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Finding the Services of Certified Bookkeepers for your Complete Business Accounting Needs

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It’s so easy to get hold of one such business accounting professional in the US, as online marketplaces make the whole process effortless and seamless. Today, with a click of a mouse, you can get access to the leading personal tax accountants, chartered accountants, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), tax preparers and bookkeepers for your company’s requirements. Online financial marketplaces like Ageras can provide you with all the necessary support, help and assistance, when it comes to finding a top-rated and certified bookkeeper for managing your business expenses/expenditure records, financial statements, final accounts, depreciation and balance sheet. Using Ageras, the only thing that you need to do is to fill out an online form provided on their website with all of the details regarding your business’ needs, and then get three ‘no-obligation’ or ‘non-binding’ quotes within 48 hours, precisely matching your accounting services needs. The quotes that are provided to you belong to qualified accounting and bookkeeping firms or individual bookkeepers that are fully accredited. Such a partner can help you avoid the hassles of finding an accounting professional. But, before that you need to understand who is a bookkeeper and what the exact job description is.

Who is a Bookkeeper & the Exact Role Played

In layman’s terms, a Bookkeeper is an individual or an entity that keeps track of financial transactions, records, bills, invoices, statements and company’s accounts. This is the reason why a majority of organizations are hiring the services of bookkeeping professionals to manage all their business accounting needs, without having to form an in-house accounts team and keep them in the dedicated payroll. In this way, a company can cut on its non-core expenditure. As bookkeepers manage all your day-to-day finances, it becomes imperative to ask this question to yourself, as to how to find a bookkeeper near me in an easy and hassle-free manner. This is where a company audit & accounting outsourcing service locating partner like “Ageras” can come in real handy. It can easily help you find or get easy access to a professional in this exclusive business accounting domain.

Let’s not divert from the main topic. Here, we’re discussing in-depth the role of one such professional. A bookkeeper reviews and records all the financial data of a company accurately. In the process, it ensures full confidentiality of the client’s financial data, which can be of significant importance. Therefore, safe data handling, storing and data management is the key. A bookkeeper is also entrusted with the job to manage the employee payroll of an organization. One such professional has to master the use of spreadsheets and databases. Their job also involves recording business expenses, revenues & profits in an accounts ledger. This is to maintain transparency and avoid any errors. Today, almost all bookkeepers manage financial information of an organization electronically. And, one brilliant example of this is managing the online payroll service of an entity that has decent employee strength. It is by maintaining an accurate and ‘error free’ cash register every month, a bookkeeper enables 100% transparency in a company’s balance sheet.

How Ageras Can Help You Find a Professional

A business accounting marketplace like Ageras can be of great help, as they can help enterprises and organizations find the most suitable and qualified bookkeeper for all their business accounting, payroll services, audit & tax preparation needs. As a service recipient, you simply need to fill out an online form with all the detailed information, mentioning your specific business requirements, and receive the best 3 quotes of accountants and bookkeepers near your or in your city. These are FREE quotes and non-binding in nature. You can compare them with other service providers, and choose the one that best serves your day-to-day accounting needs.

Benefits of Bookkeeping Services

With an ‘active’ bookkeeping service, a company or a business is able to get a detailed record of all its financial transactions, cash dealings, bills, statements and expenditures on a daily basis. Upon the basis of such findings, a small to midsize enterprise is able to take informed decisions regarding new investments or joint collaborations, after assessing its financial standing in the market and evaluating its net asset worth. A bookkeeper keeps a hawk’s eye on all your business accounts. Most importantly, if you are planning for an external audit, having an organized ledger book can make the process easy and simple. Secondly, the services of bookkeepers can help in future tax prediction. The flawlessly made balance sheets and expenditure report helps in making a correct assessment of the outcome of a tax return. As a company or a business, you would be somewhat aware of the approximate amount of tax deductions, and thus prepare yourself accordingly to file your returns in a hassle free manner. Last but not the least, the services of a bookkeeper helps in managing and keeping a cleaner, precise, accurate and an organized ledger book that helps in future business planning. With a professional bookkeeping service, your company is in a position to make informed decisions that help in earning bigger revenue and profit margins, based upon the findings about the financial health.

Who Requires a Bookkeeper?

In fact, all small to midsize businesses, non-profit organizations, freelance entrepreneurs or any other entity that carries out financial transactions and business dealings, are the ones that essentially require the services of bookkeeping professionals or cost accounting firms. This is to ensure that their day-to-day operations run smoothly and in a seamless manner, by maintaining or keeping a track of all the expenditure made on behalf of the said company. Right from assisting in financial statement preparation to filing of year tax returns, the role played by one such business accounting professional is diverse. For all small businesses, a bookkeeper can advise on investments, savings, tax preparation, and manage all the daily financial records and transactions in a flawless manner. This is how small business entities, non-profit and NGOs are able to manage their financial resources effectively, by keeping a track of it.


A bookkeeper is therefore indispensable for the smooth and effective functioning of the accounts department of any company or business organization that has sizable employee strength and maintains a profit & loss account. This is to ensure that all the cash dealings, transactions, records, bills and financial statements are effectively managed and are regularly tracked for maintaining the highest level of financial transparency.


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