bitcoin ATM near you because rural citizens are not aware of bitcoin technology and will not use bitcoins. Only search on Google “bitcoin ATM in (your location)” and get the results.
  2. Need a Bitcoin Wallet:- Before visiting the bitcoin ATMs, make sure you have a bitcoin wallet where you will receive this digital coin (bitcoin) after doing the following steps. Where would you receive bitcoins if there were no destination (bitcoin wallet)? Also, make sure that you do not use the other cryptocurrency wallet to accept the bitcoin; otherwise, you will lose all the bitcoin you purchased through the bitcoin ATM. Many bitcoin wallets are available on the market, and you can go with anyone by researching bitcoin. For example, you can go with the wallet before proceeding or purchasing bitcoin via cash.
  3. Visit and buying process:- After searching the location of a bitcoin ATM near you and creating a bitcoin wallet, the next step is visiting the ATM and purchasing the bitcoin through domestic cash. There would be three options on the bitcoin screen click on the Buy bitcoin button to purchase via money and verify yourself by entering your mobile number, and the ATM will send OTP to your mobile number to confirm it’s you. Now, open your bitcoin wallet on your mobile phone and click on the receive button to generate the QR code where you will receive bitcoins. The scanner of bitcoin would open and move your phone’s QR code screen toward the ATM’s camera, and it will automatically scan your QR code. The bitcoin ATM will ask you to fill in the number of bitcoins you want to purchase, and when you fill in the amount, it will automatically show the transaction charges. The cash depositing part of the ATM will open and deposit the cash delivered on the bitcoin ATM to proceed further. Click on the next button or buy button to complete your buying order and after clicking, you will receive bitcoin in your bitcoin wallet in a few minutes.


Buying bitcoin through bitcoin is straightforward, and everyone who can operate a regular bank ATM can also purchase bitcoin through bitcoin ATM. The bad thing about bitcoin ATMs is transactional fees since the fees of transactions are very high because you are using a straightforward method to buy bitcoin compared to other purchase methods. If you are ready to pay the high transactional amount, you can go with the bitcoin ATMs; otherwise, there are many different ways to buy.


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