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Learn How to Plan for the CEH Certification

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ceh certification

While working in an information security system, a CEH certification will be pretty valuable. You will learn about hacking tools and methods, enabling you to go deeper into the realm of hacking. A CEH will instantly qualify you for over 80,000+ Cybersecurity positions, with an average income of $110,000 in the United States.

However, you must obtain a score of at least 70% or answer 88 of the questions correctly to qualify for this exam.

The most popular course among security experts is the Ethical Hacker Certification. This organization’s full name is EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking Course. Ethical hackers assist organizational leaders in identifying gaps in security procedures. They attempt to circumvent security measures and report their findings to management and the IT department.

Expert Advice on CEH Certification

Discover What You Should Study:

The CEH certification test consists of 125 questions covering a variety of topics. The CEH course goes to great lengths in cybersecurity certification. Because the CEH curriculum includes learning various topics, interested applicants should not focus only on one and ignore the others. For instance, they should pay attention to the following topics:

Networking safety:

●  Footprints.

●  Reconnaissance.

●  Social engineering.

●  Hijacking a session.

●  Handshake for TCP.

●  Scanning.

●  Enumeration.

●  Firewalls.

●  SSL.


●  Cloud spying.

●  Insertion of SQL data.

●  Attacks by DDOs

●  The heart is bleeding.

●  Shell-shocking (using Bash technology).

●  Most modern hacking tools.

●  Latest viruses, Trojans, phishing frauds, and malware varieties.

●  Latest security flaws in Windows 8 operating systems.

Defence systems:

●  Identifying penetration access locations (risk assessment).

●  Existing industry norms.

●  Cybersecurity regulations.

●  Cryptographic protocols.

Understand Real-life Scenarios:

Individuals understand the CEH certification subject from a practical standpoint. That is not something that can be comprehended by going over the concepts. It does not imply that one should attempt to feather quill a company without authorization. It could turn out to be a legal violation.

If possible, personnel should attend CEH training, which will teach them how to set up lab conditions. This type of training also includes suitable strength and conditioning assistance. It is also necessary to understand the structure, topic, and kind of inquiries. Such knowledge aids in exam success. There are online resources accessible to help you prepare for the exam.

Maintain Concentration:

Candidates should follow the guidelines below to keep attentive during the CEH certification exam.

● Keeping a Time Record- During the exam, potential candidates must maintain a high degree of focus. Such intense levels of attention lead to increased focus and aid in problem-solving abilities. Candidates should plan how much time they will devote to each question. Their goal is to answer all the questions in the allotted time.

● Examine the Questions- It is vital to prevent hurrying through the exam. People pay attention to all the questions and consider all the options. The usage of terms such as “most,” “least,” and “always” can alter the meaning of a phrase, primarily when written in English.

● Point to Prepare- While hearing lectures or reading critical study material, many students scribble down concise summaries of key themes. Being organized is essential when preparing for the ethical hacking exam. The most crucial step is deciding which section to study and how much time to devote to it.

Understand the CEH Question Paper:

Participants must calculate how much time they will need to spend answering the questions. The EC-Council website may contain important information on the exam structure. Committed applicants should also conduct some study on the income they might earn after completing the CEH evaluation.

Participate in sample tests:

Before taking the main exam, attending as many practice sessions as possible is a great idea. The final exam consists of 125 questions that each candidate has to answer in four hours. Therefore, it is critical not to get discouraged by low grades on any practice tests.

Engage in an Online Space:

Joining any internet forum, such as a CEH forum or personal blog where certified professionals discuss their experiences, is an ideal option. A Google search will yield a multitude of CEH forums and blogs where aspiring and qualified CEH experts can share their knowledge. On the other hand, fresh or prospective candidates can clear their doubts or acquire new exam strategies. It is, nevertheless, critical to validate the credibility of any source of information.

Begin as early as possible:

It is critical to prepare for a certified ethical hacking course as soon as possible. It is physically hard to accomplish the entire course the day before the exam. The sooner one begins, the more time is available for revision. As a result, interested applicants must determine the date of their exam and begin preparing accordingly.

A certification ethical hacking course is in high demand. As a result, whenever one organization makes progress, other organizations want to know-how. As a result, ethical hackers are in charge of safeguarding any business resources.

Many excellent hackers are hesitant to take the CEH certification exam. They are concerned about taking too long to complete the exam. However, the methods stated above have proven to be beneficial in assisting individuals in passing the CEH exam in one sitting.


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